Check these points to improve your Internet connection

We live in a society in which having a good Internet connection has become essential. We are permanently connected. We have a wide range of possibilities to connect from very different teams and from almost anywhere. However, sometimes the connection can malfunction, the Internet can be slow, with outages … Problems arise that in one way or another affect us. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to name a series of key points to try in case there is a problem and to be able to make the Internet work well.

The importance of having a good Internet connection

First of all, we want to remind you of the importance of having a good Internet connection. There are many factors that can influence our connection not working properly. Sometimes they will be specific failures of the operator, of our equipment or even mistakes that we make when trying to configure the network.

But what is clear is that it is very important to have a good Internet connection. Many users depend on it for their jobs, studies, they are used to be in contact with other users, leisure, seek information of all kinds … Sometimes this is not possible or is very limited and that is when problems arise.

Running out of Internet can mean that a business cannot function properly, not being able to access reports from our studies, not being able to contact another person … Ultimately, it can block users.

Keys to improve the Internet connection

As we have mentioned, sometimes problems can arise that cause the connection to not work correctly. Faults that can appear in the router, in our devices and that, ultimately, impair the proper functioning and cause the speed to be very limited.

We are going to show a series of points that we consider key to solve these problems and make the Internet speed improve. They are basic points that we can carry out in a simple and fast way, but that are usually effective for our objective.

Check all cables and connectors

One of the most basic points that we must take into account initially is to check that all cables and connectors are working correctly. As we know, the simple fact that a cable is slightly damaged can affect the speed of the connection.

This can also be applied to the connectors themselves, both on the router and on our computer. If we detect any anomaly it is convenient that we correct it. For example if one of the Ethernet ports of the router that we are using is internally doubled. We can always use another and check.

Also the type of cable will matter. If we use an old cable we could only have Fast Ethernet. This means that the synchronization with the router will be limited to 100 Mbps. If, for example, we have contracted optical fiber of 500 Mbps, we would be wasting a large part of the bandwidth that we could achieve. Hence, having a cable that supports Gigabit Ethernet is essential today.

Opt for cable over Wi-Fi

If we have Internet speed problems on our computers and we are connected wirelessly, something we can take into account is to switch to cable. In this way we will always have more stability and quality in the connection. In addition, the speed will always be higher.

It is important that we avoid connecting over wireless networks when we are very far from the router. Whenever possible we must connect by cable or make use of a device that serves to amplify the signal. Luckily we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities in this regard.

Use wireless amplifiers correctly

Although if we want to maximize the quality of the Internet, it is best to navigate through cable, the truth is that on many occasions this is not possible. Therefore, to improve signal quality and avoid coverage problems, we can always use wireless amplifiers. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities, although we have to choose the one that best suits our needs.

We can name as one of the options Wi-Fi Mesh systems. They are satellites that connect to each other and allow connectivity to other corners of the home. It is a more expensive option than others, but it is undoubtedly very interesting if we want to cover a large space with the best possible guarantees.

We also have cheaper alternatives such as PLC devices, which use the electrical network, as well as Wi-Fi repeaters. In both cases we can move the wireless signal from one place to another and thus enhance the speed of the network and avoid problems with poor connection quality when browsing.

Change the channel

This is something that not many users take into account. Sometimes our wireless connection malfunctions, with cuts and failures, because we are simply connected to a saturated channel. Why is this happening? If we live in a building with many houses and therefore many routers, our neighbors may be using the same channel as us.

In this case the solution is to change the channel to which we are connected. We already know that we have different channels at our disposal. We can always change and see if the speed and quality improve.

Choose another band

Another important thing that can help avoid problems with the Internet and make it work better is changing bands. As we know we have at our disposal the possibility of connecting to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Today modern routers have this option.

Now, it should be noted that each of them may be better as the case may be. The 2.4 GHz broadly speaking we can say that it is ideal for connecting devices when we are far from the router, there are walls and obstacles in the middle or if we use old equipment.

On the other hand, the 5 GHz band is the one that will offer us the most speed. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is more sensitive to distance, so we will have to connect closer to the router.

Use security tools on computers

Of course, the safety of our equipment is also key. If we notice problems with the Internet, the fault may be in the computer we are using. It may have malware or a security problem that is hampering its proper functioning. Luckily we can take into account certain measures to fix the situation.

The first thing is to have security tools. This is essential to prevent the spread of malware. A good antivirus can help us avoid these problems. It will also be essential to have the equipment updated correctly and of course to maintain common sense. Many of the threats come in the form of mistakes we make while browsing. For example, if we receive a malicious link by email and download a.

In this sense, we have a wide range of free and paid options. We must always install security programs regardless of the operating system or device that we are using. In this way we will be able to optimize the resources of that system and not have problems.

Restart the router successfully

Another key point that must be taken into account when we have problems with the Internet at home is to correctly restart the router. It is true that today routers have the ability to go weeks without turning off. However, if we use it intensively, if we have many devices connected at the same time, complications could arise.

A solution to the problem may be to restart the router. Of course, you have to do it correctly. This means that we should not turn off the appliance and turn it on again immediately. What you have to do to correctly restart the router is to keep it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on.

Update the router

It is always important to keep equipment up to date. However many users forget the importance of applying it to the router. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can put the security of devices at risk. This is fixed by installing the latest security patches and updates.

Therefore, whenever we find problems when browsing the Internet, we can also update the router. This way we will obtain the latest improvements in terms of performance.

Change DNS

Finally, another point that we have not wanted to leave behind is the possibility of changing the DNS. Does it work slow when we surf the Internet? Perhaps the problem is in the DNS you are using. Luckily we can easily change it and try different ones. Sometimes this is a major improvement in speed and performance. We can try Google DNS, for example. Also other services such as CloudFlare with an alternative to those of our Internet operator.

In short, these are some keys that we wanted to mention to apply when we have problems when browsing the Internet. The speed may not be the most suitable, we may not even be able to connect to the network. Applying these tips and measures we can solve the problem.

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