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History of tiktok when was this application invented and how old is this application, which is successful among teenagers?

Today, TikTok is one of the most famous social networks in the world . So in terms of popularity, it has surpassed YouTube and is weighted at the same level as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, experts point out that it is a platform that will continue to stomp, given that its proposal is attractive and has managed to capture the attention of all types of public .

As a consequence, although it was mainly designed for the youngest, the truth is that, at present, it is also used by adults over 30 years of age . Well, it has managed to incentivize through its format short video with effects, filters , particular sounds, etc . Thus, a social network that has more than 500 million active users.

However, beyond knowing that it is a social media app created in China, many users have no knowledge of its history and evolution . That is why, from this post, we will focus on letting you know who created TikTok and when, as well as its most enigmatic features and other curious data of great interest.

History and Origin of TikTok When and who created this new social network?

While it is true, TikTok is a social network of Chinese origin launched in September 2016, by the Chinese technology company known as “ByteDance” . At that time, the platform adopted the name “Douyin” which means “vibrating sound” and, basically, it was an app developed over a period of 200 days . During that year, despite its launch, the Chinese technology company was not clear about the establishment of the social network in question.

Reason why, in 2016 it presented little expansion and only obtained 100 million users, with more than one billion videos viewed every day. Subsequently, in 2017, ByteDance bought for an amount of $ 1 billion . This referred to a social network specialized in content based on videos and live broadcasts. Thus, its main feature was the production of short videos (between 15 and 60 seconds) using different effects, filters and speed settings .

Thanks to the assets of, the aforementioned technology company decides to migrate the accounts of said platform to the enigmatic social media app that, until now, was known as “Douyin” in order to take advantage of the young user base of the digital platform American. With this, he managed to expand said application in other countries, making the powerful concept of “musers” disappear, that is, the influencers of who stood out for their creativity, mainly.

In this way, as of September 2017, TikTok begins its recognition around the world and begins to attract the attention of the younger audience . But, it was until January 23, 2018 that it reached the number one spot among the largest free mobile app downloads in Thailand and other countries . In addition to this, during that year, it boosted its recognition in the United States, thanks to the fact that several celebrities from this country began to use it and make special mention of it.

So it quickly became one of the most downloaded mobile apps in the US . Well, I have accumulated 80 million downloads in that country and around 800 million in the rest of the world . Consequently, as of the end of 2018, TikTok was already available in more than 75 languages ​​and 150 markets globally.

In that sense, the social network could be considered as a popular social network in 2019, reaching more than 738 million downloads . While, for the month of April 2020, the Chinese platform already ranked second as the mobile app with the highest number of downloads, in general terms.

What are the characteristics that have made TikTok a success among millennials?

Through TikTok, millennials managed to find their own identity in a social network, thanks to the fact that its different tools facilitate the creation of quality content. But, beyond this, most people wonder what TikTok has to have succeeded so much among said generation and even grab the attention of other conceptions.

Well, mainly, this is because TikTok offers a different proposal than other social networks, since it is based on the publication of short videos that often last between 15 and 60 seconds . Which are accompanied by choreographies in front of the camera or fun challenges accompanied by good music that cause great fun .

Under this concept, the Chinese social network manages to viralize different content effectively and this feature is one of the main keys for young people to want to advertise on it. So, virality is pointed out as one of the peculiarities that have made TikTok triumph alongside millennials. For its part, the video editor offered by the social media app is also an incentive for these people.

Well, in addition to facilitating the recording of videos, it also allows enriching them in a simple, exclusive and fun way . Taking into account that, it offers tools to insert sounds in recordings, apply different effects, optimize the image through filters, place text and stickers, add different audio, etc. Undoubtedly, this feature has generated a feeling of satisfaction and encourages them to continue with their activity on the social network .

Even its viral vertical videos have also favored the triumph of TikTok, to a great extent. Which, despite the fact that it was previously considered an aberration, is currently one of the proposals that has given the most size among young people . Therefore, as they were already interested in seeing the videos vertically, the Chinese social network opted for it and thus, it has also set a trend that, in some way, has been requested by these users .

In short, millennials or generation Y consider that TikTok is an opportunity for unlimited entertainment and a mechanism to achieve social recognition, in a creative way. Therefore, they focus on generating content of interest with which they can obtain their own stamp on the platform and thus gain more recognition among different users from all corners of the world.

TikTok Vs MadLipz How do they differ and why are they so often confused?

Basically, MadLipz is an application that allows you to dub videos through fragments of certain movies or series . In that sense, its main attraction lies in the fact that it offers the possibility of placing a voice (adding your own) to the characters of these contents in order to create funny scenes .

Which, without making any type of registration, provides the necessary tools for you to record your own video with a maximum duration of 15 seconds . Due to these fundamentals, it is a platform that tends to be compared to TikTok . Since, as it allows you to record short videos and bets on the creation of creative content where humor is paramount, it is often confused with TikTok .

