Lease time or DHCP lease time: what it is and how to change it on the router

There are many factors that can influence us to connect to the Internet. We will have to have a computer with access to the network, a router, a contracted rate … But also different elements at the software and configuration level that will allow us to navigate. In this article we are going to talk about what is the DHCP lease time, also known as Lease time, and how we can change it in our router.

DHCP lease time

As we have indicated, the elements that will allow us to connect to the network are different. Some we can modify and adapt to our needs. We can make the connection speed faster, that everything goes more fluid and have less problems connecting our equipment.

Sometimes it is convenient to carry out some changes in the router or in our devices. It may even be necessary to make it work better. In this case, when we talk about DHCP lease time or Lease time, we refer to the IP refresh time. Basically it is the time that elapses until the IP address changes.

We can easily configure this value in the router. This could be interesting on certain occasions. Usually it comes configured in 12 or 24 hours. We can lower or increase that time.

Keep in mind that our telephone operator assigns us a dynamic IP address when we connect. We are going to keep that IP for a while, unless we turn off the device. Now, we can also determine the time on the device itself.

This term can also be found as DHCP rental. But, why can it be interesting to change the concession time? This might be necessary for example in a network with many connected computers. We could have problems if the IP does not restart after a certain period of time has passed.

This means that we must configure it to renew earlier. If, for example, we have it set by default so that it changes every day, we can set it to do so after a few hours. We could also need the opposite, that this time be lengthened. We will be able to easily modify it according to our interests.

How to view DHCP lease time

In Windows 10, which is the most widely used operating system on desktops, we can easily see the DHCP lease time. To do this you simply have to run a command. We will not have to install anything additional to obtain this information.

The first thing we are going to do is go to Start, open the Command Prompt and execute the command ipconfig / all.

It will show us a series of data, as we can see in the image. We will have information regarding the type of network card, the physical address, whether or not we have DHCP enabled, etc. But what interests us in our case is the information that shows the concession obtained and when it expires. We will easily see it with the exact time.

We can also use it in Windows PowerShell. The procedure is exactly the same. You just have to go to Start, open PowerShell and run the command ipconfig / all. There it will show us this information that we have seen. It will also show us data related to the network and, what interests us most, the IP lease time.

In both cases we will see the exact moment in which we obtained the grant of that IP address and also when the grant will expire. That time interval is what we can modify in the router, in case we are interested in doing so. It is a simple process and we will only need a series of data to be able to access and change it.

How to modify the IP lease time on the router

Inside the router we can configure different parameters that can help improve security or even performance. One of these options is to modify the Lease time or lease time of an IP address. It is something that we can do with practically any home router.

To achieve this we will have to access the device. We need to know the default gateway. Generally it is, but it could be something else. To confirm we can go to the Command Prompt again and run ipconfig. There it will show us the exact address.

Once we know the default gateway we can access the router. The password is usually generic, of the type 1234, admin1234, etc. Of course, we always recommend changing it and using a different one, created by us, and that is totally safe. We must never leave the factory settings, as it could allow intruders to enter our network and affect the speed and quality of the signal. You always have to create keys that are random and that meet the appropriate requirements to avoid taking risks.

When we are in the router, to change the lease of an IP address can depend on the model. However, the steps will always be similar. We will have to go to the menu, we enter settings or advanced configuration and there to LAN. The option to change the Lease time may appear there or we may have to enter the DHCP Server.

As we can see in the image, it shows us first that the DHCP server is enabled . This is basic for what interests us. It also shows us the range of IP addresses where it is going to act and, below, the concession time measured in hours. This is what we can modify. We can put what interests us.

If we enter device information and DHCP, all the devices that are connected to the network will appear and when the IP address assigned to them will expire. This also provides us with information that may be relevant.

In short, by following these steps that we have explained, we can change the IP address lease time. It is a simple process, as we have seen. It can be useful at different times if we are interested in having the IP renewed more frequently, especially if we have many devices connected to a network and we have problems.

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