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Telegram channels: what are they and how to find the best ones?

The use Telegram to transmit messages to a large number of people, can be somewhat complicated. More if you have a company or personal brand with which you must maintain or publish constant information to an unlimited number of people, without the help of the necessary tools, it is an impossible task.

That is why the Telegram platform includes “Channels”, which are the ideal option to send messages easily to many people at the same time. All summarized in a chat window.

What are Telegram channels?

Telegram channels are communication channels, used to get content to its subscribers. That is, administrators publish and subscribers can only view published content. Through these, any type of content can be disseminated: text messages, photos, audios, videos, links, surveys or files.

In turn, the channels are classified into public and private. In the case of the public, anyone can find it, showing its content even before the user joins it. On the contrary, in the private one you only have access to the content through a coded invitation link, issued by an administrator.

Each Telegram channel can contain an unlimited number of subscribers and from one to several administrators, with rights to send, edit and delete messages. Additionally, when deleting a message from the channel, it disappears from the chat of all subscribers.

Difference with groups

The groups establish a multilateral communication channel, where all the members that comprise it can comment and upload content that will be accessible to all its members. However, in the channels the publication of content only comes from the administrators, the subscribers can only see what they have published.

How to search for channels

Telegram channels are an excellent way to receive information on topics of personal interest. To check the existence of a channel with some particular content, subscribe to it and start enjoying both what is published and what is new, you can use the Telegram search engine. To search for channels, follow the steps below:

  1. In the search bar, enter the genre or particularity you want to find.
  2. Among the different results, select the one that interests you the most.
  3. After having selected it, press the button “Join” or + Join” in English.

Below the ‘Global Search Results’ will be both channels and groups. To differentiate them you must look to the left of the name, if you see the icon , it is a channel and if you see the icon , then it is a group.

The best Telegram channels

There are several web pages that offer lists of Telegram channels, classified in various ways to facilitate the location of a particular topic. Here are some of them. offers to discover the best and most interesting Telegram channels. It also offers the possibility of enjoying certain games, on the same platform. The search can be done by channel name, by means of a word contained in the description and through keywords. It consists of 27 categories to explore.

When selecting the channel, it presents an extensive preview of the content, so that you get a complete idea of ​​what was published. If you want to subscribe to the channel, press the “Subscribe” button that will take you to the Telegram link.

For each registered channel, it presents the name, description and number of subscribers. Also, the page allows the same creators and administrators to register their channels on the platform. It only allows channels in Spanish or English and prohibits adult channels.

The page displays an inventory of public Telegram channels with various topics, as well as groups and bots. It gathers the channels into 24 categories and is available in 17 different owes its records to the contributions of the users themselves.

Find groups of your preference, either by choosing a category or by criteria, such as: “Newest”, “Top rated” or “Best members”. Select the “Filter Groups” button and you will get the desired list.


This website makes a compendium of channels from various platforms. The purpose of the page is that you can get all the information and specifications in one place. It has a large number of informative channels available for you to choose from.

It has different categories or a complete search engine, to easily locate what you want. From the page, you can directly access your Telegram application so that you can join the selected group. You can go to their website by clickinghere. is a web page made up of a directory that contains more than 700 Telegram channels in Spanish. It lacks a search engine, so you will have to explore all the options until you find what you are looking for.

To facilitate the choice of the channel, it shows an information sheet with the most relevant data : Name, description, number of subscribers, website and associated social networks. To subscribe, select the “I sign up button , which will take you to the corresponding link in Telegram.

Taligram presents a directory of Telegram channels, groups, bots and stickers, of various themes. It allows users to register directly on the page, the information of the channels they want to share. It is available in seven different languages, including Spanish. To enter your portal doclick here.

To find the channels closest to your interests, type the keyword in its search engine or explore one of its many categories. For each channel registered in the directory, it shows its name, description and the corresponding link to Telegram.


Unlike the previous ones, TodosLosCanalesTelegram is not a website. It is a channel that in turn collects Telegram channels. This channel offers more than 2000 channels in Spanish, in 70 different topics, organized by an index to facilitate the search.

Through the email account, he receives information from administrators who wish to include their channels in this particular channel.

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