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How to put bots on Discord

Discord has become an application in which affinities are not only shared for online games. Thanks to tertiary applications called bots, you can create optimized communities in which you can add friends, meet other people, communicate and share any type of taste. You will also find a different bot for each task you need on the platform.

These informative programs help to automate certain tasks like playing music, recording online games, creating memes, reminders, reaction roles, etc. The bots have web pages where you can automatically install them in the application, and therefore, in this tutorial you will see how to put bots in Discord, and the different online platforms where you can get them .

Add bots

As explained above, bots fulfill the function of automatically executing certain activities and functions, such as replacing a player in case they have to be absent. In the same way, it works to welcome a new member, create birthday cards or notify by mass messages that you will not be in front of the computer.

Therefore, in this case, to add bots on Discord the Discordbots page will be used . Regardless of the portal you decide to use, the steps you will see below are similar and you can apply them to the bots that you need to associate. In this tutorial, Dank Memer will be installed as a demonstration, and for this, you just have to look at these steps:

  1. OpenDiscordbots ”(or the platform of your choice).
  2. Type the name of the bot in the search engine and press ” Enter.”
  3. Click on ” View ” if the page is in its original language, if not, click ” View “.
  4. Check the characteristics of the bot.
  5. SelectInvite ” or “Invitation.”
  6. Starts session with your email and password.
  7. Select a server where you will save the bot and pressContinue “.
  8. Read all the permissions that the bot will have access to on your Discord and click on ” Authorize “.
  9. Solve the captcha by clicking on ” I am not a robot “. When you have solved it, click on ” Verify “.
  10. Open the Discord application on your computer.
  11. Locate the server where you saved the program.
  12. Read the welcome and start using the commands to verify their effectiveness.

It is necessary to remember that to add bots to a server (either personal or a server to which you have been invited) you must be an administrator of it. If you are not an administrator, you will not be able to add the bot correctly. On the other hand, it is recommended that you read the list of commands that each program has beforehand so that you get to know the full scope that it can offer in your Discord.

Remove bots

In case you have added a bot by mistake or you do not like how it works within the application, there is a simple way to remove them without any problem. These steps can be done with any other program that you want to remove within Discord. In this opportunity, the program ” ProBot ” will be removed as a test, therefore, follow these steps:

  1. Open the server where you saved the application.
  2. Locate the bot’s name in the chat welcome.
  3. Right click and click on ” Eject to ProBot “.
  4. A window will open in which you can write the reasons why you are kicking the bot. If you don’t want to write the comment, just click on ” Eject “.

To confirm its deletion, write and send one of the commands that the bot used on the server. When sending the message you should not report any activity or receive a response to the command. With these steps you will be able to install and eliminate all the bots you need on your servers.

Web portals to add bots

There are 3 web pages where you can add bots to Discord without any difficulty. You will even quickly find the bot you need thanks to the search system and the classification categories that each one has. Most are in English, but you can search for them in the Google Chrome browser to translate them if you need to. That said, the web portals where you can locate the bots will be shown below :

  • Bots on Discord : A simple and entertaining platform in which you will observe the lists of the most downloaded, prominent or useful bots for your servers. You can use the tags to facilitate the search.
  • Carbonitex : It has a visually pleasing interface with small descriptions of the characteristics of each bot. It also shows the number of people who have downloaded the application.
  • Discordbots : It is similar to Bots on Discord, with the difference that it categorizes bots according to the votes obtained by users and their quality. Similarly, it sectorizes new bots for netizens who want to test them.

As you can see, it is easy to find, add and remove bots in Discord. You can add as many bots as you decide to optimize the servers you manage. This way you will achieve greater interaction between the people who belong to the community you have created, as well as facilitate the automation of tasks.

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