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How can I log out of Signal from the desktop on my PC or laptop

In the world of technology, innovation is the motto, which is why Signal has become a fairly reliable alternative to the WhatsApp application. One of its main features is the security of your messages. For this reason, in this article you will learn how to Log out of Signal from the desktop on the PC or Laptop.

This messaging application is open source so it allows its users to easily visualize its operation. Cataloged by its founders as a safe, effective and simple system as well as easy access.

How to log out of Signal from the desktop

By default this option is not possible from our PC, but as nothing is impossible here you will find the solution to this uncertainty.

First of all, we download the Signal Application available in the Play Store of our device, and on the official website of the application.

We are located on the right side of the screen of our device and click on the three points, here the settings tab will be displayed. In the ‘linked devices’ section we select the session we want to end.

Choose the box and click ‘OK’. An important note is that on devices with an iOS operating system, you must click Edit and then delete.

How does Signal work?

It is a messaging application that allows you to send messages, videos and images. The curious thing and the highlight of this program is what Signal keeps from its users and the answer is nothing.

In a study carried out by experts, it was shown that this app only saves the account creation date in its database. As well as the time the user was connected for the last time.

Therefore you can be totally sure that nobody will ever get your conversations. The reason this is a point-to-point system, that is, it is only stored when the receiver is connected.

signal chats

In addition to the security that Signal offers, it also has at its disposal a series of functions that allow to reinforce the conviction of our storage. One of them for example is blocking the application, with an access control pin or a fingerprint.

Why migrate from WhatsApp to Signal?

Although when we refer to messaging applications there are several pros and cons in each of them. And even when there is diversity in the market like WhatsApp and Signal, today we will evaluate the reasons why Signal has positioned itself in the networks.

Signal is an independent non-profit organization trained to allow its users to share information without even the company being able to reveal it.

One of its outstanding functions is that it contains the option of automatic deletion of either messages or photos that you select. This option ranges from 15 seconds to a week.

It also includes the option to block screenshots and one of the most curious is that it allows you to hide faces. When sending an image we can blur the face of one or more people who appear there.

And as if that were not enough, it allows you to react to messages in a very similar way as we can do on Facebook, this app also allows you to log in on several devices.

In other words, if you have a mobile phone and a Tablet on both devices, you can have the session open and close it whenever you like, an option that is obviously not available on WhatsApp.

Signal tricks

If you are a fan of dark colors, this App has a Dark Mode to activate it, click on your profile. Click on the appearance tab and select Appearance> ‘Dark Mode’. 

signal from desktop pc laptop

If you have a favorite contact, this App allows you to create a shortcut on the desktop of your device. To do this, enter the chat you want to move to the main screen, click on the three points located at the top right.

You click on ‘add to the home screen’ a window will open in which you must press the add option and that’s it! This chat will appear at your start. For these reasons Signal is the best ally.

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