The page to sign in to a Wi-Fi does not appear? Fix it

Having an Internet connection today has become almost essential for many users. Luckily we have a wide range of possibilities for this. Wireless networks are increasingly present and allow us to connect from almost anywhere. Now, the first thing to keep in mind is that not all these networks are going to be secure. In addition, in many cases we will have to go through a registration through a page. We are going to talk about the latter in this article. Sometimes the page to sign in to a Wi-Fi network does not appear in Windows 10. Let’s talk about how to fix it.

Public Wi-Fi networks, increasingly present

Many users need to be connected almost permanently. Although mobile networks have notably improved in terms of speed and quality of the connection, the truth is that we still need Wi-Fi networks. This happens especially when we want to navigate with the computer and we need the connection to be stable.

Public Wi-Fi networks are present everywhere. We can connect in restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, airports, hotels … Now, in many cases we will need to enter a series of data. Basically when we try to connect, it will take us to a page to log into that network and from that moment to be able to navigate.

We can find networks of this type that are paid and also free. In both cases, it may happen that the login page does not appear in Windows 10. A problem that logically causes us to be unable to connect to that Wi-Fi network and we have to find a solution.

It is something that happens to many users and the causes can be several. We are going to explain some points that we can keep in mind to try to solve this problem.

How to fix when the page to sign in to Wi-Fi does not appear

Sometimes when we try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the login page does not appear . This causes that we cannot surf the Internet and that, ultimately, we cannot connect to that Wi-Fi. It can happen in Windows 10, which is today the most widely used operating system on desktop computers.

Clear DNS cache

A first step that we can carry out is to clear the DNS cache. This could solve the problem and bring up the page to log in and connect to that Wi-Fi network. It is a simple process.

The first thing we have to do is start the Command Prompt. To do this, we simply go to Start and type Command Prompt and start it. There we will have to execute a series of commands. The first is ipconfig / release, which we will have to run and wait a few moments for it to finish. Later we execute the command ipconfig / flushdns and finally ipconfig / renew.

When we have executed these three commands, which can take a few minutes to complete, we just have to reconnect to that Wi-Fi network and check if the page to log in appears this time.

Avoid using third-party DNS

Continuing with DNS, it is possible that another problem is that we are using third-party DNS. This can be interesting at certain times and could even increase our browsing speed. However, it can also cause problems.

One of those flaws is that some third-party DNS can block access to public Wi-Fi networks. We can prevent this from happening in a very simple way. Simply enter Setup, let’s Network and Internet, click in Center Network and Sharing, we give Wi-Fi and Properties. Once here we look for Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4), we select it and we click Properties again. We have to give Get the DNS server address automatically.

Disable the firewall

The firewall is a security tool that can protect us from multiple threats that reach our system. However, it could also cause problems such as not being able to log in to connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Therefore another point that we can take into account is to disable the firewall that we have.

In Windows 10 most users have the Microsoft firewall. We simply have to press the Windows + R key combination and type firewall.cpl and run it. It will automatically take us to the Microsoft firewall configuration. Here we will have to click on Activate or deactivate the Windows Defender firewall, which appears on the left.

When we are in this section we have to click Disable Windows firewall in public networks. In this way we can check if this is the problem.

Disable pop-up blocking

Browsers like Google Chrome allow pop-up or pop-up blocking. This can be helpful in certain cases, but it can also cause problems. If we have it activated, the page to log in and connect to a public Wi-Fi may not open.

To disable it you have to go to Settings, go down to Advanced Settings and enter Site Settings. We have to look for the Pop-up Windows option and we enter. We simply uncheck the box in case it is activated.

Forget the network

A very useful action is to forget the Wi-Fi network we are trying to connect to and reconnect later. To do this, in Windows, we have to go to the icon that appears in the taskbar at the bottom right. There we will click on the corresponding wireless network and click on the second button and then on Forget network.

When we do this we simply have to reconnect. In this way, the system will re-identify the network and can solve certain problems such as the fact that the page to log in and connect properly does not appear. This will also forget the password, in case it has one.

Try disabling the VPN

It is true that if we are going to connect through a public network, it will be very important that we use a VPN that encrypts the connection properly. However, it could also cause problems that hinder the proper functioning of the network. If we see that when trying to access a Wi-Fi the failure we mentioned appears, something we can do is deactivate the VPN at least momentarily and check if that is the problem.

Rebooting the system is sometimes the most effective

Finally, something very simple but that sometimes solves this type of problem is simply rebooting the system. In this way we can fix certain specific problems that cause the login page not to appear. It is also a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi and turn it on again.

In short, these are some solutions that we can take into account in order to avoid the error that the page to log in when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network does not appear. We have seen some simple steps that we can take.

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