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How to make WhatsApp stickers

At the beginning, what we had available to represent emotions when writing a text message were only emoticons or emojis, after that came GIFs, which undoubtedly achieved their goal, but nothing funnier than having stickers on WhatsApp, they not only demonstrate emotions or desires, but they are more effective, since you can have stickers of yourself or your friends and colleagues.

Surely you have wondered how they do to create the stickers and that is why you are here. You will learn how to design stickers and add them to your list, as well as the best applications. You will have your own creations on whatever you want, let’s go!

Creating your own stickers for WhatsApp is a relatively simple task, just use a third-party application, available in the Play Store, although you can also easily program your own. In this case, we will teach you how to create stickers for Android and iPhone.

How to create stickers on Android devices

It is really very easy to create stickers, we will summarize how to do it in this guide that will serve you for any other application you want to use, just follow each step carefully and you will be able to enjoy your creations.

  1. Once in the application to create stickers, go to “Create a new package of Stickers”.
  2. Name your package and then select “create”.
  3.  You will see that the sticker pack has been created, enter it.
  4. You will have blank boxes, so you should start creating. Select a box.
  5. Then you will have the option to select from where you want to obtain the image, press “Open Galery” or from the gallery.
  6. It will enter the gallery of your device, select the image you want to convert into a sticker.
  7. You will start the editing work . Crops the previously selected image.
  8. Then you can add text to it, you can skip this step if you don’t want to.
  9. Select “Save.”
  10. Once you have the minimum amount of stickers or the ones you want, press “Add to WhatsApp”, at least it is usually 3 to 4 stickers.
  11. A text box will open where you must click “add”.
  12.   And finally you will have the message that it has been successfully added to your WhatsApp stickers, press “ok”.
    You see that it is very easy, this guide is designed so that you cannot go wrong, have fun creating stickers of what you like the most.

Android Apps:

In the Play Store platform for Android there are several options of applications for the creation of stickers for WhatsApp, some are free or free download, while others are paid. Among the most recommended by users are:

Sticker studio: it ‘s the best application to create your own stickers, and it’s free! you can cut your backgrounds, add text, with different fonts, add emojis and it is very easy to use.

Wemoji: it is also a very good option to make your own stickers for WhatsApp, it has the function of free cropping of the image, you can add multiple photos, text, emoticons and more!

Sticker maker: like the previous one, this is a free application that allows you to create custom stickers to use in your conversations. You can create packages of up to 30 stickers.

Avatoon:   unlike the other applications to create WhatsApp stickers, this one has a very special peculiarity, it gives you the option to create an avatar from a selfie, and with this avatar you can create a lot of stickers with endless of expressions, feelings and reactions. Without a doubt, this app will make you stand out from the rest.

There are also many other applications that you could use to create your personalized stickers, however, we suggest you use these that have already been tested and guarantee correct operation.

Applications to create stickers on iOS

Being able to create stickers for iPhone or iPad is exactly the same as in Android, with the minimum difference in the name of the applications used for this. Among the most used, and with the best recommendation, are Sticker Maker Studio and WSTicK, both are free to download or free. Some of these applications, as well as those mentioned in the Android section, are available for both operating systems.

Sicker Maker Studio: in iOS it is also the most recommended of the applications, it has the functions of cutting and removing the background manually, adding extra emojis or magnets, also texts.

WSTicK: Without the need for an external editor, this app gives you the possibility to crop your photos, you can also add emojis and text of different fonts, it is very intuitive.

Bitmoji:  is an application where you can create your own cartoon avatar, imitating various reactions, gestures and situations, and then convert them to WhatsApp stickers.But that’s not all! This app also offers a store where you can even make T-shirts, mugs and much more with your designs, isn’t it great?

Developer: Bitstrips
Price: Free

In the same way, we will leave you a simple list of the steps to follow to create stickers for WhatsApp on iPhone.

  1. The next step is to import your stickers to WhatsApp with the help of the WSTicK application , also previously downloaded and installed (you will need a minimum of 4 stickers for iPhone)
  2. You must press the ( + ) sign in the WSTicK application to start the import, once you give a name to your pack of stickers and assign the author’s name, you can use your new creation in WhatsApp conversations, remember that you need a minimum of 4 images for the pack.

Once you complete all this process, you will be able to make use of your newly created stickers in your WhatsApp conversations.

How to use and send stickers on WhatsApp

After having learned how to create your own stickers, using and sending them will be a piece of cake, however, we will leave you some steps so that you can perfectly master the theme of stickers in WhatsApp.

  1. Once in the conversation window in WhatsApp and press the icon of the emojis.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you will see three different options (emojis, GIF, and the silhouette of a label or sticker, these are the stickers), press the stickers option.
  3. Click on the Sticker you want to use. The WhatsApp stickers section will open, in this section you will find them divided by categories, including favorites and recently used, swipe right or left to see other stickers.

How to save stickers sent to me by my contacts

Saving stickers is a quick and easy task, for this, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the sticker as if you were going to send it ( just press, do not hold)
  2. Select the option ” Add to favorites ” in the pop-up window that will appear.

Send stickers from WhatsApp Web

The answer is yes, if you can send stickers from WhatsApp Web on the PC, as on the mobile, on the computer you will find the same emoji, GIF and Stickers options at the bottom of the screen.

You just have to select the sticker you want to send and voila, it will be sent automatically when you click on it.

We hope this information has been useful for your search and you can start creating your own personalized stickers to surprise everyone on your contact list.

Likewise, let us know what you think of our article and help us to continue improving our website. Let us know what other topic you would like to learn about and we will gladly do so.

What are WhatsApp stickers?

Before starting your learning on how to create them, you should know what WhatsApp stickers are and how they work, let’s get started.

The stickers or stickers (in Spanish) are applications in WhatsApp that allow you to transmit ideas, thoughts or emotions through images of people or animals, either through iconic TV characters, the image of a cat or a cup of coffee .

They began to be part of WhatsApp in one of its latest updates (October 2018), allowing the application to position itself even more in the market. It is worth mentioning that they are not pioneers in this, this function was already available in other applications such as Telegram.

However, they have decided to be part of this trend, for a change, it has been a success. If you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp, you have already ventured into the world of stickers. However, you want to go further and create a custom sticker pack.


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