How to recover WhatsApp messages deleted by sender on Android

As we know, WhatsApp allows users to delete messages even after they have been sent to the recipient, as long as they have not read it. That is a very nice feature from the sender’s point of view. However, for the receiver it is not very ideal, since they are left with the curiosity of what the other person was trying to say. Luckily, there is always an alternative, and here I will show you how to recover WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender.

For your Android device there is an application with which you can find out what that message that was sent to you and deleted without having read it was about. Below I will tell you exactly how you can read messages deleted by the sender.

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Recover WhatsApp Messages Deleted by Sender

The function of deleting a message sent on WhatsApp is like a divine gift. Sometimes people regret it after sending a message, so they delete it. But the recipient may be frustrated at not knowing what the message was about.

If you are one of the many users who want to read messages deleted by the sender on WhatsApp, you have several options in the Google Play Store. But this time we are going to use an application called WhatsRemoved.

To understand how everything works, you need to know how WhatsApp deletes a message sent to a particular phone. After sending a message to another user, you have time until the recipient reads the message to delete it if you wish. The sender can send a kind of break code to the receiver and delete the message, even if the message was delivered but has not been read.

However, there is a little bug in the way things work here. WhatsApp sends a notification to the device as soon as it receives a message; and if the sender decides to delete the message, WhatsApp will do it, but that notification has already been sent.

What this application does is very simple. Keep monitoring the device and all the notifications of the messages that are received. The moment it sees a sent and deleted message, it captures the message from the notification and displays it to the user.

Sounds good? Then let’s proceed to the installation and configuration of the application.

Read messages deleted by the sender on WhatsApp

STEP 1. Install WhatsRemoved from the Play Store and open the application.

STEP 2. Choose the desired method of message recovery and grant the necessary permissions to the application. They include the ability to access the gallery and other resources on the phone.

STEP 3. Now comes the hard part. WhatsRemoved needs a very specific access to the notifications to capture the messages. Continue selecting options as highlighted in the images below. This application needs access to the notification capture service, enable it.

Once all the permissions are approved, from now on you can recover the messages deleted by the sender on WhatsApp. When you receive a new message and the sender decides to delete it, you will receive a notification of this deleted message thanks to the WhatsRemoved application.

If you still don’t get those deleted messages, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it by following the exact options shown in the images above.

NOTE: WhatsRemoved can only recover messages that are delivered after the application has been installed on your phone. All messages deleted prior to installation would not be available.

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