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Digital detox on tiktok what is it, what is it for and why should you do it from time to time?

It is no secret to anyone that social networks have become a daily ritual for many people in the world. Well, day after day, millions of users turn to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok , for hours . Considering that the latter is a phenomenon that has marked different generations and therefore, its success has been unmatched in a short time .

Thus, thanks to its innovative format of short videos that are committed to fun and entertainment, TikTok managed to capture the attention of millions of content creators and consumers worldwide. Which, probably, are creating a certain addiction with the platform. However, it is a peculiarity that has been widely criticized for its long-term damage .

Because of this, the same Chinese social media app designed a tool with which it is possible to limit the use of the platform in order to carry out a digital detoxification with the aim of improving the user experience and making rational use of the social network. This is known as “Digital detoxification” and in this post, we will explain what it is about .

What is digital detox and what is it for on networks like TikTok?

Also known as “digital detox , digital detoxification is defined as a pause or a break that Internet users must take to disconnect from their mobile device, tablet or computer and, above all, from social networks . Thus, in general terms, it refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using technological equipment connected to the Internet .

In this sense, digital detox serves to create the space and time necessary to be able to reflect on the forms that each user adopts when using digital tools and, in addition, be aware of the effects that this causes in itself . Taking into account that, the main idea of ​​doing it is based on not affecting people’s responsibilities or duties, as well as avoiding negatively influencing their daily lives, due to the addiction they create on a digital level.

For their part, generally, people start by setting the start and end date to carry out their digital detox . Next, they define the scope that this process must have (either at the level of social networks or completely, etc.) and they have to follow all the limits to remain firm during the stipulated time.

Now, in reference to the digital detoxification that TikTok handles, we point out that it consists of a functionality that serves to control or restrict screen time to ensure better management of activity on the platform. Like, to choose the type of content that you want to see, in order to avoid finding videos that are inappropriate for a certain user.

As a consequence, once the digital detoxification of this social media app is enabled, users are forced to comply with what they have previously set . Well, its own algorithm is responsible for segmenting the content presented by the platform and also closing the application when the relevant time expires.

This, thanks to the following options it provides:

  • Screen time management : It is ideal to establish a time limit for the use of the social network . Therefore, it is recommended to activate it when you are concerned about the amount of time you dedicate to the social network and for which you stop complying with your obligations. There, you can select a daily limit that lies between 40, 60, 90 and 120 minutes in total . Thus, once this time has been reached, it will be necessary to enter an access code to continue using the service.
  • Restricted mode : It consists of a mode that is based on the content that appears on the social network, for each user. Therefore, if some types of videos tend to annoy or bother you, it will be appropriate for you to use this functionality to optimize your user experience and, also, it is considered a relevant tool to manage a kind of parental control in the use by minors of age .

Digital saturation How does being constantly on TikTok and mobile affect your life negatively?

Basically, digital saturation, which is also known as “digital stress”, consists of the constant coexistence with digital media, the use of social networks and the development of multitasking. Which, over time, produces adverse consequences for users, especially in terms of health. In general, people who suffer from digital saturation feel an irrational fear of being without their mobile device or not being able to use it, which is a phobia called “nomophobia” .

In addition to that, digital stress also leads Internet users to feel insecure, especially because they do not appear every minute on social networks or do not respond to someone’s messages. All this, in short, negatively affects people . Now, given the addiction that TikTok has generated as an entertainment platform, experts say that, despite its notable benefits, it can also be a harmful service for people when they reach the point of feeling digitally saturated .

