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WhatsApp does not work: most frequent errors and their solutions

The errors WhatsApp are common among users. These annoying flaws or inconveniences in the use of the instant messaging application, make it stop working. Doing simple tasks like changing the number, receiving the verification message, sending or receiving messages, downloading files, syncing contacts, etc. be something impossible. Luckily, for each of these problems, there are simple solutions you can use.

In this sense, certain problems can be easily solved by checking the Internet connection or freeing up space in the memory of the device. While others require going to the phone’s settings menu and even uninstalling the application or deleting the account. In any case, the solution will depend on the type of problem that WhatsApp presents. To know how to act in each situation, read on until the end.

WhatsApp does not connect to the Internet

To solve this you can try any of the following options:

  • Check that you have Internet access with other applications that require it.
  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • If you connect to WhatsApp from the wireless network, but not from the mobile data, the APN settings may be wrong. Get help from an expert to fix it.
  • If you cannot connect to WhatsApp from the usual Wi-Fi network, try doing it from a different one to check that it is working well.
  • If all else fails, disable and enable all mobile connections again.
  • Verify that you have the latest version of the app installed.

Media files are not downloaded

It occurs when the memory of the device is out of space available to receive the download of new files and even send voice notes to your contacts.

In case a message similar to “ Download could not be completed. Try again later ”you should try deleting photos or videos that you don’t need in your gallery or sending them to the SD, if you have one. Similarly, resorting to applications such asiCloud or, in the case of Android,Google Photos. Which offer you the option to free up space on your computer by storing all content in the cloud.

In doing so, the download of any type of file should go smoothly. However, sometimes the Internet connection may be unstable, preventing you from completing this task. In which case, you will need to connect to a wireless network or wait for it to stabilize.

Verification error

When installing and using WhatsApp on any device, it is necessary to activate the use of the account by receiving an SMS with an activation code. However, this text message can fail, making it almost impossible to receive it in order to use the application. In this sense, the reasons for this problem can range from poor reception or signal failure on the phone, to an error in the prefix or country code or cell phone number in question.

If the latter does not apply in your case, the best option will be to request a call to receive the WhatsApp code. It is worth mentioning that you must make a note of it or copy it while listening to the operator since, after the first failed attempt, you will have to wait an hour to do it again.

Contacts appear duplicates

This is because the application connects and synchronizes with the different contact lists that exist on the device. For example, if you have “Pedro Pérez” on your SIM Card and also on your phone, it is possible that this contact is shown as a duplicate in your WhatsApp phonebook. To solve this problem, it is best to combine the people who appear two or more times.

For this you can use applications such as Duplicate Contacts, which makes your job easier by indicating which contacts are shown duplicated or appear in more than one phonebook within the phone. This way you can delete them and your WhatsApp agenda should appear normally again.

Does not send or receive messages

The cause behind this failure is nothing more than lack of Internet connection on the computer. Either because there is a lack of credit on your line or the wireless network is failing. WhatsApp cannot send or receive messages as long as you do not have access to it. However, in some cases, the application platform may be “down” or temporarily inoperative.

To determine if this is the case, you must go to WhatsApp> Settings> Help> System status. If everything is fine with the application and your Internet connection, try turning airplane mode on and off to enable the phone’s network access protocols again. After a few moments, verify that the problem has disappeared.

Message “Device time is wrong”

If you see a message of this type when accessing WhatsApp, it means that the time of your device has been misconfigured, showing the wrong date and time. To solve it, you just have to adjust said information in the device settings menu, in the “Date and time” section. Afterwards, return to the application and you should be able to view your conversations without problems.

Appear with your old number to your contacts

WhatsApp is an application that is linked to the phone number with which it is initially configured. Well, you should know that this does not change unless you change it yourself from the “Change my number” section located in the application settings menu.

So you could appear to your contacts with the same number with which you registered in WhatsApp from the beginning, even if you have changed your SIM Card. To modify this you must go to the aforementioned section, following the path Settings> Account> Change number. This will not affect your schedule within the application, nor will your conversation history.

However, you should know that to do this you must remember your old cell phone number and receive the corresponding verification code to activate the new account.

Messages arrive late or do not arrive until you open the app

This problem can have different causes, among them is the activated energy saving, in which WhatsApp is not as a priority application. Which disables the Internet connection momentarily, until you enter the app again.

Similarly, some applications, such as Task Killers (which are used to close processes), are responsible for slowing down the mobile system, thereby causing the application in question to freeze at times or disconnect from the server. Which causes the messages to be delayed. To eliminate this problem, deactivate energy saving or change WhatsApp to priority application, also avoid installing apps like those mentioned above.

Automatic backup is not performed

One of the advantages of WhatsApp is its automatic copy of all the stored conversation history. This in order to be able to recover them in case of changing devices or reinstalling the application within it. However, the backup may not be successful. Which can occur due to lack of space inside the phone or that it is turned off at the time of doing it.

