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How to log in to Facebook Messenger

Messenger is an instant messaging service in which you can keep in touch with your friends from any device, without the need to have their phone numbers. You can set up conversation groups, make video calls and create games with its integrated games; You can make your conversation more fun using the stickers and GIFs you want and, if you wish, customize the colors and names of each chat to your liking.

Access the Facebook Messenger service

Sign in to Messenger 

(you can also access, enter your data and then press the “Login” button)
If you don’t know how to log in or need help, keep reading!

If you do not want to use the application through Facebook, you can do it independently by logging in through its website or application. The data required to do so, on any of the platforms on which it is available, are your email or phone number and password. To avoid complications, at InfoCuentas we have prepared a step-by-step guide to log into Messenger.

Sign in to Messenger from the web

Since Facebook decided to make its instant messaging service independent, it is not necessary to log in to the social network to use Messenger on the web; now you can do it directly from its official page. You will only need your email or phone number and password.

  1. Go to the official page of the courier:
  2. In the first field enter your email or phone number and in the second field the password.
  3. Click the blue ” Login ” button .

If you do not want to enter the data every time you go to enter a session from the browser you are in, check the box that says ” Do not close session “; It is located below the ” Login ” button .

Sign in to Messenger from the application (Android and iOS)

The Messenger application for mobiles is available on both Android and iOS, and has become the best alternative to traditional messaging. If you want to learn how to log into it, please pay attention to the following steps.

  1. Download the application, depending on the operating system your mobile phone works with, you will have to do it from one of these two links: download Messenger for Android,download Messenger for iOS.
  2. If you have an open Facebook session on the same device, when you enter the Messenger application you will see an option that says ” Continue as “, you can immediately log in that way with your Facebook account or click the button below and start session without Facebook.
  3. If you chose to log in without Facebook; In the first field enter your email or phone number and in the second the password. If you find it difficult to enter your password correctly, click on the eye icon with a diagonal stripe to make it visible as you type.
  4. At the end, click on the ” Login ” button .

Ready, your session will be open on the mobile device; get ready for notifications, in case you want to deactivate them you can do it from the application itself without having to lower the general volume.

Can’t log in? Try these solutions

If you have not logged in for a long time or have logged in from a place that you have never done before, you may run into problems. The most common have a quick solution, we are going to describe them below and, don’t worry, we will also add the solution to each one.

  • You have forgotten your account password.
    If you have forgotten your password, for whatever reason, then you should simply enterthis link will take you to the Facebook page; In the field that appears, you must enter your email or phone number. If the data you have entered is correct, in the case of email, they will send you a code that you have to enter and then reset the password; If you have inserted a phone, you will check a message with a code that will also allow you to recover your account.
  • You have problems with your email or phone number.
    If you have forgotten or lost the email or phone number associated with your account, you can try to retrieve it through your email provider or the trusted contacts feature. You must have configured this last option before losing access to your account. If yes, then clickhere to try to recover your account through trusted contacts.
  • Your login details were changed due to a hack.
    If you can’t log into Messenger because your email, phone or password was changed by a hacker, don’t lose your cool and keep reading. Onthis link, you can report that your account is compromised. Also, if someone has changed your email, Facebook will send you a message that will notify you about this, if in fact you have not made the changes, you can revert them.

These are the most common problems that can arise when you log in, if yours is listed here and you were able to solve it, excellent. If not, you can go to the Messenger helpdesk by doingclick here.

Tips for secure login

Before logging in with your Messenger account from any platform, you should take into account some guidelines that will help you keep your information and conversations safe.

  • Change your password frequently.
    In InfoCuentas we recommend you change your password frequently, it can be every 15 days, month or quarter, as you decide; but, you need to change it to prevent a hacker or an acquaintance, who wants to snoop your conversations, from guessing it. To change the password, you can do it through Facebook in the security section.
  • Avoid saving the password on a foreign device.
    Out of boredom or necessity, you may have to use someone else’s phone or PC; The only thing you have to make sure before logging in is not to leave the password saved in the browser’s history, or to check the ” Keep me logged in ” box.
  • Keep your device virus free.
    Whether it is your mobile phone or PC, you must keep it free of viruses, using an antivirus with the latest version and the updated database or being careful with what you download and the pages you enter. It is important, since they can steal your login details not only from Messenger, but also from all your accounts.

These tips will help you keep your account safe, but stay tuned all the time, as someone could even be watching you as you enter your password and you don’t realize it.

About Messenger

Messenger is a multiplatform instant messaging service that originated in 2008 when it served as Facebook’s integrated messaging tool, then under the name Facebook Chat. As of 2011, Facebook began to launch applications for all mobile operating systems, changed the name of the application to the one it currently has, and decided to make it independent from the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg’s move went really well, since at the time this messaging application was separated from the social network Facebook, it began to have a meteoric growth of users. In 2015, Messenger had 600 million users; by the following year, it already had 900 million, and today, it already has more than 1,300 million active users.

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