How to kick users and intruders off your Wi-Fi network: the best options

Sometimes we can have security problems with our wireless networks. They usually happen because we have not taken adequate measures. But in addition to having unwanted intruders who have attacked our network, we can also run into the problem that at some point we have given the access code to a person and we do not want them to continue connecting. In this article we will explain what options we have to expel users from our Wi-Fi network. We are going to talk about the main methods.

How to kick a user from our Wi-Fi network

It is very different if we have seen intruders in our Wi-Fi network that we do not know, or if on the contrary it is a user or device that we do not want to connect to the network, but that at some point we gave permission. It may be someone who has come to our house and we have given them the Wi-Fi password, for example.

Either way, we have different options to prevent a specific user or device from connecting to our network. We are going to talk about the main ones we have.

Change the password for the Wi-Fi network

Without a doubt, the best option to kick any user off our network is to change the Wi-Fi password. Thus, any user or device that was connected to our network is automatically left out. Of course, in this case it must be taken into account that not only would a specific user be left out, but it would also happen with any other connected equipment or user. We would have to reconfigure the new key or encryption in each case.

Whenever we create a new password, we must follow the same pattern so that it is strong and complex : it must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other special characters, it is recommended that it be 12 characters or higher, and if possible, make it random.

NetCut, an external program to cast a Wi-Fi user

We can also use external programs. An example is NetCut, which we talked about in a previous article. This software allows us to have control over all the equipment that is connected to our router.

In case we want to kick one in particular, we can do it easily with this application. One more utility that we have available. Of course, in this case we must bear in mind that we are going to have to install additional software on our computer. We must always download it from official sources and not make mistakes that may affect our security.

NetCut is an interesting program that allows us to expel a user from the wireless network. However, we can make use of other programs that are similar and that we can also find for free on the Internet. There is a wide range of possibilities for different operating systems.

Create a MAC filter

Creating MAC filtering alone will not greatly improve the security of our wireless network, but it could make a specific user or device unable to connect. It is, therefore, one of the options we have to expel users from our Wi-Fi. Especially we can kick out those who have less knowledge, who have simply entered because they have found out the password for some reason.

For this we have to identify the MAC address of that user. We can enter the router, which is generally accessed through the default gateway, and enter the credentials. If we don’t know what the gateway is, we can easily find out. We have to go to Start, open the Command Prompt and then execute the ipconfig command. It will show us a series of data, including what interests us. So we can access our device.

The password is usually generic of the type admin123, 1234, etc. However, it is highly recommended that we never leave that password and that we change it for a much stronger one that can keep hackers away and that does not compromise our security at any time.

The process will depend on the router we have, but in general we will have to enter Wireless and access the MAC address filter option.

Here we will have to enter the MAC address of that device that we want to prevent from connecting. It can be from someone to whom we gave our password at some point or even a computer we own that we do not want to have access to the network. We can create a white list so that only the devices we want can easily access.

Reset router settings

A bit similar to the password change we mentioned earlier. If we reset the router and return to the factory settings, in case we have previously changed the password and the configuration, all users are left out of it. Ultimately they would not know the new credentials and the configuration would not allow them to stay connected.

It is a quick way to kick any user out. Of course, once again we would be blocking access to all other users and devices. We would have to generate a new secure key.

Disable Wi-Fi

This option will automatically lock out all users connecting through the wireless network. It’s going to allow us to kick out whatever team we have connected. However, this would only be valid if we are not going to want to use Wi-Fi. For example, if we are going to connect by cable and all we want is that there are no more devices that can connect. It is a more drastic measure but one that we also wanted to include. At the end of the day, it is a solution that we can also carry out at any given time.

For this we will have to enter the router again. We can access the advanced settings, enter Wi-Fi and, depending on our model, find the corresponding option to disable the wireless network. At any moment we can reverse the situation. It can even help us save time while we change the password or make any changes.

In short, these are some of the simple options we have to expel an intruder from our Wi-Fi network. It is possible that at a given moment we are interested in leaving a specific user or device offline. Easily, following the steps we have mentioned, we can achieve it in our router.

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