However, both applications present notable differences and, therefore, it is essential to mention which they are:

  • While in MadLipz you only have to select an already established video clip to add your voice, in TikTok it is necessary to create your video from scratch (either through the social network or with your mobile camera).
  • In terms of editing, MadLipz is considered a social site that only allows changes to be made at the voice level . On the other hand, TikTok offers the possibility of modifying the voice, optimizing the image, adjusting the playback speed, adding text, placing stickers, etc. In other words, it has a complete video editor .
  • Regarding the duration of the clips, both applications also differ. In view of that, MadLipz offers a maximum time of 15 seconds to manage the video to share. Instead, TikTok supports from 15 to 60 seconds in total .
  • To use the platform, MadLipz does not require prior registration by users . However, this is necessary on TikTok, either with a phone number, email address, Facebook account, Gmail account , etc.
  • Based on the employees they have, these two services also present a distinction. Well, compared to MadLipz, TikTok has 6,489 more employees .

Espionage accusations Do the Chinese use TikTok to violate our privacy?

Despite the advantages that its enormous recognition already offers, TikTok also stands out as a platform widely criticized for being a means of espionage for the Chinese, in order to violate the privacy of users. This being a very worrying point for people who use the social network .

In this sense, it should be noted that, in June 2020, it was discovered that the platform of Chinese origin has the ability to copy the device’s clipboard every three times a button corresponding to the social network is pressed . In this way, it manages to capture any information that the user has copied in another mobile phone app and with it, spies on their movements in order to take their confidential data . In addition to this, in terms of privacy and security, the application has also generated controversy.

Valuing that, as this social network is so popular among children and young people, it has stood out as an ideal route to expose them to sexual predators . For this reason, different situations have been known in which some users have been victims of sexual harassment. However, some experts have pointed out that while the Chinese regime’s obsession with data collection is disturbing and terrifying, TikTok is not a tool used for it .

So, at a certain point, the espionage accusations against TikTok do not make sense and the rationale for this is supported by the following:

  • Whoever public something TikTok, you want all the world to see . Therefore, they are people who are not concerned about the protection of their personal data, in view of the participation of extroverts who are eager to gain visibility in all corners of the world .
  • This social network was not created for users who only want to connect with family or close friends, privately . For this, they can resort to other services as famous as WhatsApp, for example.
  • In general terms, TikTok does not present many differences with other social networks, when it comes to privacy. Well, for example, on Twitter the broadcast signal can be heard by everyone .
  • Social media apps systematically have the ability to collect business data, just as secret services around the world do. That is to say that, just as TikTok does, other popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, too.
  • For its completeness, the Chinese secret service can track any digital platform, both Chinese and European, American, etc. This, as long as the same users disseminate their data publicly.

The most surprising curiosities of TikTok that you surely did not know

Today, most people know that TikTok is a social network of Chinese origin dedicated to entertainment based on short videos that support great customization. But, beyond this, they are unaware of various points of interest that this social network presents and which are absolutely unheard of.

Therefore, to feel its origin and its operation beyond what everyone knows, it is valuable to detail the following curiosities of TikTok that few people distinguish, until now:

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To provide the best experience for users, this social media app makes use of Artificial Intelligence in its algorithm, in an advanced way . Thus, from this technology, it manages to analyze what are the interests and preferences of each person, in depth, based on their interactions . Thanks to this, it focuses on displaying 100% personalized content .

For this reason, it differs from other social networks that, in most cases, gradually get to know the tastes of their users , depending on their behavior and, meanwhile, provide them with one or other different content. Instead, TikTok manages to do it immediately due to its AI- based algorithm that influences the virality of users as well .

Enjoy great leadership in India

In India, more than a third of the population uses TikTok and, consequently, this social network is considered the most influential of all in this country. As a consequence, the hashtag #tiktokindia is one of the most used in the social media app. In addition to this, the platform is also a leader in China and the United States, which are countries that have shown the highest number of TikTok downloads worldwide, followed by India.

Allows you to monetize your videos

By simply uploading videos and making them go viral, basically, TikTok allows users to easily earn money . This means that it is another of the social media apps that guarantee payment to the most recognized profiles of the entire platform . Therefore, if you become a successful influencer in the Chinese social network, you can pocket a good amount of money.

TikTok coins exist

Basically, the currencies of TikTok are defined as a kind of tip that allows the social network to reward users for their creativity or give something of value in the form of agradamiento for the work they have done. Consequently, platform users can spend real money within the same mobile app to buy coins and exchange them for gifts that will be awarded to their favorite content creators.

Thus, in turn, TikTok coins are exchangeable for real money regardless of the cost that is stipulated for the change in the country of origin, on a given day. With this, in addition to making each member of the community feel valued, the service also manages to remain financially stable due to the constant flow of coin purchases that is carried out.

It should be noted that users who wish to buy these coins will have to access the Settings menu through their profile and search for “My portfolio” to locate the app’s purchase system. Next, it only remains to choose the number of coins to buy and their current value in dollars . Then, you will have to confirm the purchase by entering your payment method in order to make the amount of coins in question effective within your TikTok wallet .

More downloaded on Android than on iOS

While it is true, TikTok is available in the main application stores of these operating systems, that is, both in the Google Play Store and also in the App Store . However, 80% of the total downloads it obtained come from devices that operate under Android .

Other curious facts


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