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Error solution: ‘Suspicious Registration’ in WeChat when I go to register

Thanks to the different means of communication that technology has invented, we can communicate with many people through individual or group calls worldwide .

But more than inventing some forms of communication, some innovators have wanted to go beyond the usual. This is the case of WeChat, an App that offers different very interesting services that we will show below.

wechat allows you to access many functions

Before that, we will talk about the origin, WeChat is from China, created in 2010 and published in 2011. Its founders are Frank Xiaolong and Ma Huateng, at first they called this App “Weixin” in 2012 they changed to “WeChat”.

WeChat is currently available in 20 languages, including English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian; Among others, this application also allows you to connect without a phone number.

WeChat app features

Apart from being a text, voice and calls messaging App, you can also modify or change your location in Wechat , you also get the following services and functions.

  1. WeChat Games : This is a video game App that you can find within the WeChat App, it is very fun.
  2. WeChat Pay : In this function that is also within the WeChat App, you can make payments to different systems.
  3. WeChat Wallet : In this function that WeChat has, every user can make purchases online without any inconvenience, it is very easy.
  4. WeChat Mini programs: In this function, users can create any App within this same WeChat application.
  5. Enterprise WeChat : This feature is for businesses only, it tracks employees on their days off.

Unfortunately this WeChat App has been causing some problems, and one of them is that a “Suspicious Registry” warning appears.

Why do I get “Suspicious Registration” in WeChat when someone goes to register?

  1. In most Chinese cell phones that have the WeChat App already installed and it has defects.
  2. It is very likely that the WeChat application does not recognize your cell phone number or the verification code, this is a possible cause, another reason is that this App is new, then it was stopped using and now it has been resumed.

wechat gives fixable errors

How to fix the error: ‘Suspicious Registration’ in WeChat when I go to register?

You just have to follow these simple steps to enjoy the popular WeChat application without giving you any errors:

  1. First you must verify that the application does not have problems with the security controls before using it, to verify it, enter the option “Settings”, then another option will appear that says “Applications from your mobile device”, press it.
  2. All the applications that you have downloaded to your cell phone will appear, look for the one that says WeChat and press it, in case it does not appear or does not show you the WeChat application, press the option called “All”.
  3. At this point, look for the WeChat application and among the options that appear, press “Clear Cache and Clear Data, then close and open the WeChat application again and verify that now you can register.
  4. Also many users have restarted the App, if still nothing, you can delete the application and download it again, in the previous case, register correctly , press the Sing Up option and then enter your phone number.
  5. You will get an announcement that says “I have read the terms and conditions of use”, press next, the phone number you placed will send a confirmation announcement, but for this you must touch “OK”.
  6. There is a field that will tell you to enter the code that was sent by text message to your cell phone number, the entire App is constantly updated, this problem most likely is that the new versions do not have it.
  7. You can also have a virtual number for WhatsApp, since the WeChat App could have blocked the previous number.
  8. Using a virtual number has given many users good results and solved the problem.
  9. Having the virtual number, enter WeChat, enter the virtual number and wait for the message with the code to be sent to the virtual number. Finally, enter the code sent and then enter the data requested to solve the error.

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