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How to activate Facebook dark mode

Facebook is one of the most used social networks. This due to its functions and the constant changes it makes to adapt to consumer needs. Recently it ran a series of updates to its interface and among those we find the option of ” dark mode “. Which has become very popular in various applications.

This new setting is intended to improve the browsing experience. However, to access it you must activate it manually. So if you are interested in acquiring Facebook’s dark mode but don’t know how, don’t worry. Since in the following material we will detail you step by step how to achieve it. Fortunately, updating the new Facebook dashboard is optional and is now available on all its platforms.

Activate from PC

As we mentioned at the beginning, Facebook recently introduced a complete update to its entire design. So the website of the social network also showed a series of changes. Among those stand out its minimalist style and of course, the dark mode.

However, to obtain this option through our computer we first have to have the new version of the page. Some people get the update via a message when they log in. But, if that is not your case, do not worry, because we will tell you what you must do to obtain it:

  1. The first thing we must do is enter our Facebook account from the computer. Just by entering your email or phone number and password you will be able to enter the page.
  2. Then, we have to go to the menu of the social network. This is in the upper right of the screen, so it is easy to locate.
  3. Once there, we must find and select a small inverse triangle that is responsible for displaying the account options.
  4. By marking this triangle a series of titles will appear on the screen. And among those we will locate an option called ” Change to the new version of Facebook.”
  5. We must mark this option with a small click. By doing so in a few seconds the entire Facebook interface will change to a renewed design. So you can see the update in moments.
  6. After marking this option with one click, a box will pop up showing you the new features, click on “Next”, and you will be able to select the “dark mode”, then click on ” start ” and you will have it.

If for some reason you skipped this step, or could not select the dark mode, don’t worry, by getting the improved style of the social network you will be able to access its dark mode very quickly and easily. To achieve this, just follow a few steps, which we will show you below:

  1. Enter the redesigned Facebook and go to its menu. This, like the previous version, is located at the top of the right side.
  2. Once there, select the triangle-shaped icon that we mentioned earlier.
  3. By checking this option, a series of options will be displayed on the screen. So you will have to navigate between them until you find one that has the title ” dark mode “, just as it happens with the application.
  4. Finally, you must select that mode. And this is achieved by clicking the lever next to the option. From there you can enjoy Facebook’s stylish dark mode from your PC.

Activate from cell phone (Android and iOS)

It is not a secret that Facebook users enjoy the social network more through a cell phone. That is why the application already has dark mode, both on Android and iOS devices. But, to have access to this, first you have to do the respective update of the app, and from there carry out the following steps:

  1. Enter the updated Facebook application. You will know that this has changed its version because you will notice that, when loading the app, the Facebook icon will be displayed enclosed in a white circle. In addition, the site will have a simple design with rounded edges and clearer lines.
  2. After verifying the update, select the menu found in the upper right part of the application. Which is represented by three horizontal lines.
  3. Once there, we have to go down between the options until we find one with the name ” dark mode “. This one is easy to recognize, as it has a moon right next to the title. But, if you can’t find it, you should know that it is just below ” settings “.
  4. Having located the option, you will only have to select the small lever that it has on its right side and that’s it. And, without a doubt, the best thing about this mode is that you can activate and deactivate it as many times as you want.

Facebook dark mode features

Facebook has been the last social network of tycoon Mark Zuckerberg to have the option of dark mode. WhatsApp and Instagram have already enjoyed the service for many months. So it was a matter of time for this social network to also have this option. Which, as we have seen, can be used through a mobile device or computer.

Facebook’s dark mode helps avoid eyestrain while browsing the application or page. Likewise, it is a battery saver for the cell phone, since by reducing the light of the device you can enjoy it more. And if that were not enough, it makes it more comfortable to use it in spaces with little lighting.

When entering the social network with this setting activated you will be able to observe the dark tones with which it is presented on the site. These tones are one above the other both in the publications that are made and in the user’s account. In addition, to better distinguish the titles and options, the letters are shown in a white or blue color.

Also, when using the dark mode, the icons and reactions can be displayed in the same color as with the original version. Therefore, the style of the site is not sacrificed but the navigation is stylized and improved. So it becomes more enjoyable for the user.

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