This means that the Chinese social media app produces certain collateral damage that is worth taking into account and, therefore, we highlight the following:

  • Irresponsibility : Since many tiktokers create addiction to the social network, they prefer to put aside their responsibilities or obligations to stay connected on the social network.
  • Sudden mood swings : Digital saturation on TikTok tends to generate mood swings, in a negative way. Since, by the flow of content offered, it encourages various emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger, jealousy, etc . In other words, your state of mind will depend on what others do.
  • Stress : Another consequence of being on TikTok constantly lies in the stress that this produces on people. Since, they will be constantly searching for ideas to generate content and, at the same time, they will feel the need to satisfy the needs of their followers, be approved by others, attract new users, etc.
  • It takes you away from those who are close to you : Although TikTok offers you the possibility to see up close what other people from anywhere in the world are doing, the truth is that it can take you away from those who are next to you . Which, also happens with the use of the mobile that, by nature, makes people lose the notion of now.
  • Lower productivity : Just as it encourages people’s irresponsibility, digital saturation also reveals lower productivity on the part of users . Therefore, the effectiveness in all its areas of action will be affected and minimized.
  • Loss of values : People who create addiction with TikTok, with any social network or with their mobile, tend to be easily manipulated by what they see . So if they find content insolent, disrespectful and rude, they will tend to lose their values ​​and this will negatively influence many aspects of their life.
  • Lack of control in their day to day : All these damages, in short, will make users lose control over their daily lives . Well, they will be totally dependent on what happens in the virtual world and this will always influence their decision making.

What are the detox benefits of TikTok and other social networks?

As you will see, the collateral damage evidenced by the excessive use of TikTok or other social networks, as well as by electronic equipment; They are huge and affect people’s integrity without them being aware of it .

Therefore, in such cases, it is useful to implement a digital detoxification, especially because of the advantages it offers:

  • It allows to reduce stress, fatigue and technological addiction that is acquired by being aware of what happens in the digital environment on a daily basis or, within TikTok.
  • Help to take advantage of free time in order to strengthen yourself and your personal relationships. Whether it is taking sports classes, watching series or movies, going for a walk with your friends, going for a walk, meeting with your family, etc.
  • It also increases the sense of reality . Which is essential to be “here and now” and live each moment as it should.
  • A digital detox is ideal to enjoy life, much more . Well, you put aside the desire to share everything that happens to you online and thus, you focus on what is truly important (singing at the concert of your favorite band, dancing at ease at a party, talking with your family with total freedom , etc.).
  • It allows you to protect your integrity, in terms of security, privacy and freedom . Because, you will not be sharing your personal information or what happens in your daily life in the face of looks that may be indiscreet or malicious.
  • Contribute to the recovery of control over your life and your decisions . Valuing that, the feeling of control is effective to acquire a better self-esteem and feel full.
  • It is considered opportune to achieve rediscover your priorities . Given that, you can take advantage of the time by focusing on the things you did before and that generated happiness, without the need to stay connected to a screen.
  • It improves the productivity of users, to a great extent. Since, they will take care of their responsibilities as they should, having the corresponding time to do so without distractions.
  • Among other benefits, digital detoxification also implements the reduction of massive social control, inequality and job insecurity.

How long do I have to be off TikTok to consider myself detoxified?

In addition to knowing what digital detoxification consists of in general and on TikTok, specifically, as well as knowing what are the benefits that this brings; You will surely wonder what is the relevant time to be able to consider that this type of detox can do its thing so that the user can acquire the advantages indicated .

In this regard, we highlight that experts recommend taking a digital break of at least 3 consecutive days . Considering that, at this time, people will have the ability to become aware of the digital addiction they have adopted and with it, they will feel motivated to change it in some way .

However, due to the power that TikTok has taken in the digital environment and the large number of masses it has managed to attract, it is recommended to have a longer break from this platform so that people can feel truly detoxified, regain their freedom and peace of mind, as well as reducing the constant stress they live to create exclusive content . Therefore, they can choose to stay away from the social network for 10 days and, at the same time, disconnect from other platforms.

In this way, people will have a longer time to reconnect with themselves, regain control over their day to day, reduce fatigue and take a break that helps them regain all their energy again . In addition, it will also help them make plans with their family or friends in order to get closer to them again and in this way, they will have the ability to stop when appropriate at another time, thanks to the days that they could fully enjoy during their detoxification process. .

