How to improve my laptop’s Wi-Fi

Today it is very common to browse through devices wirelessly. The use of the cable has become a secondary role. We have more and more Wi-Fi compatible equipment and that allows us to navigate no matter where we are. However, this technology can also suffer complications. In this article we are going to talk about how to improve the Wi-Fi of the laptop. We are going to give some tips to increase speed and gain stability.

Tips to improve laptop Wi-Fi

When we use a laptop, the most normal thing is that we connect through Wi-Fi. It is true that we can also use the network cable to navigate, but if we are looking for mobility and being able to connect from anywhere, the wireless network is the best solution. It is something that has gained more and more weight, especially due to the notable improvement of this technology and the fact that there are more compatible devices.

The problem is that sometimes it works slow, there are cuts, the coverage is not very stable and, in short, there are small bugs that can prevent us from navigating normally. Luckily we can take into account certain tips to try to improve speed and quality. This way we will be able to surf the net without interruptions, with the greatest possible stability.

Keep in mind that for everything to work well we must not only focus on the main device, which in this case would be the laptop. It will also be necessary to take into account that the router or access point works correctly, as well as the fact that there are no intruders on the network that can hinder the proper functioning and affect us negatively.

Putting a USB Wi-Fi adapter

Undoubtedly a very interesting option that we have to improve the Wi-Fi of the laptop is to use a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Our laptop will have an internal network card that is normally enough for browsing. However it may be limited, it may not be as powerful and cause some problems when we are far from the signal source.

Therefore, a first tip that we give to improve Wi-Fi is to put a USB adapter. There are very diverse ones, with different characteristics and also prices. This will improve the performance of an internal network card, which are usually more limited.

Install a more powerful antenna

Following a bit the thread of what we mentioned about the possibility of installing a USB Wi-Fi adapter, it should also be noted that many models allow adding a more powerful antenna. This is very interesting if the problem we have is coverage and we want to connect to an access point that is very far away and have all the guarantees and avoid problems.

Installing an antenna that is more powerful, that has a greater range, can help us to improve the wireless connection significantly. We must make sure that our adapter is compatible and allows us to include a superior antenna with which we can improve the coverage and speed of the network.

Update the network card

We can also take into account the importance of always keeping the network card itself updated . It does not matter if we are using the one that comes with the laptop or we have installed a new one. We must always update the drivers and keep the latest versions.

On the one hand we are going to improve performance and thus also achieve the latest news. But we are also going to improve security. Sometimes vulnerabilities emerge that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks.

To update the network card in a Windows laptop we have to go to Start, we write Device Manager, we go to Network adapters, we select the card that interests us, we click with the right mouse button and we click Update driver.

Change the band we connect to

Are we connected to the most optimal Wi-Fi band ? Without a doubt it is another point that we must control to improve the speed of Wi-Fi in a laptop. As we know, we have the possibility to connect to the 2.4 GHz band and also to the 5 GHz band.

Generally speaking, the 5 GHz band is the best for maximum speed. It is useful if we are very close to the router and there are no walls or walls that can interfere. On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz band is better to connect away from the access point, since it is less sensitive to distance and possible walls.

Install Wi-Fi repeaters

Another option, although in this case it is not so directly related to the laptop, is to install Wi-Fi repeaters. We can use network amplifiers, PLC devices or even use an old router to carry the signal to other areas. All of these gadgets can make connections more stable and have fewer problems when connecting from further afield.

In this way we can improve Wi-Fi coverage and be able to connect with our laptop without speed problems. It is a very interesting alternative and we have many devices at our disposal that can help us.

Keep equipment safe

The security is a critical factor at all levels. If we have malware, if we have suffered some type of attack on our computer, it can also affect the performance of the Internet connection. Hence, we must always have security programs, keep equipment updated and preserve the security of the systems at all times.

There are many options that we can take into account to improve the security of our laptop, but without a doubt common sense is one of the main ones. Not making mistakes will help us avoid problems of this kind. This also applies when it comes to making your wireless connection work as well as possible.

With these tips we will be able to improve the Wi-Fi of the laptop. The objective is none other than to ensure that the speed is adequate, that there are no cuts and have good stability. There are different factors that come into play, as we have mentioned, but many of them depend on the user himself and how he configures the equipment.

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