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How to protect WhatsApp with password

Almost all of us use WhatsApp, the most important messaging app in the world. It is believed that millions of messages are exchanged every second, along with multimedia elements characteristic of your system. However, although the company has invested a lot in security systems such as the famous end-to-end encryption, it is not totally free of violations, because to date, it does not allow us to block it with keys or other forms from Android.

It should be noted that WhatsApp recently released the default lock for its application on iOS smartphones, but the function is still in the development stage for the green robot, so we must resort to other methods or alternatives such as apps. Next, we tell you how to protect WhatsApp and block your account with a password, key, pattern or using the fingerprint system of your device.

Block WhatsApp from iOS

As we told you, we can already protect our WhatsApp on iOS without the need to use third-party applications, as this function is equipped on the same devices and it is only enough to enter the system settings to make some simple changes. This can be very useful if you have a shared phone, or if you want to provide more security to the system in case it is lost, stolen or exposed.

In that sense, you will also have the opportunity to choose various blocking methods, including Face ID options, which consists of a blocking and unlocking system through the scan of your face ; or touch ID, functional with those smartphones that are equipped with fingerprint recognition systems.

  1. Enter WhatsApp and click on the settings button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the [Accounts] option and then on [Open Privacy].
  3. Tap [Screen lock] and select the option Require Face ID and Require Touch ID.
  4. Choose the time you want to block, which can vary between 1, 10, 15 and 30 minutes up to an hour or a little longer.

Keep in mind that the chosen time will block the app when you stop using it for that period, but also after you turn off the device’s screen. Also, you can still reply to messages from notifications, but cannot read chats or enter the application.

Set password to WhatsApp on Android


Things change a bit for Android users, since to know how to protect WhatsApp, you will have to use third-party applications on Google Play. This is not a negative nor will it take a long time, although it is the only solution to date.

In that sense, this operating system still does not provide us with the application blocking function by default, but the famous messenger has not clarified or confirmed the option either, despite the fact that some sources claim that they are under development. For now, we will use the Best apps to block WhatsApp.

Chat Lock for WhatsApp

This is one of the best applications of its kind, because instead of dedicating itself to blocking WhatsApp from the beginning, it focuses on protecting the chats so that no one can enter to read them, forward the messages or see the multimedia elements that we have shared. In addition, Chat Lock for WhatsApp will allow you to block only the chats you want, in case you don’t want to privatize them all at once, although you will also have this opportunity.

Meanwhile, this app is free for all users and has a harmonious interface that is very easy to use and understand. The only thing you will need is to follow the steps correctly that we will explain below.

  1. Search for the Chat Lock for WhatsApp app on Google Play or download it directly by clickingclick here.
  2. After installing it, you will have to open it and the app will ask you to grant it accessibility permissions, but it will tell you how to do it.
  3. From there, you must click on the (+) button, which is located in the lower left corner of the menu.
  4. The WhatsApp contacts area will automatically open and you must choose the contact you want to block.
  5. Go back to the app and you will see that the protected contact or chat will appear next to a padlock. If you want to add other chats, repeat again from step 3.
  6. In case you want to unblock a message, you just have to click on the chat padlock and make sure that its icon appears open.


Perhaps the oldest blocking application for WhatsApp is Applock, an alternative that has been on the market for years and that works with any other application, without having to pay anything because it is free. It even has an incredible intrusion detection feature, which consists of taking a picture of them with the front camera when they enter an incorrect password or pattern, so you will know who has been trying to snoop through your conversations.

The best thing about AppLock is that it offers you several locking modes, including PIN, password and pattern for better results.

  1. Access AppLock from Google Play or download it directlyhere.
  2. After installing and logging in, the app will ask you to provide accessibility permissions by following its instructions.
  3. A menu will automatically appear with all the system applications, and you must look for the WhatsApp icon and check the square box located to its right.
  4. The next thing is to choose the preferred block mode and make other customizable settings from the settings menu.
  5. Your WhatsApp will be blocked from now on!

App Locker

We liked App Locker for being a very focused application that goes straight to the point, since it does not contain a lot of unnecessary menus and it lacks ads that confuse the user. Likewise, it will only be enough to enter its interface to find all the installed apps, but it will be enough to click on the padlock icon in each application to activate the security system, or to deactivate it when you no longer need it.

As if that were not enough, App Locker will teach you How to Protect WhatsApp by password, using a special pattern or defining a unique PIN for it. Although you must choose the lock mode directly in the settings menu.

  1. Get App Locker on Google Play or Press here. After installing it, you will have to grant it accessibility permissions.
  2. The next point will be to block the apps, so you will see our menus: [All Apps] and [Locked Apps]. The first shows you all the applications (whether they are blocked or not), while the second will only present you the ones that you have already protected.
  3. Choose the application you want to save and click on the padlock icon on the right. Make sure it is green and is closed.
  4. Click on the menu button located in the upper left corner of the interface and choose the lock option to define the protection mode.
  5. Clever!

Locker for Whats

Last but not least, we introduce you to Locker for Whats, a great application with which you will not only be able to block the WhatsApp app from the outside, but you will also have the opportunity to define a protection system for your group conversations or chats in group, in case you want to protect the information found there. However, you have the opportunity to select the two blocking modes at the same time.

In fact, Locker for Whats offers us the option to define a PIN, pattern or alphanumeric password and it is very easy to configure.

  1. Enter Locker for Whats from Google Play or clicking here.
  2. After installing it, open it and provide accessibility permissions.
  3. You should immediately select the WhatsApp icon and check the box, while choosing the blocking method that you like the most.
  4. If you want to block a group, click on the tab for chats and select the group or from WhatsApp that you want to keep protected.
  5. Close the application and open WhatsApp. You will notice that access will be prevented and you only have to enter the pattern, key or pin selected by you.
Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure Private Chat
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