Learn step by step how to digitally detox without losing your sanity

The first step to follow to be able to detoxify  digitally is to accept that you need it to optimize your quality of life.

So, once you are aware that you require a digital detox because of the stress that all this has generated you, you can follow the following steps to do it properly and without losing your mind:

Establish a reasonable time to carry out the process

Depending on the degree of addiction you have at this time, it is essential that you can set a time in which your digital disconnection is timely so that you can feel truly detoxified and without online ties. In other words, the time to disconnect will depend on the frequency with which you use social networks and your mobile device.

In general, to start implementing this solution and not be so complicated, it is advisable to last three days in a row without touching your smartphone . Thus, later, you can choose to take 7 or 10 days to carry out a more effective digital detoxification that allows you to obtain quality results in order to recover and preserve your peace, your integrity, your responsibility and your happiness .

Do things that you like

In order to get away from your TikTok account or from any other social platform and even from the use of your mobile; It is essential to get back to your hobbies and practice them constantly (every day, if possible). With this, you will be able to put aside everything that includes technology and, in addition, your digital detoxification will be more attractive . For example, you can take a cooking class, paint in an art group, play sports, take yoga classes, read books, etc.

Set timely schedules

Most users who are inclined to view their social networks invariably, can be hours after hours on their mobile phone without even being aware of it. Which is not recommended when doing a detox of this type . Consequently, it is best to set timetables which allow you to access your social networks, upload videos, view notifications, answer messages, etc .

In this way, you can make sure you avoid excessive use of these services that, unfortunately, end up destroying your peace of mind . Therefore, during the day, you can take an hour or two to do this . You can even choose to disconnect completely one day a week, in order to achieve a good detachment from the digital world . In this case, it is pertinent that you turn off your mobile device during those 24 hours .

Use TikTok’s digital detox

While it is true, TikTok provides a tool that allows all users to limit or control the time of use to avoid future addictions that generate collateral damage. Like, restrict the content they see on the social network in order to improve their experience. Now, to make use of this functionality, it is worth specifying what the two options offered in your “Digital Detox” consist of and how they should be used .

Reason why, we proceed to explain it to you:

Screen time management

It is a section that has the ability to show the time that each user spends the application, as well as to block access when it reaches a previously established number of minutes per day . In this sense, by managing screen time, people will be able to determine how much time they want to dedicate to the social network so as not to overdo it. Considering that, in case of doing so, it will be necessary to enter a code for it.

If you want to limit the time of use, daily, on TikTok; you will have to do the following:

  • Enter your account TikTok and enter your profile page, pressing the “I” icon in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Next, select the three points located in the upper right corner to see the Settings and privacy menu .
  • Then, directly from the “Content and activity” section, click on the “Digital detoxification” option .
  • Now, it is time to click on “Time management on screen” which, by default, is located in the first position and is deactivated.
  • Subsequently, you have to choose the desired daily time limit, through the option that says “Time limit” . There, you can choose between: 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes.
  • After that, it is time to press the “Activate Screen Time Management” button at the bottom.
  • Finally, you must enter a numerical access code and repeat it to confirm it . Thus, it only remains to touch “Next” and that’s it.

Restricted mode

Additionally, you can also choose to restrict the content that appears on your TikTok feed . In this way, you will have greater certainty when watching the types of videos you want and avoid being shown others that seem inappropriate. It is generally regarded as a helpful utility for establishing parental controls .

In any case, if you want to activate the Restricted Mode corresponding to the digital detoxification proposed by the Chinese social network, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to your TikTok account and then go to your profile. This, by pressing the “I” section in the lower right.
  • Now, from your profile, access Settings and privacy by touching the three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • Followed by that, click on the option “Digital detoxification”  that is displayed in the Content and activity section.
  • At this point, you have to select “Restricted Mode” which is naturally a feature that is disabled.
  • Once you enter the corresponding screen, press the button that indicates “Enable Restricted Mode” .
  • After that, you will have to enter a four-digit password and confirm it as the access code. Thus, the restricted mode will be activated automatically .

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