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How to use Zoom on your cell phone and computer

Zoom is one of the most useful applications today, as it allows you to connect with anyone through your PC or cell phone, as long as you have an Internet connection. Now, how to use the virtual meeting room? The following post explains in detail how to do it, both on the computer (Windows or Mac), and on the mobile (Android or iOS). In this sense, the first thing you should do is download the application for any of these.

For this you can go to Google Play,App Store or, in the case of desktops or laptops, visit theZoom Cloud Meeting official website and download the executable file. Once you have the app, you must enter it to be able to create meetings or access the meeting from the corresponding button, using the necessary access code. Learn all about this topic below.

From the phone

The process to use Zoom Cloud Meeting from the cell phone is very simple, the first thing you should do is download and install the application on your mobile, either from thePlay Store (Android) orApp Store (iOS).

After that, you will have to follow the steps described below. It is worth mentioning that this method applies to both Operating Systems :

  1. Open Zoom on your cell phone.
  2. In the start window you will find three different options: ” Join “, ” Register ” or ” Login “. Choose the one that applies to your case and continue to the next step.

    Note : To register you must enter a username and access password, or use one of your accounts (Facebook, Google or SSO) to enter. While to join you will have to press the necessary button and write the code, name or URL of the meeting.

  3. Once you access Zoom, you can create your own meeting room, schedule events, share screen, etc. Use the options as you need.

That’s how simple it is to use Zoom on your cell phone. It is worth mentioning that, you must provide the necessary permissions to the application to be able to use it, among which are access to the microphone, the camera and the phone book. On the other hand, you can modify your default name if you want to appear differently to other users.

From the computer

You should know that the use of Zoom from the computer is very similar to the one used on the cell phone. Now, in this case you must download the desktop version of the application in yourofficial website. When you have it on your PC or Mac, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Run the application from your computer.
  2. Press ” Join a meeting ” or ” Enter “, as the case may be.
  3. Enter your user information or meeting ID, according to the option you have selected. register by pressing the corresponding option. In case you decide to do the latter, you will be taken to a web version in which you must provide your date of birth, name, email and activate the new account from the email you indicated.
  4. Within the application you can run the different features or tools that it offers. Either creating meetings, organizing events, sharing your personal ID, etc.

This way you can use Zoom on your computer as many times as you want. It should be noted that the process to follow to access the virtual meeting room is the same for both Windows and Mac OS. On the other hand, when starting any meeting or during it, you can decide whether or not you want to activate the camera and microphone of your computer.

Other Zoom Features

This application offers multiple functions that are quite simple to use, including: raising your hand, sharing screen, deactivating audio or video, among others. See how to use each of them, below:

Raise your hand

As you would in a physical or face-to-face meeting, Zoom allows you to execute the “ Raise your hand ” action from the reactions button located at the bottom. This helps indicate to the host of the room that you want to participate or have any concerns. Now, in case he or she accesses, you may need to activate your microphone (if it is not activated). Once you finish, you simply have to ” Lower your hand ” following the same order of options.

The chat

If you want to send a written message to the meeting participants or to one of them in private, just open the chat. To do this you must display the toolbar located at the bottom of the conversation window and click on the ” Chat ” button , this will open a side panel where you can write what you like to send it publicly or privately. For the latter, you must click on the ” Send to ” menu and select the option that applies to your case.

It is worth mentioning that this function is also available outside of meetings, at the top of the Zoom window. By clicking on it, you can start a chat with any of your contacts without having to start a meeting, being able to send files, screenshots and audio notes.

Share screen

This function is ideal for providing advice to participants, as it allows you to show your screen in real time, while they are online. With this you can perform live instructions and achieve a better understanding of the subject. To activate it, you simply have to click on the corresponding button, select the window you want to show and voila, you will begin to transmit what you indicated. It can also be used on cell phones, following the same procedure.

Record meeting

If for some reason, one of the participants cannot enter or you prefer to make an instruction that you can later share in .MP4 format, the “Record” function of Zoom will be very useful. With it, the audio and video of your meeting will be recorded and stored in the memory of your computer or mobile device, so that you can send it or play it whenever you want. This also applies if you are a participant and want to have an endorsement of important meetings.

Disable audio or video

To disable Zoom audio or video while in a meeting, just click on either of the two buttons on the toolbar and select the “Stop” option. Similarly, pressing the combination Alt + A to disable the sound or Alt + V in the case of the image, also helps. Now, if the microphone is deactivated and you want to use it temporarily, you can press the space bar for the amount of time necessary to do so.

Schedule a meeting

If you want to schedule a meeting in Zoom, you have a specific option within the main application window. Clicking on it will ask you for some important information such as the subject, start time, time, date, security level, etc. At the end of the configuration you can send the invitation to those you want to participate, or notify them of the event so that they take it into account.

Join a meeting

As a participant, you can join a Zoom meeting in two very easy ways. The first one is by writing the security access code, provided by the host. The second, for its part, is to click on the URL of the room or write its name to enter it. By using any of these data you will be able to access the chat or call in question from your mobile or computer.

End or exit the meeting

If you want to leave the meeting, even if it has not ended, you can do so through the button available for it in the lower toolbar. It should be noted that, if you are a host, you can also end the meeting for everyone. While, as a participant, you will have the option to leave the room by just clicking on the corresponding option.

That’s how simple it is to use Zoom on your computer or cell phone. As could be seen, it is a very useful and intuitive application that offers multiple tools that facilitate holding business meetings, giving classes or any other type of activity that requires a meeting of two or more people and even relatively large groups of participants.

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