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Close open sessions on Facebook

Perhaps it is very common that you forget your mobile device and proceed to ask someone for the favor of lending you their terminal and thus review your Facebook account, ignoring logging out, or worse, that you are the victim of a robbery and have your Facebook session open on your cell phone. This is when it is very important to learn how to log out of Facebook on all devices.

There are also cases where hackers do their thing and can open your Facebook account from anywhere in the world and perhaps you haven’t even noticed it. You should not worry, now Facebook has included the function to log out of other devices, whether on cell phones, tablets, or computers. Here are some tricks so that your information and privacy on Facebook always remain intact.

From the phone

91% of people who use the popular Facebook platform do so from a cell phone, which is why it will be appropriate to know how to log out of other devices through a cell phone, be it the Android or iOS Operating System. To do this, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

Note : It is important to note that this procedure is useful in the official Facebook app. In any case, the procedure to follow in the Lite version of the application is very similar.

  1. Select menu (the three horizontal bars). This is located in the upper right.
  2. In the displayed box we must select the option ” Configuration and privacy “.
  3. Another menu will have been displayed in which it will be necessary to click on the ” Configuration ” option .
  4. Once there, we can see the option ” Security and login ” proceeding then to click on it.
  5. Now it will be possible to see a list of the devices that are connected and or recently connected with the approximate location, date, time and the type of equipment that is being used for each of the connections.
  6. At this point you must have determined which of the connections it will be prudent to disconnect, in which case you must click on the ” See all ” option .
  7. In this way we will proceed to click on the button with the three dots that is to the right of the session that we have decided to delete, selecting the option ” Close session “.

Go through this procedure with each of the linked devices that you do not recognize or that you want to not have access to your Facebook account.

From computer

The method to log out remotely is very easy to apply from your PC, since just by performing the following steps, you will be able to see on how many devices your Facebook account is open. It is even possible to know where the sessions have been opened, whether they are done by you or clandestinely.

Here are the steps to log out remotely from your computer:

  1. To begin you must look for the small down arrow that is in the upper right part of your computer screen.
  2. A menu will have been displayed where you must select ” Settings and privacy “.
  3. After that, you have to click on ” Settings “.
  4. In the new window, you must select ” Security and login “. This option is located on the left side of the screen.
  5. Now you will see the list of devices that have access to the account. You can delete them one by one by clicking on the three vertical dots and then selecting the ” Exit ” option . Or you can directly log out of all devices by clicking ” Exit all sessions “.
  6. To finish, you must confirm the action by pressing ” Exit “.

If you have detected the unauthorized use of your Facebook account, it is best to change the password immediately, since you run the risk that the person who has access to it will do it first than you and then you will be left without access to your own account.

Why log out of Facebook sessions

The use of the Facebook platform to share information of all kinds has become a latent risk, since many people are responsible for hacking and stealing passwords to obtain data that can later be used to usurp your identity and even extort money from us in exchange for do not spread any photo, video or simply invade your privacy.

The resource of remotely closing the Facebook session on other devices is of great help to avoid the leakage of said data. For this reason, it is advisable to constantly check the ” Where did you log in ” option in order to be sure that you have not forgotten to close it on a device that has been lent you or, worse still, that you are not being victims of the theft of your password and data. personal.

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