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How to download WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that uses an internet connection, and allows you to communicate through written messages, voice messages, videos or calls. It is very versatile and complete, and considered the most popular messaging in the world. We are going to show you how to download WhatsApp for free on any of the devices you have.

It is a very secure messaging platform, in which you do not have to pay any fees or subscription. You can create groups, or participate in groups created by your acquaintances. You can call and receive calls, make video calls, and you can even synchronize all your devices to communicate on any of them.

Next, we will show you all the download options of the WhatsApp Application. It is available to download on any PC, whether with Windows or MacOS, and on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. In none of these platforms will be charged a fee or subscription.

Download for Android

WhatsApp for Android can be found in the Google Play application store . You must have at least version 4.0.3 on your mobile phone to access the download without problems. This application is one of the most requested worldwide with more than 5 billion downloads. An atrocity!

WhatsApp has a lot of functions, in which are the sending and receiving of photos, documents, videos and voice files. It has a great capacity for accepting multimedia files. You can also receive and make calls and video calls, with just an internet connection without additional phone plans.

WhatsApp on Google Play is updated accordingly to keep the large number of connected people active and smooth. It has a great acceptance and popularity, and it is very easy and fast to download. Its users give it a great rating.

Download WhatsApp for Android

Download .APK

You can also download WhatsApp on its official page, in case you do not want to enter Google Play. The file downloaded in this way is an .APK.

WhatsApp for Android on the Official Page.

If you do not want to download WhatsApp from the Google Play application store, or from its official site, you can directly download the APK from the site As in Google Play, to download and have no problems, you must have Android 4.0.3+.

Download for iOS

WhatsApp for iOS is available in the Apple App Store and is compatible only for iPhone. Requires minimum iOS 9.0. It has the same functions as its Android version, giving you the freedom of instant messages of all kinds, calls and video calls.

You can transfer multimedia files by WhatsApp such as documents, photos, videos and voice files. You can also create the famous WhatsApp groups or belong and chat in a group of acquaintances, asking to be added. WhatsApp does not require additional usernames or extra codes to work. Just your phone number is enough.

To download WhatsApp for iOS, you just have to go to the Apple store on your iPhone, the App Store, and download the application. This application does not require payment of any fee or subscription. It is only recommended to have iOS 9.0+ and a good internet connection.

Download WhatsApp for iOS

Download for PC

To have WhatsApp on your personal computer, you must download its desktop version called WhatsApp Desktop. This application works as an extension of your application downloaded on your mobile, and you can synchronize the messages on both devices.

Before, Android emulators were needed to be able to enjoy WhatsApp on your PC, but over time, the developers noticed that it was in great demand and created this version. You just have to take into account the operating system of your PC to proceed with the download.

If your PC has a Windows operating system, you must download WhatsApp for Windows, in the next button.

Download WhatsApp for Windows

If your PC is a MAC, it has Apple’s operating system, MacOS, you must download WhatsApp for MacOS, in the next button.

Download WhatsApp for MacOS

In both cases, you must do the following procedure after downloading.

  • You must open WhatsApp Desktop. This will ask you to scan the QR Code with your mobile to link the two devices.
  • Enter the application from your mobile. In the menu, you must choose WhatsApp Web. The app will open your device’s camera to scan.
  • Bring your device closer to the PC and point to the QR Code that the application shows you on the PC, and scan.

Ready, you already have WhatsApp available on your PC, and it will be synchronized with your mobile version.

Other Platforms

You can also download WhatsApp in browser versions. It is also known in this world as WhatsApp online. With these versions, you don’t need to download anything to your computer.

WhatsApp in Browsers. Enter toWhatsApp Web through your favorite browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge, and perform the same steps to scan the QR code from your mobile phone.

After scanning the QR code from your mobile, the WhatsApp version of your browser will remain, linked to that of your mobile. To use WhatsApp Web, you must have the application open on your mobile phone. When closing the application, your browser version is completely lost.

You should also bear in mind that the WhatsApp version of your mobile must be updated so that the browser version does not have problems or bugs. When updating your mobile version, the browser version is lost, and you must scan the QR code again.

You can also open WhatsApp Web on a tablet, doing the whole process as if it were a PC. But you must take into account the same update issues and keep WhatsApp open in your mobile version. If you plan to use WhatsApp on a tablet, we recommend using the Chrome browser that has fewer problems.

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