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How to download WhatsApp for PC: Windows or Mac

If you want to download WhatsApp for the PC either with Windows or Mac Operating System, you should know that you have different alternatives to do it. Starting with the official page of the application, from where you can obtain the version that corresponds to the type of processor you have on your computer (32bits or 64bits). Which are described throughout this text to help you install the desktop variant of the popular instant messaging app.

In this sense, it is important to mention that you can download WhatsApp for computers with Windows Operating System from two different sources: the Microsoft store or the browser. Now, for the latter you will need to go to the manufacturer’s website. On the other hand, in the case of Mac OS, you only have an online alternative since this OS does not have its own store. To know all the options that you have at your fingertips, keep reading.

On Windows computers

Users with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 have an additional advantage over those who use another version or another Operating System. Since they can download WhatsApp for PC from the Microsoft store or go to the official website of the developer. Learn about the process to follow in each one, below.

From the official page

If you use Windows on your computer, you have the option to download WhatsApp from the browser of your choice, by entering yourofficial website. In this sense, to download the desktop version of this app to your computer, you must follow the procedure described below:

  1. Access the official WhatsApp page. Note : the page will automatically recognize the type of OS running on your computer. However, you can doclick here if your computer is 32-bit or,here, if you use a 64-bit computer.
  2. Select a folder to store the file and press ” Save.”
  3. Wait while the download finishes and when this happens, go to the containing folder and double click on the ” WhatsAppSetup ” file .
  4. Complete the installation process and, once completed, you will be able to synchronize your Smartphone with your computer to open your WhatsApp account on your PC.

Note : To link both devices you must follow the path WhatsApp> Menu (the three vertical dots)> WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code that is displayed on the computer screen. Make sure both computers have an Internet connection.

If you followed all the steps correctly, you will have installed WhatsApp for PC correctly on your computer.

From Microsoft Store

The main function of this tool is to allow the quick installation of applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or similar. It is available for Windows 7 and later systems. Therefore, if you have a Windows Operating System with any of these versions, you can go directly to Microsoft Store and follow these steps to download WhatsApp to your computer:

  1. Open the Microsoft store.
  2. In the option ” Search ” (on its left it has the icon of a magnifying glass) write “WhatsApp” and select the first option that appears.
  3. Click ” Install “.
  4. When the application has installed, press ” Start.”
  5. The desktop version of WhatsApp will open with a QR code available for scanning.

Finally, go to the ” WhatsApp Web ” option on your phone and point the device’s camera at the computer screen to pair both devices. To achieve this, it is important that both computers have a stable Internet connection.

On Mac computers

If you have a computer with a Mac Operating System, you should go toWhatsApp official website or clickthis link to download the
app for versions 10.10 or later. The installation process in this OS is basically the same as that explained in the procedure for Windows computers.

In this sense, once you have the .dmg file on your computer, proceed to execute it and follow the necessary steps to complete the process. Later, open WhatsApp on your iOS mobile and scan the QR code that will appear on the computer screen to synchronize both devices and access all chats, contacts or files.

Additional alternative

As an additional alternative to download WhatsApp to your computer, you can use an emulator compatible with iOS or Windows. This is a software that “tricks” the Operating System of your computer, giving it a momentary appearance of a Smartphone, to install any application that can only be used on mobile phones.

Now, one of the most recommended for this task is BlueStacks, which can be downloaded for free from their website. With it, you can download WhatsApp from the Play Store or App Store (depending on the Operating System of your computer) and use it just as you would on your cell phone. It is worth mentioning that this emulator is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Advantages of using WhatsApp for desktop

Having the desktop version of WhatsApp greatly optimizes management time and more when working directly on the computer. You do not have to constantly check the phone since the messages arrive in real time. You just have to open the application on the PC, reply to the received message and continue with the work on your computer.

Also, unlike WhatsApp Web, the QR code scan will only be done once. Then it will save the synchronization so that you always receive the messages every time you open the application on the PC.

Similarly, all the files you have on your computer can be sent directly through the application, without the need to occupy storage space on your phone. In this way you will not saturate the memory of your device when downloading or storing multimedia files.


It should be noted that downloading WhatsApp for PC is just one way to have WhatsApp Web available on your desktop. Its operation remains the same, that is, it needs both the phone and the PC to have a good Internet connection to be able to synchronize the messages received. Also, for it to work properly, the cell phone must be turned on, otherwise you will not be able to view the conversations or access the desktop version.

With all the steps that have been mentioned, you can download WhatsApp for PC quickly and easily. You choose the one that best suits your needs and the conditions of your computer. With this tool you will have better time optimization if you work most of the time on a PC.

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