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How and how much money can you earn on tiktok? Tiktok money calculator

This video social network is still today one of the most important in the world, this is how this application is located among the best for both the Android and iOS operating systems, all this thanks to each of its functions offered that have been very well accepted by all its users . In addition, it is not only characterized by offering entertainment options, but it has also become a platform to obtain money.

This is how this application, like YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, offers its members the opportunity to earn money through the generation of content, for this, users must have a large number of followers . It should be mentioned that TikTok still does not reach the scale of YouTube, but through its short videos its users can get very good benefits.

In this way, tiktokers have different ways of being able to generate money through this application, although it can be said that their options are smaller than those of other social networks . However, here we are going to show you how and how much money you can start earning through TikTok, for this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What are all the ways to make money with the TikTok app?

As already mentioned, the options to generate money through this application are a little reduced if compared mainly with social networks such as YouTube or Instagram . However, TikTok offers a few ways its users can start earning extra money while using this app.

This is how here we are going to show you all the ways in which you can get a payment through the video application:

Get a good number of followers and sell the account

The most common way in which users earn money through social networks is by growing their accounts and then selling them at a good price, this has become a very popular practice in the e-commerce world. To be able to do this, it is necessary that you choose a category for your account and then create a lot of content there, keep in mind that this content must be viral so that you can reach your goals quickly.

It should be mentioned that being able to get a large number of followers in a social network is not an easy task, this can be achieved with great perseverance and dedication. In addition, these accounts do not have to be related to sales profiles, but can be directed to viral content and of the moment. Currently the accounts of TikTok are being very well paid in the market so it is worth a try if you are looking for an extra ticket .

Promote your personal brand or company

This is another of the most frequent practices of users to be able to get an extra input of money, this method is very marked in what is the Instagram social network and currently it has begun to be used on a large scale in TikTok, for many tiktokers this is one of the most realistic ways to earn money through the social network.

For this you do not necessarily have to have a very large list of followers or be a very recognized influencer around the world, but all this consists of having a business line such as a personal brand or store to promote it through the application in order to increase your sales . For the benefit of all users, being able to promote products or services through the application is completely free.

Therefore, you can start taking advantage of videos to offer each of your services or products, keep in mind that a video sells more than an image, so you can start taking advantage of all this in order to increase your sales and reach many other places . Always keep in mind to upload quality content that is fun with good music and above all pleasant, which will help you get potential customers .

Account management and administration service

If you want another option to generate money through TikTok you can start offering account management services for creators in the application. This social network has millions of registered users where many of them get to get a large number of followers quickly so their accounts become very popular, but the truth of all this is that they do not really know the scope that this has.

Therefore, a very good option for this is to offer your services to help them establish creative strategies or content generation that allows them to take advantage of all this. If you have experience in video production and storytelling, you could apply these types of services and thus help other users to generate money while you earn a commission for it .

Be a TikTok consultant

If you consider that you have enough experience on the TikTok platform, then a very good alternative is that you start taking advantage of it. In this case, it consists of helping all those users who want to be tiktokers and achieve fame through the application . Your goal is to help them boost their strategy so that their videos can reach much more views. To be able to do this, you need to have the necessary experience and a suitable profile for it.

Since your mission will be to be in charge of promoting each of the users who hire your services . Keep in mind that many people will want to pay for your services and be able to grow their account through you.  In the case that it helps them to achieve commercial agreements or with influencers, you can request a much higher percentage for your payment . In these cases you can charge either by the number of times you promote it or according to the results obtained.

Go live and get donations

Finally you can use this type of strategy to be able to get a little money, it can be used by any type of person although mostly you can see the musical performers doing these live broadcasts. This is how users of the TikTok social network can enter their profile and use real money to buy coins that they can then send to thank you for all the effort in creating content while the live broadcast is running .

All the coins that the user who has transmitted the live receives can be converted into diamonds, these diamonds can be exchanged for virtual money through PayPal. It should be mentioned that the money that can be obtained through this method is not much, but it can mean a flow of money if you are constantly performing direct. Finally, it should be mentioned that the platform keeps 20% of the donations you receive .

How much money can you earn as an influencer on the TikTok platform?

Keep in mind that TikTok does not have a kind of fixed salary for its users, but that the amount of money each of them earns will vary depending on their popularity and the views that each of their publications has . This is how here we are going to show you the four best tiktokers and how much money each one of them earns, this will allow you to have an idea of ​​everything you can earn through this social network.

Go for it:

Zach King

It is about a filmmaker who has also managed to position himself in the top positions of TikTok, in this way Zeack King is an American teenager who is dedicated to generating content for different social networks, mostly they are about dances of songs of the moment, it is estimated that You can earn an amount between 25,000 and 40,000 euros.

Charli D’Amelio

With more than 66.6 million followers on the TikTok social network, Charli  has been on the social network for  a little over 12 months and has managed to achieve all this success very quickly. It should be noted that he also has an Instagram profile that exceeds 20 million followers . According to the TikTok calculator, this young woman could earn between 35,000 and 60,000 euros for each publication.

Addison rae

Addison Rae currently has a little more than 48.1 million followers on her TikTok profile, and has at least 2.7 billion likes on her social network, just like Charli has only a little over a year of creating her profile on this platform, where you currently have one of the most popular accounts of the application.

It is worth mentioning that Addison Rae is a professional dancer dedicated to this art since she was six years old, all this has been captured in her social networks, managing to get the attention of many other users around the world. This young woman could  earn between 25,000 and 40,000 euros per publication .

Loren Gray

It can be said that Loren Gray is one of the oldest in this social network, she joined it when it was called, this being the previous name of this application. It currently has more than 45 million followers, thus placing it among one of the most popular accounts on the platform. Since 2015 when he joined this social network, he has managed to accumulate around 2,500 million likes.

Loren Gray works in music, so most of her videos are singing, she also maintains contacts with Virgin Records and Capitol Records, it is estimated that this young woman earns around 25,000 and 40,000 euros per publication, since this can vary depending on the impact it has.

TikTok vs Snapchat vs Instagram Which one is better to make money online?

Social networks have been going from being entertainment platforms to being platforms to generate money, and is that currently social networks allow each of its users to get an extra income after reaching certain requirements with their accounts, it is just as these platforms have also become a job opportunity for many.

It can be said that both Instagram and TikTok are two of the most popular social networks of the moment, quite the opposite happens with Snapchat which is already considered to have passed its moment of glory and for now it only remains there. However, with any of it, users can get a very good income, clearly depending on how popular or not their profiles are there.

If a comparison is made between these three platforms, it should be mentioned that Instagram is still the largest of the three and at the same time the one that offers the most possibilities of making money online, since its profiles and its business mode allow its users being able to have full control over the products or services they sell there , as well as to drive the growth of their personal accounts.

In second place is clearly the social network of the moment TikTok, it offers options similar to Instagram to generate money through its platform, but with smaller options, so its users will not get many ways to generate an economic return to all your efforts there. The most common way to earn money so far on TikTok is by getting followers and selling the account, an activity widely practiced also on Instagram and Snapchat.

The options to generate money on Snapchat are also somewhat reduced, one of the most common is to sell profiles, but since it is not a social network of the moment or being in the highest positions, the possibilities of selling your accounts are not very wide as It happens with Instagram and TikTok, which is why Snapchat is considered to be the least profitable option of the three for this .

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