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Instagram is a social network created to share photos and videos from a smartphone, however, it is not a simple application to publish multimedia content. Today, Instagram is a whole social platform where it is possible to post photos and videos with a wide variety of special effects, ephemeral content in the form of “stories” and the latest feature to publish long videos, IGTV. Launched in 2010, Instagram was acquired two years later by the giant Facebook.

According to specialized portals such as, Instagram has more than 1,000 million registered users on its platform; This is, without a doubt, an impressive number that continues to grow day by day thanks to new users who are looking for a new way to share their photos, videos or the important moments of their life through stories. If you want to create an account on Instagram, here in InfoCuentas we will guide you step by step so that you can do it without any inconvenience. The service is mainly optimized for smartphones, however, you can also create an account from your computer.

Create an Instagram account from Android or iOS

Without a doubt, the Instagram mobile application is the most used when accessing its services. At the moment the publication of content can only be done from the application (also from the computer, but with some tricks); remember that Instagram is primarily intended for mobile users. Next, we will show you how to create an account on Instagram step by step, you only need an email address or your own and active phone number.

Note : You can quickly create your Instagram account by pressing the ” Login with Facebook ” button after downloading the application. In doing so, you must log in to Facebook, give Instagram permissions and then fill in the desired username and password. However, you can register an account with an email address or phone number by following the steps below.
  1. Download the application : If you still do not have the application on your mobile, you can download it below.
    • Android :

  • Once the application is installed, open it to start the registration process.
  • Choose to create your account using your Facebook, your phone number or your email : When you open the application, the blue button “Login with Facebook” will allow you to quickly create an Instagram account using your Facebook account. By pressing it, you will have to log in to Facebook and authorize Instagram, choose a username, a password and your account will already be created. Another option, to keep your Facebook and Instagram accounts separate, is to click on the link ” Register with your email or phone number “.
  • In this step you will be able to choose between registering an Instagram account with a phone number (requires verification by SMS) or email. Both ways are valid and will help you to log in or recover your account. We recommend choosing the “Email” option, since you will not always depend on the mobile or phone number when logging in or recovering the account. After entering your number or your email, press the ” Next ” button .
  • Clever! Your user account is already created on Instagram, however you will be assigned a random username. You can change your username on the spot by tapping the “Change username” link below.
  • Choose your username. If you have chosen the option ” Change username “, you must choose one that has not been taken before. In our case, “infocuentas” was already taken by someone else and we registered “infocuentas1”.
  • If you have chosen the email registration option, please verify your address. To do this, access your email and look for the confirmation email from Instagram. Within this email, press the button “Confirm email” or “Confirm your email address”, if you have received an email in English. Instagram may ask you to log in again.
  • Complete your profile and start using Instagram.
  • With these steps you will have already created a new Instagram account. Later, you can link your Facebook account from the application to see who of your friends are also on Instagram.

    Create an Instagram account from PC

    Despite the fact that Instagram was primarily intended for mobile devices, the company later launched the desktop web version of Instagram, though, with limited features. From Instagram Web you will not be able to publish photos, videos or stories, however, you will be able to access all Instagram content without problems, give “Like”, comment and follow people. The account created from the computer will allow you to access Instagram from the mobile application with the same access data.

    Note : You can quickly create your Instagram account if you press the ” Login with Facebook ” button once you enter the official website. In doing so, you must log in to Facebook, give Instagram permissions and then fill in the desired username and password. However, you can register an account with an email address or phone number by following the steps below.

    1. Login to from your computer’s browser.
    2. In the form you must fill in your personal information such as mobile number or email, full name, username and password.
    3. Once the form is completed, press the ” Register ” button .
    4. Verify your email address or phone number so Instagram can verify your identity.
    5. You can now enjoy your Instagram account from your computer.

    With the data registered from the computer, you will be able to access Instagram without problems from any compatible device.

    Tips when creating an account

    When creating an account on the internet, you must take into account certain precautions to avoid inconveniences in the future. Here are some guidelines to make your Instagram registration as secure as possible.

    • Choose a good password and don’t use the same password on all the sites where you are registered. In the case of Instagram, if you are logged in with Facebook, keep your Facebook password equally protected.
    • Enter accurate data when registering. In recent times, Instagram has eliminated many profiles that appear to be false in the social network, so it is recommended that you enter accurate data in the registration form.
    • Complete your profile. To better enjoy Instagram, it is recommended that you complete your profile by assigning a good description, a profile photo and following people of interest to you.
    • Link your Facebook account: If you have not already done so or if you have not registered through Facebook, you can link your Facebook account to Instagram at any time from the application. To do this, go to Profile> Settings> Security> Account> Linked accounts. You will be able to link not only your Facebook account, but also that of Twitter, Tumblr, Amoeba and

    Now it only remains to enjoy your new Instagram account with the best content

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