How to connect to an internet network from my windows 8 pc? Step by step guide

Although it is not the most recent version of the Windows operating system, the truth is that Windows 8 has been one of the most legendary OS of all time . In view of the fact that, it showed an incredible transformation compared to the previous versions and in that way, it opted to optimize the user experience to a great level .

For its part, basically, Windows 8 is characterized by being a system that works efficiently regardless of hardware performance, it also guarantees remarkable security through its own antivirus and antimalware program, in addition to providing a higher level of customization. It even has the ability to offer a faster and more efficient connection to the network .

Faced with the latter, most W8 users are interested in knowing which are the different Internet connection modes that this operating system supports in order to acquire an optimal browsing experience. That is why, in this post, we introduce you to each of the processes available to follow for this and, as extra information, the main security risks on the Internet.

Learn step by step how to connect to an Internet network from your Windows 8 PC

Currently, the Internet is essential for the development of people’s day-to-day lives, since it facilitates the performance of multiple actions that Internet users require in various areas.

Therefore, knowing what to do to connect to an Internet network from Windows 8, is essential in order to get the most out of a PC . Now, fortunately, this operating system allows you to connect to an Internet network in two different ways, which are: by cable or Ethernet and through a WiFi network .

Therefore, below, we show you how to implement each of these methods in Windows 8:

By Ethernet

Today, many people still prefer to use a cable Internet connection, thanks to the advantages it provides. Since, by nature, the Ethernet allows to acquire a better use of the bandwidth and thus, provides a greater speed .

It is even characterized by having high compatibility with the vast majority of routers and computing devices. That is why, if you want to make use of a cable network connection, it is ideal that you know what are the steps to follow to connect to it efficiently in W8 .

Thus, below, we show you the procedure to be executed:

  • First of all, you have to display the W8 Access Bar also known as “Charms Bar” . Either, by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Windows + C” or through the active corners by placing the mouse pointer in one of the angles to slide it over the available options and choose this.
  • After this, click on the “Settings” and there, at the bottom, select the option that says “Change PC settings” .
  • Next, you will find a window that contains a configuration menu with a list of settings that can be made. In this menu, you have to click on “Network” .
  • Once this is done, you will be able to see a box with four options, among which you must select “Connections” .
  • After that, you can choose your Ethernet connection directly from the indicated section . To do so, enter the corresponding password and then you can choose whether it is a public, home or private network (only when you make the first connection).

Now, it should be noted that, before performing this procedure, it is mandatory to make the connection with the ethernet cable . To do this, use one end of the coaxial cable to the cable outlet on the wall and the other to the “Cable In / RF” input on the back of the modem. Then, on your PC, connect one end of the ethernet cable and the other end proceed to insert it into the ethernet socket on the back of the modem. You must also connect the power cord to the electrical outlet and to the Power socket on that modem .

By WiFi

Another of the most common types of network connections of all is from WiFi or wireless Internet . Being this, an alternative preferred by multiple Windows 8 users , since its installation is simple, it does not require the use of cables, its mobility is remarkable and it has great flexibility .

So, if you choose to connect to the Internet via WiFi in your Windows 8, you will have to perform the following step by step:

  • To start, you have to display the Charms Bar or Access Bar on your PC, as we explained in the previous part. Taking into account that, the simplest way is to press the “Windows” and “C” keys at the same time .
  • Second, it’s time to select the “Settings” option .
  • Next, proceed to click on the WiFi icon (this is the one with the shape of a ladder). Which, you must do it from the bottom of the bar where it presents several options.
  • Once you do this, a list of all available WiFi connections will be displayed automatically. In this list, choose the WiFi network to which you want to connect your device .
  • After this, the system will ask you to confirm the connection and for this, it is necessary to press the button that indicates “Connect” . In addition, you can choose if you want to configure your PC to connect to said network when it is active, just by checking the “Connect automatically” box .
  • Finally, possibly, the system will ask you to enter the security key of the network in question and this, you will have to write it inside the blank space . Then, it only remains to press the “Next” button to make the connection .
  • In case it is a public WiFi network, you must skip the previous step . Since, they will not ask you for any access code.

What are the main Internet security risks and how to avoid them

Beyond knowing how to connect to an Internet network to take advantage of its benefits and browse the different websites you want, it is also interesting to know the main security risks found in this environment . Well, by nature, when you surf the net, you expose yourself to a myriad of threats that can threaten your integrity and that of your computer . Therefore, to avoid such risks, it is valuable that you know each one of them .

