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WhatsApp Business: what it is, what it is for and how it works

WhatsApp Business is a variant of the most used instant messaging application in the world. This allows small companies or brands to serve their audience in a more efficient way, through the same services that the WhatsApp platform offers in personal accounts. It can be downloaded from the official store of each Operating System, free of charge, to any compatible device.

In this sense, the WhatsApp Business app allows you to show your catalog of products or services, in addition to serving your users quickly, responding to their requests or concerns. This application emerged a few years ago in response to the great demand of corporate users, allowing them to automate and manage orders in a faster and more practical way. To learn more about this topic, read on.

What is it for

WhatsApp Business serves to keep you in touch with your customers and manage all your business operations, quickly and efficiently. Using this application you can show your products or services and use the special tools that the platform has to respond, organize or automate the responses to your messages.

How does it work

The operation of WhatsApp for companies or WhatsApp Business is very similar to the original version that you are used to in this instant messaging app. Therefore, in order to use it, you must register an account associated with the phone number you want to use for your corporate account. It is worth mentioning that this app can be downloaded for free fromGoogle Play for Android and fromApp Store for iOS.

In the same way, the use of WhatsApp Business and all the services that it includes, do not require any payment or membership on the part of the users. On the other hand, among the most outstanding functions of this application are: the creation of a business profile, compatibility with landlines or conventional telephones, special tools for corporate messages, among others.

Likewise, you can use all the traditional WhatsApp functions, such as sending multimedia messages (audio, images or videos), voice or video calls, group chats, etc. That is to say, it is a super complete app, ideal if you want to differentiate your personal number from the company phone.

Download the app

As mentioned a few lines above, the download of WhatsApp Business is done directly from the official platforms of each Operating System. Whether you use devicesAndroid oriOS, you will simply have to go to the corresponding Marketplace and download the application in question. Which will not take more than a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection.

Available functions

In addition to the usual functions that WhatsApp offers, such as sending audio, images, video, group conversations, calls or video calls, etc. WhatsApp Business also incorporates some improvements that make it an excellent option for owners of small, medium and even large companies. These include:

Product catalog

One of the most important functions of this application is its catalog of products or services. With which customers can upload images directly to their profile, so that the public can appreciate it from the comfort of their cell phone.

WhatsApp Payment

This is the payment service added to WhatsApp Business, to facilitate the purchase and receipt of payments for the products or services offered by the company. It was added by the instant messaging app at the end of 2019, it is designed to offer a practical payment alternative, both to the company and to the public. Its operation is very simple, because what you have to do is configure the billing method to use, depending on how you want it.

Compatible Devices

As expected, WhatsApp Business is compatible with most Android devices and also with iOS. This application can be downloaded and installed on Smartphones and Tablets, as long as they support the execution of the app. Now, in the case of the Google Operating System, you require a version equal to or greater than 4.1, although you must take into account the constant updates of the app. Which, on many occasions, stop supporting old versions.

As could be seen throughout this post, WhatsApp Business is a very useful application that will allow you to serve, monitor and respond to your customers effectively. It can be used on the Smartphone or the computer, for greater comfort of the company. Now, don’t forget that, if you have a personal WhatsApp account, you must have a different number for each app.


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