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How to track on WhatsApp: know the exact location of your contact

If you wonder how to track WhatsApp to know an exact location, you can get it by asking your contact directly. It is important to note that the other person must approve the location tracking, otherwise you would be violating their privacy and that is a crime punishable in many countries of the world. Therefore, you must be extremely careful with the actions you take according to the information detailed here.

However, if the person cannot send you their exact location and it is a true emergency, then you can apply the procedures mentioned here. You only need to have a computer, Internet access, a smart device and the number of the contact you want to reach. The procedure is straightforward, but it is still important that it is used in times of total urgency for valid security reasons to avoid any legal conflict.

From Android

You will be able to track a contact on WhatsApp just by directly requesting the exact location of the place where it is. This way you can help immediately in emergencies. To do this, the other person must perform these steps:

  1. Activate GPS location on your phone. To do this, go to “ Settings ” and search for “ Location ”.
  2. Press the activation button to configure the tool.
  3. Open ” WhatsApp ” on your phone and enter the conversation with the person to whom you want to send the location.
  4. Press the ” paperclip ” icon and click on ” Location “.
  5. Accept that WhatsApp can access your location by pressing ” Continue “. A confirmation question will appear. Press ” Allow “.
  6. Click on ” Real time location “.
  7. Choose how long you want to send the location to the person and add a comment if you prefer.

Note: If you click on ” Send my current location “, the address you are at will be sent directly to the contact of your choice.

From iOS

As the WhatsApp interface on iOS devices is different from Android, the steps usually change a bit. However, it does meet the goal of sending the exact location of the person. Therefore, you just have to follow the following procedure:

  1. Open the cell phone’s ” Settings “.
  2. Go to ” Privacy “.
  3. Click on ” Location “.
  4. Activate the button.
  5. Go to ” WhatsApp ” and open the conversation with whom you want to share the location.
  6. Click on the ” Plus ” symbol (+) found to the left of the chat.
  7. Choose ” Location “.
  8. Grant the permissions if they are requested by the app.
  9. Share current or real-time location. If you choose to share the actual location, you can choose how long you want to send it for. The options to choose from are 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

Using IPlogger

IPLogger is a web page that aims to shorten URLs and indicate the nearby location of the person to whom a link is sent. If you want to track on WhatsApp with IPLogger, follow these steps:

  1. Open the IPLogger page through thislink.
  2. Swipe and in “Location Locator”, click on ” Get IPLogger code “.
  3. Accept their Terms and Conditions.
  4. Copy the IPLogger link and send it by WhatsApp to the person whose location you want to know.
  5. The other person must click on the link to open it in a mobile browser. In this way you will be able to observe the location in the ” Registered IPs ” section .

Note: the location offered by this platform is not exact. In fact, it may vary slightly from the actual address.

The process to track WhatsApp and know the exact location of a contact is not complicated if you have the right tools. Security is a priority for anyone, therefore it is expected that this information will be applied in cases whose integrity is in danger or is affected by external agents at their will.

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