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How to share the screen in Zoom individually or simultaneously

When participating in a video conference on Zoom, users have the option to share screen individually or simultaneously. This function can be very useful for individual presentations using the other screen for visual support of the topic at hand. It will even be used to make group comparisons of documents and other materials in real time during the remote meeting.

The following text will detail all the basic aspects that you must know to share screen in Zoom. Thus, you will know the requirements to meet to use this function and the step-by-step procedure to activate it. Likewise, mention will be made of the different functions to which you will have access and some recommendations for use so that you can get the best out of the shared screen.


Before explaining the procedure to follow to use shared screen in Zoom simultaneously, it is necessary to know the requirements and previous steps to perform. That once completed, users can proceed to share screen normally.


First of all, this feature is only supported by Zoom desktop clients for Windows or Mac version 3.6.17038.1226 or higher. Users who do not meet this requirement will be able to participate in the meeting, but not share screen simultaneously, as it may present errors.

In addition, the host must enable the option to share screen for the other participants or only he will be able to do it freely. Likewise, you will have to give the necessary permissions so that several people can share a screen at the same time.

Once the necessary requirements have been met, users will be able to share screen simultaneously without inconvenience, following the usual process.

Procedure to follow

With this section you will learn how to enable the screen sharing function simultaneously, taking into consideration that for this you must be a host:

  1. The first thing you should do is enable the screen sharing option. To do this, press the ” Security ” icon and you will see a section that says ” Allow participants: ” where you will have to click on ” Share screen ” verifying that it is marked.
  2. Then, click on the arrow located in the corner of the ” Share screen ” button. A list of options will be displayed and you must select ” Multiple participants can share simultaneously.”

After enabling these two functions, each user will be able to share screen individually without interrupting the transmission of the other. To do this, you simply have to carry out the process as explained in the next section.


Participants will be able to share screen in a Zoom video call from both the mobile device and the PC, only if the host has previously enabled the function, while the host can always do so without any type of condition.

If you are the host of the meeting, be sure to click on the ” Security ” icon and verify that the ” Share screen ” box is activated in the section that refers to the permissions of the other participants. In case you are using your device, you must first access the ” More ” option .

Procedure to follow

The Zoom screen sharing process may vary slightly depending on the device you are connected to, below is a guide for each case.

From PC

During a Zoom video call from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, click on the ” Share screen ” option located on the toolbar. You will have to select the screen you want to share, be it the desktop or even an application that you have open.

After the screen is shared, the meeting controls will move to a small toolbar that you can scroll across the screen. To return to the video call, you will need to stop screen sharing, unless you are using the dual monitor setup.

From a mobile device

To share screen in a Zoom video call with your mobile device, simply click on the ” Share ” button . A drop-down menu will open with different content options that you can select. They can be photos and documents from the file folder or the cloud that corresponds to the OS, among others.

When sharing the content, you will have the option of making annotations with a digital tool that can be a pen or use a highlighter. On the other hand, you should know that to be able to use this function, an Android version higher than 5.0 or an update of iOS 11.00 is required.

Additional tips

Screen sharing in a Zoom is an extremely useful option for a presentation in which one user participates at a time. However, when many users must intervene, it is necessary to enable the simultaneous use of this function, which can only be done by the host.

To take full advantage of screen sharing, it is recommended to also enable the use of two monitors, if possible use this setting. This will be very useful for making PowerPoint presentations, since the content can be viewed on one screen and the speaker or the gallery of participants on the other.

To enable the function of two monitors you simply have to do the following: Enter the Zoom user, click on the profile photo and then on ” Settings “. Once this is done, locate the option ” Use two monitors ” and if it is unchecked mark it to activate it.

You can use this guide to have a basic understanding of how to share your screen and enable the simultaneous use of this function. As you can see, the interface is simple and very complete, but it could be complex to understand for those who are not familiar. If you want to prepare for an important meeting at Zoom, this guide will be of great use.

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