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WhatsApp Plus is an alternative application to WhatsApp that has become very popular. This modification uses the code and servers of the popular messaging application, but incorporates some improvements and additional features. It is an unofficial application that takes the original code of the official application and modifies it to incorporate multiple improvements and advantages that have not been available in its legal version.

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Version: 16.10.0 APK for Android

There are those who have become familiar with its characteristic blue color, but above all because they allow us to modify the initial privacy provided by the official app. In the same sense, the one also known as WhatsApp + has not been created legally, since it does not involve any developer from the official team nor does it obtain the company’s permits, so it is a MOD that is not in the official stores. It should be noted that the messaging is very distinctive because it changes the logo to a blue color, although its interface is identical to the original, except for some changes in the menus.

WhatsApp Plus Features

The customization options that WhatsApp + provides do not cease to give users something to talk about, especially since they are capable of destroying the functions that the original application makes us use obligatorily. Among its best features we find:

Disable features for more privacy

Nobody likes that they leave it in “seen”, or that the double blue check does not appear either. That is why this application allows you to eliminate the second check when you read a message, as well as prohibiting some specific contacts from seeing your profile photo.

Another incredible feature of WhatsApp plus is the one that eliminates the “online”, which will allow you to browse and chat with whoever you want, without your contacts being able to see that you are inside the application, even if they are using the official app.

Block conversations

There are times when you don’t want to be so drastic about blocking a contact, but their conversations. That is why the application incorporates an improvement that will not deliver the messages sent by the blocked user, nor will it appear that it has been received, although it can call you.

More Emoji Pack

Popular Emojis are always welcome, which is why the MOD app added a package with many additional emoticons, apart from the ones already added by default. However, the receiver must also have the Wha + installed in order to receive and send them.

Interface customization

From changes in the location of menus, contacts and chats, to added improvements in windows, internal and group chats and the location of all functions. In fact, users can create their own themes, change colors and share them with their friends.

Cancel and delete chats

If you send a message by mistake or take it back, you can quickly cancel it and the recipient won’t even get a notification that you’ve deleted it. Even if you want to undo the read messages, you have that opportunity, although the official app has already incorporated this last feature.

Does not reduce the quality of images

When you share photos and images from your gallery, WhatsApp plus will not compress them, so they will retain their original weight and therefore, the highest quality. It should be remembered that the app originates if it greatly reduces the quality of all shared photos.

Compress Videos

The videos can be compressed, as long as you choose those settings manually. This allows you to share files of up to 50Gb, but also send very heavy videos, in a light size that does not lose quality or visibility.

Advantages of using WhatsApp Plus

The benefits of using a MOD application such as WhatsApp + are always the order of the day, mainly when they manage to satisfy the demands of the users, which were not and have not been met by the official developers. These are the main advantages:

  • You can expand the functions : All the tools that we offered you in the previous section are proof that this app gives you more customization options and allows you to bypass the restrictions that the original app made us use.
  • More privacy : The simple fact of eliminating the “online” the last time or the double check are indications that your privacy may be more protected. In fact, these settings are not available in the original app.
  • It allows you to manage two accounts at the same time : There are those who use the official WhatsApp application together with this modification, so you can manage two different accounts at the same time.

Disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus

Not all that glitters is gold and there are negative points when using a modified app like WhatsApp plus. The simple fact of having the application installed can already bring you many negative consequences, such as:

  • Your privacy rests with third parties and unknown : because the developers are unknown, incognito, unofficial and illegal, all messages, shared files, calls, your contact list and the data that you share are read, managed and saved by they. You won’t know what they did with that information.
  • The privacy of others is compromised by you : By using this app, you also compromise the privacy that others share with you. For example, the statuses they share, the messages they send you, the transmitted files, the chat information and even the profile photo will fall into the hands of the developers.
  • You do not have WhatsApp security measures : end-to-end encryption and encryption protocols are completely disabled in the plus version. In fact, the official company does not give you any guarantee nor does it cover the way in which that app can affect you.
  • You can be sanctioned by WhatsApp : if WhatsApp detects that you are using this illegal version, they  can sanction you by temporarily deleting your account  or even by blocking it permanently. This situation worsens if you are simultaneously using the official version and WhatsApp more.
  • Updates are sporadic : it has been a while that Whaplus has not updated its app due to the legal consequences that persecute it. Although if they do, they will probably no longer be able to incorporate the improvements and any updates will be every several months or even years.
  • Is it 100% safe? E n
    eneral terms , not because being created by unofficial developers, there is no guarantee that it will provide security and privacy 100%.

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Two applications that look the same but are actually very different in many ways. It is important that you learn to differentiate them in case you want to download one of them.

  • Personalization : the color of the official app logo is green, while the plus version is blue. In addition to this, all the customization tools are added and the menu changes in terms of colors, tones and order of the interface.
  • Functions : the plus does not show your last time, the online or the double check. Also, if you can call a contact, but not send messages, then it is probably the modified version.
  • Legality : is WhatsApp plus legal ? No, it is not legal at all, because he even faces lawsuits and constant persecution by his followers. But the real wha of course has all the legality of its creators.
  • Download media : you will never be able to download the plus application from official stores such as Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS devices. On the contrary, you will have to resort to alternative stores or the download servers provided by their developers.
  • Code : the original code is from the official WhatsApp, which is not even open and cannot be modified without authorization. Whereas WhatsApp plus is based on the above code and does not have the modification permissions.

Download .APK

You will have to look for alternative stores like Malavida and download the application from there. Then you must install it and activate the option to install to unknown sources on Android. You can finally use it.

How to install

When the application you download does not do so from the Google Play Store, you must activate the unknown sources on your device. To do this, go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources> OK. Then run the .apk file downloaded in the previous step.

How to update

The best way to update the application is by returning to the same store where you downloaded it. There you can see the update date and if it is recent, you just have to follow the previous steps and it will be updated.

How to uninstall

The uninstallation method for this application is the same as for any other app. Go to settings> applications> WhatsApp Plus> Uninstall.

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