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I do not receive WhatsApp until I open it: causes and solutions

A very common problem currently in WhatsApp is that messages do not arrive until the user remembers to open the application. The main cause of this inconvenience is an inappropriate configuration in the use of data. However, there may also be other reasons, such as connection problems or an application crash. Likewise, you should make sure to check the notification settings in case they are blocked, so you will not see any messages until you enter WhatsApp.

This error has been frequently reported by Android users of Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, among others. Therefore, in this guide you will find a list of solutions focused on the settings of this Operating System, although they are also functional for iPhone. Likewise, it is important to note that the names of the sections may vary slightly depending on the device you use.


Among the possible causes of messages not reaching WhatsApp, there is a connection problem. This can be due to a malfunction of the application or problems with the device that is no longer able to run it in the background.

However, having the energy saving mode active, restricting data in the background (or deactivating its use), blocking notifications or improper configuration of WiFi networks, are also other frequent causes of this problem.


Although misconfiguration in data usage is a common cause, it may be necessary to know other methods to solve this problem. Therefore, below is a list of possible solutions to the problem when WhatsApp messages do not arrive until the application is opened.

Check data usage

A bad configuration of the use of data, restricting its use in the background is one of the main reasons for this problem. To fix it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ” Settings ” of your device.
  2. Locate the option ” Applications “.

  3. Enter ” WhatsApp “.
  4. Click on ” Data usage “.

  5. In this section, you must check the data usage.

Some phones have the option ” Restrict background data “, you should verify that this is disabled. In other cases, you will be able to find the option ” Background data ” and you will have to make sure that it is enabled.

Uninstall any Task Killer

If you have a task management application or Task Killer installed on your mobile, you should know that it can interfere with the running of WhatsApp in the background, so you will have to uninstall it.

Simply go to ” Settings “, then to ” Applications “, enter the information of the application you have with these characteristics and press ” Uninstall “.

Clear app data or reinstall

To solve errors in the app, it is suggested to delete the data. To do this, enter ” Applications ” in the device settings, enter ” WhatsApp ” and then ” Storage “, locate the option ” Delete data “.

Once this is done, use the application and wait a few hours to check if you can receive messages properly. Once you have checked the operation of the application, if it continues to give problems, you can press ” Uninstall ” in this same section. If you wish, you can simply reinstall WhatsApp again from the PlayStore, to do this, follow thislink.

Note : Make sure to make a backup of your chats to be able to restore all the information when you install the application again.

Check WhatsApp notifications

You will need to verify that the app notifications are enabled. If they were blocked, then you wouldn’t see any messages even if it came at the right time. To review these settings, enter ” Settings “, look for the ” Notifications ” option and go to ” WhatsApp “, where you will simply have to check the buttons and verify that there are no blocking options enabled.

Check your internet connection

Use the browser you have installed to check your Internet connection. To find out if this is really the problem, you can test the operation of the application by connecting the device to other WiFi networks or activating the use of mobile data.

If, when checking the connection, you can navigate through the web but still have problems receiving messages on WhatsApp. You should check that your mobile APN and router are configured correctly, if they block non-web and socket connections, it can give rise to this kind of failure.

Activate autostart

Some mobile devices have restrictions on running applications in the background, such as Huawei or Xiaomi. This is configured in the battery options, where you will have to search for ” Applications start ” or ” Automatic start “.

You will be able to choose “ Manually manage applications ”, choose the “ WhatsApp ” application where you will have to activate all the available buttons, that is, the automatic start, the secondary start and the execution in the background.

Other solutions

Some other alternatives to solve this problem can be much simpler. One of them is to restart the device, for this it is recommended to turn it off manually and wait a minimum of 30 seconds before turning it on again.

Make sure to disable battery saver as well, as in many cases this feature disables the running of applications in the background. Likewise, you must disable the profile of total silence or ” Do not disturb ” to make sure you receive notifications.

Not seeing WhatsApp messages until the application is opened is a problem for any user, since any urgent news can be lost. Use the methods outlined in this guide to get rid of this inconvenience.

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