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Audénse what is it, what is it for and how to get the most out of this social marketing tool?

Audiense is a tool that allows us to manage and obtain better results from our profiles on social networks. Today, the use of this is considered as part of the strategies to optimize social marketing.

If you are new to Twitter, but you need to create a great impact on this social network, to promote your brand, it is best to go against time, and this tool is recommended for this. Yes, you do not dare to use it because you do not know what it is and how it behaves, in this post we will explain it to you.

Although, our work is optimized, it does not mean that we are not going to do anything to enhance our profile, so it is advisable to follow the advice that we leave in the last section of this article.

What is Audiense and what is this social marketing tool for?

Audiense is the most advanced tool, based on artificial intelligence, which allows the organization and display of detailed information, with the aim of promoting a social marketing strategy.

It is always updated in real time, depending on the application number that is given to our company network. Marketing becomes increasingly important for the industrial sector because it amplifies its consumers.

This artificial intelligence allows us to optimize our efforts, providing us with a large number of benefits, which helps us improve interaction with our public. Its information is based on segmented statistics according to the item to be evaluated.

Although also, the results can be appreciated in a personalized way, allowing us to make a more precise and efficient study. Its management system influences not only the development and evolution of our brand with the client, but also allows us to provide more advanced solutions for our company.

This intelligent algorithm has as its first objective to help us create an active community, since they are our consumers, and thanks to them, we increase the level and scale in such a competitive world.

What are the benefits of using Audiense on Twitter?

You know the benefits offered by Audiense for our profile on Twitter , it is key to getting the most out of this tool great artificial intelligence.

Next, we will show you the benefits we get from using this powerful application:

Demographic data information

Knowing where our clients come from is the key to creating solid campaigns with greater impact. Audiense, allows us to analyze in the form of fragments where the greatest interactions come from, determining it by Country, and expressing them in a dynamic graph that is easy to understand

Management of followers and activities

With all the functions and ways in which we can view statistics, Audiense allows us to study in a more precise way the impacts and results obtained after each campaign.

If we do not make the necessary study of our audience and activity, we will not know what are the losses that did not allow us the full performance of the ad, preventing us from meeting all the objectives.

Get to know the audience

Knowing who our audience is, and knowing interests is really important when offering services and products . This makes the difference between an evolved brand or one that only conforms to a small reach .

If we take full advantage of these advantages, our business is sure to be as successful as we hope .

Audiense tools What are all the ones we can use?

Audiense is a broad tool that allows us to manage our social networks in an efficient way. It is divided into two tools whose objectives vary according to the established target.

For this we explain them below:

Audiense Insights

With Audiense insights, we can dynamically view and analyze all of our followers, from those who interact, to those who simply observe organic tweets .

Understanding our audience with this tool is really simple . Among the different functionalities that we find; we can identify our audience without much effort, saving us time and work .

In the Insights panel we can see how all the information obtained by users is broken down .

Such as:

  • Demographic location
  • Behaviour
  • Interests
  • Frequent activities.

Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect is the complementary tool for our Twitter marketing, allowing us to integrate functionalities and bots to strengthen communication with our audience.

This tool offers us, in order to improve our engagement, a chatbots for direct messages on Twitter . Thanks to him, we can schedule our quick responses to serve all of our customers as quickly as possible.

Elements of the Audiense interface What are they and what is each one for?

Then we will explain what elements you can find in the are interface of Audiense, and how can we use them for our professional development and growth of our brand. 

Let’s look at several elements below:

Best menu

This menu is located at the top in the form of a bar, and it is there where all the main options are located , which perform the functions within Audiense .


The filters can be found in the search sidebar . This is kept present when entering the community wall, and its function is to offer us different types of filters, to facilitate the search for users on the screen.

 Bottom bar

This element allows us to order users and access the different modes of community administration . Clients can be ordered according to the criteria that we establish through the options bar.

User Cards

User cards allow us to view the basic information of the selected consumer, and there are two types of cards: detailed and standard . In other words, this element is the user identifier, allowing us to manage all the information collected from them.

Side bars

In the side bars we can find all kinds of information, although well, this varies depending on the platform or social network from where we are accessing.

However, the data found consist of the following:

  • User details : This element shows us all the information stored about the client, including from their Twitter profile , email, to the different tweets where they mention us .
  • Last interactions : There, it is where we will find the interactions of our audience, and to specify it in a more precise way, the user cards are used, with the aim of studying a specific person.


The panels show us the necessary and detailed information to carry out a correct monitoring and analysis of data and results . These widgets can be expressed in different ways.

Let’s see what they are next :

  • Line graphs
  • Bar graphic
  • Pie charts
  • Area charts
  • Maps
  • Tag Clouds
  • Tables
  • Heat maps
  • Assembly diagram
  • Spider graphic
  • Polar area graphs
  • Tree maps
  • Information panels
  • Listings


Each information is sectorized and grouped by tabs, and clicking on one opens separately . It is a competent organizer of data to statistically measure our followers.

Drop down menus

As all drop-down menus are distinguished by a title, when clicked they appear. In the case of Audiense, it is distinguished by having an icon in the form of a small arrow to the right.

When selecting it, the following options are shown:

  • Tags: These are the tags that can be applied by users .
  • Buttons: By clicking on them, specific functions are activated , in order to provide a solution to its users .
  • Radio buttons: They are identified by being small selectable circles, which allow us a set of one or more options .
  • Icons: These are small images that identify a button or option. Clicking on them activates a descriptive text indicating the purpose of the function .
  • Sliders : These controls move horizontally on our screen, used to select a range or objects .

Tips and tricks to get the most out of the Audiense tool

Now that you know everything about Audiense, so that you have a better result on your Twitter profile, it is better that you apply a series of tips.

Which we will show you below, with the aim of making the most of each activity, no matter how small:

Let’s customize our profile

The first thing we must understand is that our profile is our representative to a world that cannot see us physically. In other words, if we don’t have a profile that adequately represents our brand, no one will want to follow us.

As an advice, we recommend that you write within the description of your profile, the main objective of your products or services . For the most part, this tends to attract people’s attention, in addition to allowing them to know the greatness and projections of your brand.

We create lists to group and organize

If we want to review at all times all the changes that occur to our competition, the first thing is to follow them, and then organize our followed list, in order to locate them quickly every day.

With a good organization, the study of profiles that offer similar products or services can be faster, and like everything else, in the digital world, time is an extremely valuable resource.

Unique and quality content

To attract followers, we must always have a high activity in our account, but this must be taken professionally, if we want to represent a business or service .

We must always offer our followers content that they can only find on our profile and that is relevant to them, as well as to us.

Let’s add images and videos to our tweets

If we do not add images to our tweets, they will be boring and will not generate the expected impact, since the public always expects more animated or illustrated content than in the form of text, in addition, more information is transmitted with an animation or image.

Let’s schedule the publication of our content

If we already know what time is where there is the greatest influence or activity in our Twitter community , we must take advantage of those time intervals to publish our content, as it will generate incredible results.

For this reason, we recommend that you prepare your content, upload it to the social network, and then schedule the time for it to be published, so that it does not go unnoticed.

Let’s participate in Twitter discussions and trainings

There are people who offer us small lectures, instructing us with tips and recommendations to perform skills within Twitter . These methods were previously implemented by the person giving the training and they have worked.

Let’s not exceed hashtags

Like everything, an excess of something does not bring very good results. The same happens with hashtags on Twitter, using this tool optimally we can achieve all the objectives of an organic tweet.

Nor should we use labels that do not conform to our publication, as it does not give a good impression of how serious our brand or organization is.

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