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Update contacts in WhatsApp: how to synchronize the calendar if they do not appear

Updating WhatsApp contacts so that they are synchronized with those in your phone book is not a complicated thing to do. The first thing you should know is that, when adding a new person to the phone book, if he or she has an account in the app with the number in question, it will automatically appear in the app’s friends list after the automatic update. . As long as you have an Internet connection.

However, there are factors that you must take into account when registering a new contact on your cell phone, especially if it is an international number. However, if you know the necessary process, all you have to do is go to the WhatsApp notebook and use the drop- down options menu in the app to update the agenda. To know all the information on this topic, continue reading the next post.

Using the app menu

To update WhatsApp contacts, you just have to follow the steps explained below:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the green button to start a new chat.
  3. The contacts window will be shown, press the icon with the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner.
  4. Select ” Update.”
  5. After a couple of seconds you will see a success message on the screen.

In this way you will be able to synchronize the contacts in your phonebook so that they appear on WhatsApp. It is worth mentioning that the process is exactly the same, both for Android devices and for iOS. Just follow the steps outlined above.

Possible errors in updating WhatsApp contacts

You should know that the WhatsApp application is configured to update automatically every time you add a new contact to the phone book. This occurs as long as the person has an active account within the same platform, with the number registered on your device. However, sometimes this automatic update of the contact list in WhatsApp tends to fail due to some external factor.

Internet connection error

An internet connection failure can prevent your WhatsApp contact list from properly syncing with the phone book. In this type of case, you simply have to make sure that the network to which you are connected is working perfectly. It is worth mentioning that, if you are working with mobile data, you will have to wait while the service stabilizes.

Contact information error

If the contact information does not match the application’s database, you will not be able to see it in the WhatsApp notebook, even if you update it constantly. To fix this you must first determine the error. Which can be due to any of the following causes:

  • The registered contact is in another country: If you are trying to communicate with a family member or friend who is in another country, through WhatsApp, you should know that you need to assign the corresponding code to the nation, accompanied by the “+” sign at the time to register the contact in the phone book. Since these vary according to the region, for example: +34 for Spain, +57 for Colombia, +52 Mexico, +1 USA, etc.
  • There is a mistake in the phone number: This is a fairly common mistake. To solve it, you simply have to verify that the registered cell phone number is the same assigned to the person with whom you are trying to communicate.
  • There is no WhatsApp account associated with the cell phone number: If the registered person does not have a WhatsApp profile, you will not be able to see it in the app’s contact list, even if you update it over and over again.
  • The contact appears, but it is not the registered person: If the user decided to sell their equipment or telephone line associated with WhatsApp, you should know that it is very likely that they will find the photograph of another person in the contact list. The best thing in this case is to contact the user in question and ask directly what happened.

Restriction on app permissions

Like all applications that are installed on Android or iOS, WhatsApp requires access permissions to the device in order to function, including the contact book. So, if you don’t agree to these requests, you won’t be able to view your phone book within the app. It is worth mentioning that each Operating System has its own settings menu to change the aforementioned configuration.

In the case of Android, you will have to follow the route Settings> Applications> Advanced options> Application permissions> Contacts. Find “WhatsApp” in the list that appears on the screen and check that the option is activated, if not, click on it to change the settings.

For their part, iOS users should go to Settings> General> Restrictions. Then search the list to see if there are any restrictions applied to WhatsApp, deactivate it and return to the application to see if the problem has been solved.

If, after performing and checking the different procedures, you still cannot see certain phone numbers, you should try one last option. In which you will have to delete your WhatsApp account, to do this open the application and follow these steps: “select the three vertical dots> Settings> Account> Delete my account> Enter your phone number> press Delete my account”. Then enter the application again and try the methods mentioned above.

Applying these simple tips you will be able to synchronize the contacts in your phone book to talk with your family and friends, through the instant messaging app without any problem.

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