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How to record a meeting in Zoom with or without the host’s permission

To record a meeting in Zoom, you have different tools that will allow you to have a video of the call, either with or without the host’s permission. At this point it is necessary to mention that if you want to record a videoconference using Zoom, you can only do it through the computer. You can record the video call from your phone, but you must have an external tool or purchase a subscription to Zoom.

In view of this, in this article you will find the steps to follow to record a meeting in Zoom with or without the permission of the host, both from the computer and on your smartphone. An additional section will even be explained indicating the procedure you must carry out to record the call if you are the host. In this way you will have different tools to capture any meeting you have had with your friends or work colleagues.

How to enable recording

The first step to start recording a meeting in Zoom is to enable the necessary options for its execution. It is a very simple procedure that you can perform by looking at the following steps:

  1. Enter Zoom Meeting on your computer. If you don’t have it, press thislink for it to download to your computer.
  2. Proceed with the installation.
  3. Once it is finished, press ” Enter “.
  4. Log in with your email address and password.
  5. Now, press the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. Find “ Recording ” and verify that the “ Record video during screen sharing ” box is checked . Also make sure you have a folder destined to save the videos.

How to record from computer

Once you have enabled the recording options in your account, the next steps will be easier. You just have to bear in mind that to record a meeting in Zoom from your computer you need to be the host of the meeting, have a permission or have an external tool if you do not have the first two options.

Excuse me

If during the video call, the host has granted you the permissions to record the meeting, you will see an announcement in the upper right part of the screen. From there, the process will be much easier. You just have to follow the steps that will be detailed below:

  1. Enter the meeting through the link, ID or access code of the invitation that you have been sent.
  2. You will see that the ” Burn ” option will appear on the computer screen . Press it.
  3. Automatically Zoom will start recording the videoconference and you will see a ” Recording … ” icon on the left side of the screen.
  4. To pause or stop the recording, you just have to press the corresponding buttons in the central toolbar.
  5. If you stop recording, Zoom will tell you that the recorded file will be converted to MP4 format when the meeting ends.
  6. Once the video conference is finished, the recording file will begin to save and Zoom will suggest a folder where you can save the video. When you press “ OK ”, the recording will be saved automatically.

Without permission

If you do not have the permission of the host, then you will have to choose to use online or installation tools to record the screen during a meeting in Zoom. If you are looking for software that is lightweight and has complete options to perform this action, download “ VideoSolo Screen Recorder ” through thislink. Its use is quite practical because when it is installed on your computer, you only have to press “Video Recorder” to start recording.

On the other hand, if you want to use an Internet alternative, then go to ” Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder ” through thislink. With this online program you will be able to record the computer screen during a Zoom meeting and it is compatible with most of the Operating Systems, both in telephones and computers. If it is the first time that you will use it, you will have to install a link file that will be provided by the same page.

Being the host

If you are the one who organized the meeting in Zoom, you will only have to click on the “Record” button that is located next to the
Share screen ” option . Since you are the host, you will not need permission to start recording. Now if you want to grant permission to other people, the process is different.

To do this, from your computer you must enter ” Participants ” and select the user to whom you will grant permission to record the screen. Press the ” More ” button and choose ” Make host “. You will see that you will grant host benefits to another person and they can record the meeting from their computer.

From the phone

To record a Zoom meeting from your phone, whether it’s Android or iOS, you need to be a paid- licensed Zoom host or co-host. Otherwise, you will have to resort to external tools that allow the recording of the meeting.

For android

If you have an Android device, you are a host and you have a paid subscription to the platform, then you just have to follow these steps to record the meeting in Zoom from your phone :

  1. Enter the Zoom meeting as the host or having the permissions.
  2. Go to ” More “.
  3. Press ” Record “. You will see the record icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. To pause or stop recording, press ” More ” and press the corresponding icons. In the folder “ My recordings ”, you will find the recording of the meeting.

For ios

The steps to follow from an iOS phone are similar to those that have been explained for Android cell phones. However, these devices use the iCloud cloud to record and save the video to their storage. Therefore, observe the following steps to record a meeting in Zoom from an iOS:

  1. Open Zoom and join the meeting.
  2. Press ” More “.
  3. Choose ” Burn to Cloud.” You will notice that the app will show the ” Recording ” icon at the top of the screen.
  4. If you want to pause or stop the recording, press ” More ” and press the corresponding icons. After the meeting is over, the recording will be saved in “ My Recordings ”.

Note: If you don’t have a Zoom license, you can still grant permission for other people to record the meeting through local recordings, that is, through the computer. To grant this permission, go to “Participants”, click on the name of the person to whom you want to grant the benefit and select the option “Allow recording in local files”.

The procedure to record a meeting in Zoom with or without the permission of the host is quick and very simple, whether you use your computer or your smartphone. With this tool you will be able to retain and capture the content explained or commented during the videoconference between your friends, work colleagues or family. In this way, there will be a memory that you can go to as many times as necessary.

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