Methods to bring the Internet to other rooms in the house

Having access to the Internet today is essential for any user. There are many day-to-day actions that would be unimaginable without having a network connection. We can connect wirelessly and via cable. We have many devices with Internet access in our homes. However, it must be borne in mind that it is not always easy to connect from the entire home. Sometimes the wireless network does not reach or the quality is poor. In this article we are going to talk about how to bring the Internet to other rooms in the home.

How to take the Internet to other places

Luckily we have different options to be able to connect from other places at home. It is very common that the router is in a room and the wireless network does not reach well or that nothing even reaches other areas. It can especially happen if we have several floors or if there are many walls and walls in between.

As we say, there are several options to be able to send the connection to other areas of the home. We can connect from other places and from a large number of devices.

Internet Cables

A basic and widely used way is to extend Ethernet cables through our home. In this way we can take the Internet from our router to a computer that is in another room, to any other compatible device or even to another router that can also distribute the Internet.

Logically in this case we will have to carry out certain logistical measures. It will be necessary to take the cable to another room or area of ​​the home, something that can take many meters. We could have to carry out some small work to channel those cables or take advantage of something that already exists.

Without a doubt, this option will allow us to make the most of the speed, since we will not lose available resources. However, it must be taken into account that it is not the most practical option in many cases. It will require an installation and certain infrastructure that not always will be possible.

Wi-Fi repeaters

A more popular alternative is to use Wi-Fi amplifiers. We have several options in this case. It basically consists of having one or more receivers that later offer wireless connection to other devices.

Keep in mind that some models also offer the possibility of connecting by cable. This means that we can connect devices that do not have a Wi-Fi connection, such as some televisions or consoles. In this case, we will have a wider range of possibilities so that all our equipment can improve the speed and quality of the connection.

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Another very interesting option is the PLC. It is an alternative that maintains the quality and speed of the connection very well. It is based on the electrical network. It basically consists of two devices. One of them is connected to the router and is the one that receives the signal that later passes through the electrical wiring to, at the other end and from the second device, offer connection.

It is one more alternative to have Internet in other rooms and areas of the home. PLC systems also have certain advantages over previous repeaters. It should be mentioned that there are models that offer Wi-Fi and others that simply offer cable, something ideal for those who are going to connect devices in this way.

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Wi-Fi Mesh systems

A last alternative to be able to bring the Internet to other areas of the home are Wi-Fi Mesh systems. It is composed of a main device, which is the access point or router, and a series of satellites that can be from just one to several. There are many models, as well as differences in quality, speed and what it can bring us.

Each satellite is connected to the rest. This differs from wireless repeaters, as it brings more quality to the connection and there are no drops. Basically we will connect to the one that offers the highest quality and speed at all times as we move through a building.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi Mesh systems we can also bring the Internet connection to other parts of the house. We leave you the best Wi-Fi Mesh systems .

Take advantage of an old router

It is very common that we have an old router at home that we no longer use. We may have changed companies and they have given us a new one or perhaps we have decided to buy a more powerful one, with more capacity. However, that router that we are no longer using may be useful to take the connection to other rooms.

We can say that it acts as a repeater. If we have wiring in our home we can connect that old router in another place so that it in turn distributes connection to other devices. We can also connect both by cable and by Wi-Fi, something that is very useful for certain computers.

In this way we will not only be improving the connection of our home, but we will also give a second life to a device that would possibly end up forgotten in a drawer of our home, without giving it any use. Of course, we must bear in mind that not all routers are going to be compatible and that not all are going to really offer us a good connection quality. This must be taken into account and in this case it would be necessary to opt for another of the alternatives that we have mentioned to take the Internet to other places.

In short, these are the best options we have to bring the Internet to other parts of the home. So we can connect at all times. It is a reality that today the needs to have a connection have changed a lot compared to just a few years ago. It is very common that we have many devices in our home, especially with the rise of the Internet of Things, which are all those devices that we use in our day to day and that have access to the network. That is why it is important to always make the connection work as well as possible, with good stability and speed.

Tips to improve your wireless connection

It is a reality that today most devices connect without using cables. We have seen previously how to bring the connection to other rooms in the home. We can make use of different types of devices that help us to do this. Now, we can also take into account some recommendations to improve wireless connectivity. We are going to give some of the main tips.

Correctly position the router

A first tip is to properly place the router. This is very important, because if we don’t place it in a suitable place we could have problems optimizing the signal. We could see how the speed that reaches us is very limited or even not have coverage to be able to connect. It is fundamental.

The ideal is to place the device in a central location in the house or even in the area where we are really going to connect. In this way we avoid that it is located at one end of the home and we have to connect from the other end, very far away. We must optimize the location that we are going to give the router and thus we will achieve better results.

Choosing the right band

We must also choose correctly which band we are going to use. As we know, today most devices allow the use of the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. Each of them has its advantages, but also disadvantages. Broadly speaking, we can say that the first is the one that offers the best speed, but is more sensitive to distance and possible obstacles. On the other hand, the second, although it is slower, is better if we are going to connect away from the router.

Keep the router secure

Of course we must also keep the router properly secured. It is imperative not to leave any door open to hackers. We must always use passwords that are strong and complex, as well as configure it properly. The security is a key factor and the fact prevent intruders on our Wi-Fi will make everything work better.

Have updated equipment

Another important question is to have the router updated properly. Sometimes errors arise that must be corrected, but also each update can improve the performance of our connection. It is essential to always have the latest versions and thus reduce the risk of some kind of problem appearing.

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