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How to recover your WhatsApp account if it has been blocked

To recover your WhatsApp account in case it has been blocked, you must contact the company and fill out a form indicating that the account has been suspended and you want to recover it. Another method is by writing an email directly to WhatsApp support specifying the phone number, the model and manufacturer of the Smartphone and indicating all the information about the suspension. WhatsApp can take two to three days to generate a response.

These are some processes that you can follow to recover a temporarily blocked WhatsApp account. If you have been permanently suspended, then you will have to acquire a new number in order to use this platform. Anyway, in this article you will see all the steps to follow to recover the WhatsApp account, the reasons for suspension, the types of blocking and some general recommendations so that you do not lose the WhatsApp account in the future.

Blocking reasons

Before starting to explain some steps to follow to recover a blocked account, it is necessary to highlight the reasons why WhatsApp can block your personal or business account. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Use of unofficial platforms : GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are two unofficial applications whose use is reason enough to suspend an account through the official WhatsApp app. In fact, in its Conditions and privacy policies it is stipulated that the accounts of those users who use these apps not authorized by the platform will be suspended.
  • Risk of crimes : If WhatsApp finds content with computer crimes, pedophilia, child trafficking, prostitution, racism, xenophobia, among others, it can suspend the account because you would be violating the conditions of use.
  • User report : If you receive several reports from different users, WhatsApp may make the decision to permanently suspend your account because you are affecting the community.
  • Abuse of the service : In case you forward a lot of information every day to your most frequent contacts, or you make several broadcast messages a day, WhatsApp could consider this as “Spam” and, therefore, it will suspend the account depending on the severity of the action.
  • Forwarding of false content or unconfirmed facts (Fake News).
  • Using different IPs at the same time.

It should be noted that WhatsApp will not notify you in advance that you will be suspended. You will only see a timer and an announcement informing you that the account has been suspended and you will not be able to access it until a time limit stipulated by the company is met.

Steps to follow

There is no specific step-by-step that guarantees the recovery of the WhatsApp account. However, there will be a series of processes that you can run for the platform to consider reactivating your account. In view of this, the procedures you can perform to recover a WhatsApp account will be explained here .

Email support

The WhatsApp contact to request the recovery of your account is If you send an email, you must specify the manufacturer and model of the phone, the number with the international prefix (for example, +57 if it is from Colombia) and all the contact information that you consider pertinent (names, surnames and reason why you need recover your account).

Fill out a contact form

Through the ” WhatsApp Messenger Support “, you can contact the company and specify the problem you have. You will only have to enter thislink and indicate the country of origin together with the telephone number of your account. Then, you will have to select the model of your phone in order to have detailed information about the request.

On the other hand, if the mobile app allows it, you can also enter WhatsApp from your phone and follow the path: ” Settings or Configuration> Help> Contact us “. In this way, you will be able to describe the problem in detail and attach screenshots, if you see fit. Then, you will have to wait for the platform to send a response to your request.

Reinstall WhatsApp

Another option available is to reinstall the WhatsApp application, enter the phone number and then press the ” Support ” button, which you will see in the information window about the suspension of the phone number. From there, you can fill in the data and complete the form that will be sent to the WhatsApp Messenger support.

Note: It should be noted that the use of these three account recovery methods will not guarantee that the suspension will be removed. This will be a process that WhatsApp must evaluate in detail and the same platform will send information about its decision in the next three or four days.

Lock types

There are two types of blocking that are implemented by the app according to the actions that have been made within the platform. Therefore, the following list will detail the types of suspension in WhatsApp :

  • Temporary suspensions: In case the account has been temporarily suspended, you will see a timer in your WhatsApp account indicating the time remaining for you to enter the conversations again. typically range from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Permanent suspensions: If you receive a permanent suspension, you will not be able to re-enter your WhatsApp account. Before reaching this point, the platform sends, at least, a temporary suspension as a way of warning. However, if WhatsApp observes that the content sent from your account is illegal or violates the rules of coexistence, it will take this action immediately.


This section provides some recommendations to follow to be described avoid temporary or permanent suspension of your account on WhatsApp. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy the platform in the long term:

  • Avoid abusing WhatsApp services. Do not use broadcast messages indiscriminately and confirm each news you forward.
  • Don’t use obscene names for WhatsApp groups. Although it seems like a joke, the platform takes the actions you take seriously.
  • Don’t block multiple users at the same time. This can affect your reputation, it will affect the account in the long term and more if WhatsApp confirms that the blocked users do not violate the rules of coexistence and the Conditions of use.

The process to recover a temporarily blocked WhatsApp account can take several days to respond, therefore, you should be attentive to any message you receive from support. In the event that you do not receive any response, you must register a new telephone number in order to continue using this messaging platform.


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