How to configure proxy server in Windows 8.1

A local proxy server can improve the performance of your broadband connection and sometimes even provide protection against malware infections. Therefore,  proxy settings  have a key role to play.

Typically, the proxy settings are changed only when you connect to the Internet through a corporate network. By default, browsers such as Internet Explorer automatically detect your proxy settings. However, you may have to manually configure a proxy with the information provided by your network administrator. Microsoft seems to have offered an alternative option here through  Windows 8 . 1.

To configure Windows 8.1 proxy settings , press Win key + [C]. Choose the ‘Settings’ icon and select the option’ Change PC settings.

Then select the option in the left panel that says ‘Network’. It is in this category that the proxy settings are hidden .

Scroll down until you find the “Manual proxy configuration” section .

In that section, slide the bar in the opposite direction to activate the “Use a proxy server” option .

Now you can go ahead and enter the IP address and port of your proxy server.

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