Unidentified network: fix this problem in Windows

When we try to connect to the Internet we can have many different connection problems. Sometimes these are failures related to the operating system, software or configuration level, while sometimes it is a hardware failure. In both cases we can have serious problems accessing the network. In this article we are going to talk about the unidentified network problem . A bug that can appear in Windows and does not allow us to navigate normally. We are going to give some tips to avoid it.

What is the unidentified network error

This error appears when we are apparently connected to the network normally, but we try to access the Internet and it does not let us. The message of Unidentified Network, no Internet access appears. It is a problem that can appear in Microsoft operating systems, from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

This is a problem that can be frustrating, since in theory the user can see that everything is correct but nevertheless opens the browser and does not have access to the Internet. Luckily there are different solutions that we can consider and try to fix it. It is a process that, in general, is simple and fast.

It must be borne in mind that there are many failures that we can suffer when browsing the Internet. Some can be easily solved at the system level, while others we would have to see if the problem is due to the Internet operator or the installation. In the case of the unidentified network error, it is usually fixed at the software level.

How to fix unidentified network problem in Windows

These steps that we are going to take can be carried out in any version of the Windows operating system. We will see that they are simple and quick recommendations to execute. We will not have to make complex changes.

Restart the router and computer

One of the most basic and simple steps that we must carry out is to restart both the router and the equipment. Both could help to fix problems like the unidentified network error in Windows and thus avoid having difficulties accessing the Internet.

In the case of the computer, we will simply have to turn it off and turn it on again. The classic when something is wrong. However, on the router that is simply not enough; In order for the restart to be adequate, it is necessary to keep the device off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on again.

Update the network card

It is always important to keep your devices up to date. On many occasions, problems may arise, even security flaws, which are corrected through updates and patches. It is also a way to improve performance and optimize available resources.

Therefore, we must take into account the importance of keeping the network card updated if we have problems like the one mentioned in this article and that affects the Windows connection. To do this we must go to Start, open Device Manager, go to Network adapters, select the corresponding network card and click with the second mouse button to later click Update driver.

Check that the firewall is not interfering

Having a firewall on our team is very important and useful to improve security. It can prevent the entry of intruders and avoid fraudulent connections that put our equipment at risk. Windows 10 itself has a built-in firewall.

But this could also be a problem in certain cases. It can generate interference especially related to network access. It could cause failures that leave us without the Internet. This means that we must check that the firewall is not interfering in any way and in case we detect something incorrect, let’s pause it for a moment and see if the unidentified network error is fixed.

See if the VPN blocks the connection

Something similar can happen with VPN programs. They are very useful to maintain anonymity on the network and avoid problems that can leak personal information when we connect especially from public Wi-Fi networks. Now, it could also cause problems of this kind.

If we have a VPN installed we can try to stop it momentarily. This way we will see if the problem with the network connection is solved or not. One more way to see if an installed program could be causing problems.

Perform a security scan

Do we have any malware on the computer? It can certainly be the cause of many problems that affect the performance of systems. There are many types of malware that in one way or another could be interfering and causing connection failures.

To avoid this problem we could use a good antivirus with which to perform a security analysis. This will detect possible malicious software and help us remove it. We have at our disposal many options, both free and paid.

Clear system DNS

If we have done all of the above and we see that the unidentified network problem in Windows is still present, another step we can take is to erase the DNS from the system. For this we simply have to execute a command.

We have to go to Start, open the Command Prompt and run ipconfig / flushdns. This will allow you to erase the DNS stored by Windows and to be able to solve some errors like this one that we discuss in this article.

Analyze if it is a hardware problem

Pretty much everything we’ve seen has to do with system and software level issues. But what if the failure is due to a hardware component that is in poor condition? Mainly we must observe that the wiring is correct. An old network cable, which may even be damaged, could affect the Internet connection in Windows and cause failures of this type.

Therefore, one more step would be to observe that all the hardware of our connection is in good condition. This is where the network card, cabling, possible Wi-Fi adapters or repeaters, etc. come into play.

Network diagnostics

This step on many occasions can help correct similar problems that lead to failures when connecting to the Internet. It is an option integrated into Windows and that allows us to solve certain errors that may arise.

We have to go to Start, we go to Settings, Network and Internet and Network troubleshooter. Later we only have to follow the steps that appear to us and thus we can solve the unidentified network error. It can be one more tool to consider.

In short, by following these steps that we have been mentioning, we can solve the unidentified network problem in Windows. An error that can appear from the version of Windows 7 and that makes it impossible to navigate the Internet.

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