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How to save or download WhatsApp audios on your cell phone

To save or download WhatsApp audios you only have to go to external applications such as Opus Player. With this app you can listen, share and store voice notes in any folder on your device. On the other hand, you can also access WhatsApp Web from its official page or from the desktop version. In this way, by pressing the voice memo tools you will find the option to “Download”.

Many times Android does not recognize the audio messages sent by WhatsApp when the internal storage files are entered on the device. That is why you must resort to an external application if you want to search for a specific voice note, within all the audios sent on the platform. Audio cannot be downloaded from the phone, but it can be shared and saved in other folders or applications.

For android

You have three methods to save or download WhatsApp audios on Android devices. The first is to share the audio through other applications. The second way is to download an application that reads and saves the platform’s voice and audio note format. And finally, the third option tries to enter the internal storage of the phone to play the voice notes from the WhatsApp folder.

Saving the audio in the mail

Voice notes cannot be downloaded through the WhatsApp application. On the other hand, the shared audios can be downloaded and these are automatically stored if you have a Wi-Fi network or click directly on the download icon. In view of this, you can save or download an audio from WhatsApp by sharing it with some other application such as Gmail. To carry out this procedure, the following steps are detailed:

  1. Enter WhatsApp on your Smartphone, open the chat of your choice and choose an audio.
  2. Hold it down until the ” Share ” icon appears on the top bar of the screen. Press the option.
  3. Choose ” Gmail.”
  4. Write your own email and press the send icon.
  5. Open the message you received and press the download symbol on the audio.
  6. Then open the audio on the phone. A series of options will appear. Choose the one that you like the most.

With Opus Player

  1. Go to the Google Play store and download “Opus Player ”. You can also use the following button to do it:
    Opus Player – WhatsApp Audio Search and Organize
    Developer: pasquapp
    Price: Free +

  2. Once it is installed on your device, open the application and grant access permission by pressing ” Allow “.
  3. Now, all the archived audios will appear on the screen of your phone. Select a folder and a number.
  4. Press and hold one of the audios, until you see the ” Share ” icon in the top bar of the screen.
  5. Press the icon and share it in Google Drive or Gmail so that the audio is saved in an application.

Entering the internal storage

The methods explained above work perfectly with the Android OS. They are the right ones to start saving voice notes on your cell phone. However, there is another route with which you can play WhatsApp audios on your device through Opus Player or Cx File Explorer, and it is done as follows:

  1. Go to ” Settings “.
  2. Find ” Storage.”
  3. Press ” Shared internal storage .”
  4. Choose ” Other “.
  5. Select ” Explore.”
  6. Swipe and click on the ” WhatsApp ” folder .
  7. Look for ” Medium.”
  8. Press ” WhatsApp Voice Notes “.
  9. You will find a list of folders with numbers. Open the one of your preference, and press an audio. Choose which tool you want to play the audio through.

For ios

IOS devices have a process similar to the Android System. The difference is that they have their own digital storage platform called iCloud Drive, but it handles the same process of sharing, sending and downloading. The procedure to save or download WhatsApp audios on an iOS device is as follows:

  1. Open a WhatsApp chat and continuously press an audio. A series of options will appear. Press ” Resend “.
  2. Select ” Email.”
  3. Write your own email so that the message reaches your inbox.
  4. When you receive the message, click on the file and choose the option ” Add to iCloud Drive “.
  5. Then choose ” Documents by Readdle “.
  6. To listen to the audio you will need a player compatible with iOS, therefore, you candownload VLC for Mobile.
VLC for Mobile
Developer: VideoLAN
Price: Free

WhatsApp Web

The desktop version of WhatsApp and its official digital platform have a series of broad benefits, among which is downloading WhatsApp audios. Now, these audios will be downloaded directly to your computer, and then, you can transfer them to your cell phone through a USB cable. Here you will see the detailed steps to continue with the procedure:

  1. Open ” WhatsApp Web ” from your desktop or from yourofficial page.
  2. Go to ” WhatsApp ” on your phone and press the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Press ” WhatsApp Web “.
  4. Synchronize the QR code by focusing the camera of your phone (in case you do not have it synchronized).
  5. Now open the chat, choose an audio and press the down arrow that appears when placing the cursor over the audio. Select ” Download.”
  6. A window will appear on your computer. Press ” Save.”

Remember that you have three tools to save or download WhatsApp audios on your cell phone easily and quickly. Depending on the version of your Android device, you will have applications that allow you to play these audios. If not, you have Opus Player available, with which you just have to open the app, search and select the audio of your choice to play it or save it on your mobile.

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