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How to send long or heavy videos on WhatsApp without cutting them off

Sending long videos via WhatsApp has always been a problem, as this application limits the sending of these types of files to a maximum weight of 16 Megabytes. Which equates, on average, to a duration of 3 minutes or a little longer, depending on the type of clip being sent. Now, is it possible to do this without the video cutting off ? The answer is yes and the following post explains in detail what it is about.

In this sense, the best option (and perhaps the most direct) to send long videos on WhatsApp, is using a file compressor. Of which there are many available on the Internet and also in the official Android or iOS stores. On the other hand, another alternative that you can try is sharing files through the Google Drive cloud with your contacts. In this way, everyone can see the same content from any compatible device.

Using a video compressor

Video compressors are quite useful tools in this type of task, as they allow you to considerably reduce the size of any file without losing quality. In this way you can send it by WhatsApp to your contacts, without the weight of it being a problem. Now, in the market there are many available, both for Android and iOS, however, one of the best alternatives is Video Compressor (available inAndroid oriOS ).

However, there are other quite good ones within the Marketplace, on Android you will see apps like Video compressor,Video Compressor (Alyaanah) andFree video converter that you can download and use as you wish. On iOS you will find alternatives likeVideo compressor,Compressor Videos orVCompressor.

However, you should keep in mind that some require payments or memberships to enjoy all the functions. In the same way, others only offer a fairly limited trial version so that you can understand the operation of the app a bit.

In the same way, you can allow other people to edit or even download the clip in question, it is worth mentioning that the latter will depend on the type of service you use. Then you will only have to press ” Share ” and copy the link that you will later send to your contacts. Which, by clicking on it, will be taken to the cloud and will be able to enjoy the shared content, without any inconvenience.

After reading this post, it is clear that the best way to share long videos on WhatsApp without cutting them off is by compressing the file in question. But if you want, sending the cloud storage link is also a good option. In any case, the method you choose will depend on the priority of the shipment.


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