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How can I use the new Snapchat update

Snapchat is an instant messaging application that has gained some popularity among teenagers thanks to its large number of fun filters and its ease of use. Also for its constant updates that make the experience of using Snapchat even more entertaining.

Although the updates are precisely to improve the operation of the application, it is true that sometimes it can be difficult to adapt to new changes. For example, with the updates new filters, new options and the different operation of other tools are presented.

However, other filters are eliminated, some things change and because it is an update we may not be so familiar with the new options or the operation of old tools at first.

Even so, Snapchat is an easy-to-use application that, although it undergoes certain changes, does not lose its main functions. So if you have been using it for a long time and want to learn how to take better advantage of the new update, read on and you will learn how.

If you are using Snapchat for the first time, here you will also learn how to use it and become familiar with the features offered by the new update. You can download it from the application store of your device or by going directly to the official Snapchat website, you can also use it on your PC if you wish.

What are the advantages of the new Snapchat update?

Snapchat Trending app various options

Snapchat is distinguished by its large number of filters and similar tools, if you want to learn how to use filters you may be interested in learning it by reading the article.

This new update allows you to have access to a new tool called “Lenses”. It is about augmented reality lenses that transform your appearance and everything that surrounds it.

This new tool completely changes the experience of using Snapchat. Now you can add 3D effects, objects, characters and transformations using Lenses when creating a Snap.

You can use Face Lenses, the most common, or Environmental lenses that allow you to modify the world around you and bring different objects or characters to life.

There is also the option of the augmented reality bar that has special lenses that allow you to examine or scan the world for useful information. In addition to Snappables, special lenses that allow you to create, compete and team up with your friends.

Lens Explorer is another tool provided by the new update to find Lens created by different users. In addition to all this, Snapchat has enabled an option to create your own Lenses.

So the latest update has many new options that you can surely enjoy and take advantage of. But if you are new to this, here we will explain how to use these new tools.

How to use the new update?

Vector of Woman Using Snapchat Filter

First of all, if you are an Android user, you must make sure your device has Android version 5.0 or higher, otherwise you will not be able to use these new tools. And if you are an Apple user , you must have a ¡Phone 5 or a later model since it is only available for these devices.

With that point clear, go to your device’s app store and look for a new Snapchat update. Then press “download.”

Once updated to the latest version on your device, it is ready to go. Position yourself on the camera screen, tap a face for the carousel, and then choose one of the Lenses. Tap the button to take photos and voila, your Snap is ready to be sent.

To use the Environmental Lenses, you open the camera, touch the bottom to open the carousel, slide it and choose one. Then, you just have to take the Snap.

And lastly, if you want to use the Snappables, you have to go to the camera, swipe, tap on a Snappable, and follow the instructions to play.

In this way you can enjoy the new tools offered by the latest Snapchat update and share it with friends.

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