Reason why, in this section of the post, we will mention and detail 5 of the worst security dangers present in the network so that you know how to prevent them:


Undoubtedly, this is one of the greatest threats that appear on the Internet when it comes to browsing. Which, basically, is defined as a type of scam that chooses to usurp the confidential data of the victim through a deception based on social engineering to achieve its vile mission. These data usually include passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc .

In this sense, with the Phishing attack, the “phisher” or the practitioner of this online crime, impersonates a company or public entity to request confidential information from Internet users in order to update or verify them. However, its true objective is to carry out fraud or theft of funds from bank accounts and, as a consequence, it generates an economic loss to the victims and affects their integrity.

In order not to fall for these scams, it is best to stop responding to certain requests for personal data through email, text messages or phone calls. Also, it is important to require that banking entities have a security certificate and secure encryption over the Internet, in order to know that they guarantee authenticity to the customer. Also, be wary of any website address contained in a suspicious message .

Identity fraud

This consists of an online crime that occurs when a malicious Internet user misappropriates the digital identity of another person . In this way, they choose to act on their behalf in order to obtain personal information in order to publish it on the web and thereby proceed to blackmail, extort and / or discredit the victim .

This security risk in the network is also generated when anyone creates a profile using the data of another user and, under their name, impersonates it to acquire certain benefits. As a consequence, the victim may suffer taunts, insults and even threats, as well as incur financial losses and show a distorted image of himself in the online environment.

It is ideal to prevent anyone from knowing the passwords of your accounts, so you should not communicate them to anyone . In addition to that, it is essential that you use really strong passwords that are difficult to crack . In case you detect an identity theft against you, proceed to quickly change the access password and file a complaint with the relevant authorities .

Computer viruses

Over time, these have been listed as one of the oldest cyber threats of all. Thus, they are defined as executable malicious software or a code that has the ability to infect files and programs contained on any computer (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). In this way, it generally hijacks computer resources to spread, wreak havoc and affect the integrity of users .

On the other hand, on the Internet, you can contract various types of computer viruses and malware that, by default, have malicious purposes . But often, these threats are present in email attachments, disreputable websites, advertisements on the Internet, instant messaging platforms, etc .

First, it is essential to protect the computer through which you browse the Internet using an antivirus program that can scan, analyze and detect threats to suppress them. Also, it is essential that you avoid opening email attachments from unknown senders and install new software from trusted websites, as well as keeping your preferred browser updated .

Cyberbullying or cyberbullying

It is a type of harassment or intimidation that takes place in the online world and is carried out through digital technologies . Whether on messaging platforms, social networks, Internet games or mobile phones. Which aims to humiliate, frighten or cause annoyance to other people by spreading shameful photographs, sending threats or hurtful messages and acting aggressively against the victim .

In addition to this, it is characterized by being an intimidation that can be maintained 24 hours a day and is carried out at any time so that the damage to the affected person can be greater than traditional bullying, for example. Consequently, the victim is likely to feel helpless in the face of this wave of attacks that cause psychic isolation, lack of communication, depression and may even lead to suicide .

In order not to let other users acquire your confidential information and may intimidate you with it, it is relevant that you make use of totally secure passwords in your online accounts . Also, choose to keep social media profiles private and avoid accepting requests from strangers. It is even appropriate that you do not share confidential information on the Internet and block any potential harasser as soon as possible .


It is a practice that consists of sending messages, photographs or videos with personal sexual and erotic content through a mobile device using an instant messaging application or a social platform as a communication tool. Usually, it is a fairly widespread practice among adolescents that, although it is used as a “proof of affection towards someone”, it is used to blackmail or extort one of the participants .

In this sense, generally, sexting is carried out by the recipient who, once he receives the erotic content, proceeds to use it in a detrimental way to carry out his attack and achieve his mission. Thus causing the loss of privacy for the other person by damaging their reputation and public image from the network. In this way, it produces a feeling of humiliation in the victim and apart from causing psychological problems, it even involves economic losses due to extortion .

In order not to be a victim of this, it is best to stop sending compromising photos or videos that put your privacy at risk and with this, you will not have any type of vulnerability to suffer sexting. Additionally, avoid contact with unknown people through the Internet, do not access any blackmail and do not hesitate to report an attack of this type to the relevant authorities, if necessary.

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