However, it is something that is solved quickly by expanding the memory of the computer with an SD or by freeing up space. Similarly, keeping it under sufficient charge during the early morning will prevent it from shutting down and consequently the backup from not running. You should also make sure that the device is connected to the Internet for data backup.

You cannot use WhatsApp on more than one device

WhatsApp, unlike other applications such as Telegram, cannot be used on more than one device simultaneously. Since it closes either of the two connections automatically. The best way to use this application from your phone and other larger equipment, such as a Tablet, is to use itsweb version.

International contacts do not appear

This application is an excellent tool to communicate with people from all over the world. However, when it comes to international numbers, there is usually the problem that it is not shown in the WhatsApp agenda. It is important to mention that, for this to be possible, you must write the country code or prefix followed by the phone number, accompanied by the plus sign (+), for example +595 985 400200 (This example would correspond to Paraguay).

In this way, when updating the WhatsApp contact list, the person you added will appear automatically and you can write to them without problems.

The old files disappeared

Starting with the November 2018 WhatsApp update, the application began to delete the oldest messages in each conversation, including photos, videos and any other type of file older than 12 months. However, those users who still have the backup activated on that date have the option of recovering the desired information.

In the same way, if the file is in the internal or external memory of the device, you can search for it in the gallery at any time. Since the application does not remove the storage from the computer.

Can’t install or update the app

For Android users, it is important to clarify that the compatibility of this application began to be a problem for those who do not have a version equal to or greater than 4.0. However, its developers have informed the community that very soon the computers with this Operating System will also stop working.

In this sense, the best solution is to update the ROM of the cell phone, either officially or by changing the device. On the other hand, if it is about installing or updating the app from Google Play and you cannot do it, the problem may be in the little storage space available on the phone.

For this , it is recommended to delete applications that you do not use or resort to external sources to download the WhatsApp .APK file, which you can later install on your cell phone. However, you should be careful with the latter, as it could be unreliable on some sites on the web.

You can’t see a contact’s information

If you are trying to view the information of a particular contact (profile image, status, last connection time) within WhatsApp but you are unable to do so, it is possible that the person has configured their profile privately so that no one can see their data .

Similarly, this applies if you have changed your security options so that “No one” can see your information. If you did the latter, you can modify it at any time from the Settings> Account> Privacy menu . On the other hand, if the contact has blocked you, you will not see their profile picture or their status or last connection time. It is worth mentioning that, in this situation, the only possible solution is for the other person to decide to unblock you again.

Notice “Waiting for message. This can take time ”

This means that you have not used WhatsApp for a long time and there are incoming messages from your contacts. So the application prepares end-to-end encryption to be able to display the content. In this sense, the most viable solution to eliminate this notice is for the other contact to access the app to speed up the process.

Notifications don’t appear

Verify that the “Do not disturb” option is disabled. Well, phones with Operating System 6.0 or higher include this function and, even if the equipment is connected to the Internet, the notifications may not appear.

The number already exists in WhatsApp

If you bought a second-hand phone line, its previous owner may have set it up on WhatsApp and was not careful to deactivate it before it could reach your hands. At this point, what you can do is wait patiently for a period of 30 days while the application removes said profile. After this time you can use it without any problem.

The phone number is not authorized to use WhatsApp

If you see this notice, unfortunately your account was banned. Therefore, the use of your cell phone number within the WhatsApp platform is suspended. This is due to the violation of the application’s use policies, for example, the use of unofficial applications such as WhatsApp Plus. These suspensions are permanent, however, there are some exceptions in which, after a few days, you will be able to use your number again without problems.

WhatsApp Web does not connect to the device

If when trying to use the web version of WhatsApp, it does not connect to the device or vice versa, the first thing you should do is check the Internet connection on both computers. Another possible alternative to this problem is to try to send messages from the mobile app to rule out possible errors in the application server. In case it is the latter, you will have to wait for the platform to reactivate again.

Images are blurry in chat

This happens when you delete the gallery files from your device. To solve it you will have to download them again or ask the person who sent them to do it again to be able to view them without problems.

The application consumes a lot of data or phone memory

To avoid this, you can deactivate the automatic download of multimedia content from the WhatsApp settings. Go to Settings> Storage and data> Automatic download, in this section you can decide the download settings you want, between “Mobile data” and “Wi-Fi”. It is a very useful option if you are part of groups with a lot of activity or have a device with little memory.

Other reasons why WhatsApp does not work

In addition to all the errors mentioned throughout this text, there are other problems that WhatsApp tends to crash or cause discomfort to users. These could include:

  • End-to-end encryption message : There is no need to worry, it is a security measure implemented by the app.
  • Not all contacts appear : Keep in mind that WhatsApp will only show contacts who use the service or have an account within the platform. In case someone you are sure should not appear, check your phone book that the number is correct.

As you can see, these are the most common errors that can occur in WhatsApp and in this post you have seen the solutions corresponding to each failure. So, if your WhatsApp has some of these problems with this guide you can solve it.

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