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Change the language on Facebook

Being a global service, the Facebook social network is available in hundreds of languages, among which some of the most used are English and Spanish. However, for some reason some users may see the Facebook interface -either on the computer or mobile device- configured in the English language, their native language being Spanish. This can result in difficulty understanding the menus, dates, action buttons or other sections of the social network.

Changing the language of Facebook from English to Spanish or vice versa is a very simple procedure that can be done from any device; this procedure is not only limited to both languages, but to whichever Facebook is available. Next, here in InfoCuentas we will show you the exact procedure to remove the English language from your Facebook and replace it with Spanish.

Note : If you use Facebook on several devices, you must change the language on each of them, since each device is independent in this regard.

How to change the language of Facebook on the cell phone

This procedure is slightly different on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad), so we’ll show you the steps on both devices:

On Facebook for Android:

  1. Open the Facebook application on your Android device.
  2. Press the button with the three horizontal lines located at the top.
  3. Bring up the Settings & Privacy menu .
  4. Tap on Language.
  5. Select Spanish. If your device is in Spanish, you can select Device Language.
  6. Wait a moment while Facebook sets the new language.
  7. Close Facebook from the open applications menu or restart your mobile.

When you open Facebook again, you will be able to see the entire application in the Spanish language. Very easy, right?

On Facebook for iOS:

For iOS, the procedure is slightly different as the menu is at the bottom.

  1. Open the Facebook application on your iOS device, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines menu , located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Bring up the Settings & Privacy menu .
  4. Tap on App Language.
  5. Select Spanish or Spanish (Spain), if your phone is set to Spanish you can choose ” Use phone language “.
  6. Tap on the “Switch to Spanish” option in the confirmation box that appears.
  7. The Warning Notice Updating and restarting appears.
  8. The Facebook application will close. Open it to use it with the new configured language.

Facebook for mobile browser:

To change the language on Facebook for the mobile browser, you just have to go to and select the preferred language.

How to change the language of Facebook on PC

  1. Go to Facebook options from or by pressing the down arrow in the upper right corner followed by the Settings option .
  2. In the section on the right, click on Language and region.
  3. Click on the Facebook language option located on the right. You can also click Edit.
  4. Display the menu and choose the Spanish language, then click on the Save Changes button .

Another option to change the language of Facebook from anywhere on Facebook for desktop is to go to the bottom of Facebook and click on one of the languages ​​that appear in the list. You can make these changes from the browser of your choice and in any desktop operating system.

Change the language of Facebook translations

Many times Facebook shows content in other languages ​​and an automatic translation appears that is often not desired. You can configure this aspect from any device by following these summarized steps for the effect:

  • From the computer : Settings> Language and region> Language to which you would like the publications to be translated.
  • From Android and iOS : Options> Settings and Privacy> Settings> Language> Language to which you would like the publications to be translated.

Now you will only have to enjoy this social network in your favorite language We hope the guide has been helpful!

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