Wi-Fi Network Appears and Disappears: Why Does It Happen?

When we connect to the Internet we have the option of cable and wireless. However, this last alternative has gained a lot of weight in recent years. We have more and more compatible devices and we can navigate without the need for wiring. But of course, this also has its negative points. There is usually more instability, speed problems, outages … In this article we are going to talk about the problem of Wi-Fi appearing and disappearing. We will explain why this can happen and what to do to avoid it.

Wi-Fi issue – comes and goes

We can have very different problems when connecting to a network. One of them, one of those failures that are present in our devices and that will prevent us from browsing normally, is when the Wi-Fi network to which we are trying to connect appears and disappears.

It is relatively common and the causes are diverse. We carry out a network search, we connect to the one that interests us, but suddenly we see that it has disappeared and has been disconnected from the Internet. We do a search again and it doesn’t appear, or it comes out for a moment and comes off again.

It is an annoying problem that can cause continuous outages, failures to establish the connection, and ultimately affect the performance of computers on the network. This could happen on our computer and also on mobile devices. The cause is usually the same in all cases, no matter what equipment we are using.

Why does the Wi-Fi network appear and disappear

We are going to show some of the main reasons why the wireless network constantly appears and disappears. This can be due to router failures, poor coverage (especially if we connect through an access point), system or device error. In all these cases it could cause the network to malfunction and cause outages.

Router problem

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons that the Wi-Fi network disappears when performing a search is the router itself . Maybe it has some kind of failure, a bad configuration or any equipment at the hardware level.

After all, the rotuer is a fundamental piece for our connection. It is the device that will allow us to connect to the network, regardless of the type of device. We may have some kind of problem with this device and that causes the Wi-Fi network to be unavailable at that time.

It could be something momentary or permanent. In the first case it would simply affect that connection for a moment. The network may be disconnected and not showing up, but it quickly becomes available as normal again. On the other hand, if it is a permanent problem, it could affect us more in the long term and constantly.

Bad coverage

Having poor Wi-Fi coverage is the cause of many problems when surfing the web. It is something quite common, although we always have the possibility of improving it thanks to the use of different devices and methods that we have at our disposal.

If the router is located very far away and we try to connect with our computer or mobile, perhaps the signal is so weak that the network appears and disappears constantly. In this case we would simply have to try to improve the coverage as much as possible.

This fact could also appear if we connect through a wireless repeater, for example. In case the coverage is not the best we could have the error that the Wi-Fi network appears and disappears.

Network card failure

The network card is very important for everything to work properly. It is the device that will allow the connection to the router. If there is any failure, it could cause the Wi-Fi network to appear and disappear constantly.

Among the causes that the network card is a problem, we could mention a bad configuration of the same, that it has poor quality and does not connect well or even at the software level, that it is not updated and there is some type of vulnerability that we should correct.

Our device does not connect properly

One more reason would be that our device does not connect properly. It may initiate the connection, eventually link to a Wi-Fi network, but suddenly disconnect and continue searching for networks continuously.

This could happen due to a bad configuration in the system, some type of malware or even having touched some parameter of the network configuration. The failure could therefore result in the Wi-Fi network constantly appearing and disappearing in the system.

How to prevent Wi-Fi from disappearing

We have explained some of the main causes why Wi-Fi can appear and disappear on our equipment. They are common reasons and that may be present in our devices. Now we are going to see some steps we can take to try to avoid this. The goal is for the connection to work as well as possible and not cause glitches that prevent you from navigating correctly.

Restart the router and computer

A first step we can take to correct failures of this type with Wi-Fi is to restart both the computer and the router. It is something basic but it can solve many errors of this type and we can also do it in a simple and fast way.

Of course, in the case of restarting the router, it must be done correctly. We must turn off the device and keep it like that for at least 30 seconds. Later we turn it on again. If we turn it off and on quickly, it will not restart correctly and therefore it will not solve certain faults.

Improve coverage

Of course, when the Wi-Fi network disappears and appears constantly, another issue to consider is to improve wireless coverage. Luckily we can make use of devices that will allow us to reach a greater distance to be able to connect to the router.

We can use Wi-Fi repeaters, Wi-Fi Mesh systems or PLC devices. In all these cases we will take the connectivity to other parts of the house to be able to connect without interference, with better coverage and quality. Thus, the available network will be more accessible from other devices.

Update network card and device

Keeping equipment updated at all times is very important. On the one hand we will be able to enjoy the latest improvements and have a good performance. But it is also essential to preserve security and to be able to correct possible vulnerabilities that appear.

Therefore, if we see that Wi-Fi appears and disappears, it may be because the network card is not updated correctly. To do this, in the case of Windows, we have to go to Start, we write Device Manager, we go to Network adapters, we choose the corresponding card and we click on it with the second mouse button and then click Update driver.

But we must also have the operating system itself updated. No matter which one we are using, it is always important to have the latest versions available and thus avoid problems of this type that may affect us.

Forget the network

Also, another solution in case the network is continuously disconnected is to forget and reconnect. To do this, we simply have to click on the Wi-Fi icon, select the network that interests us, click on the second button and click on Forget the network.

Later what we have to do is click again and click Connect. We will have to put the corresponding password again, in case it has one. This way we will achieve that it reconnects normally to the Wi-Fi network and we will see if it does not disconnect as it happened before.

Therefore, by following these steps we can prevent the Wi-Fi network from connecting and disconnecting continuously. A series of simple tips that we can put into practice in case we encounter this annoying problem when connecting to the network and being able to browse the Internet normally.

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