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Birthday Buddy: Automatic birthday greetings for your friends on Facebook

Facebook has the useful function of notifying us day after day of the birthdays of our friends, which allows us to realize it in time and send them congratulations and wishes on their days. But everything would be better if you could congratulate your friends automatically.

For one reason or another, you might not see such notifications or just be too busy and forget about it. This could put us on bad terms with one of our best friends, so I suggest you download the birthday calendar to your preferred application. But you no longer have to worry about this, there is a way to send birthday greetings automatically.

Birthday greetings automatically

Birthday Buddy is an extension for Chrome that allows you to automatically congratulate your friends on their birthdays on Facebook. This tool sends birthday wishes to your friends automatically on their birthday.

The extension obtains information from your Facebook account, and depending on the messages you have configured, it will send one of these to each friend who is on their birthday. You can configure or customize several messages in the options, and it will send your congratulations by choosing one at random. It will post the message in the birthday boy’s bio (as long as he is not blocked).

It is a very practical extension, since you will not have to remember or keep track of all the birthdays of your Facebook friends. The whole process is automatic, and a notification will be displayed with the specific number and which friends have been congratulated.

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