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How to create emojis on Discord

The messages written across applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and email have had a transformation with the passing of the years. Now words are not enough to express feelings or emotions, and that is why emojis have been created . These are small figures that represent the faces of sadness, happiness, anger, anguish, etc. Even emojis, in addition to expressing feelings, show your tastes or the activities you are doing.

A two-line message can be summed up in an emoji, which is why they are so practical and useful in this digital age. In applications like Discord, you can create your own emojis to add a more personal touch to your conversations. In this article you will learn how to create emojis in Discord with images and manually. You will also know how to upload them to the platform or delete them if you no longer want them.

Design emojis

The creation of emoji to send to your friends during talks in Discord is a very simple task. You only have to define which method you want to apply to elaborate this figure, and once you have it created, you can upload it in the application in short steps. To do this, you must take into account certain requirements before creating an emoji for Discord and these are:

  • The file must not exceed 256kb in weight.
  • The name of the emoji must be 2 alphanumeric characters.
  • For a functional resolution the best dimension is 32×32, although it supports dimensions up to 500px wide. This will not affect the size of the emoji.

You will be able to upload and use your emojis only on the servers where you are an administrator. If you want to see them in any other chat or group, you must purchase or subscribe toDiscord Nitro. If you use the emoji in another community, only the text code (the name) of the figure will appear.


Once you have in mind the conditions to start creating emojis, you can resort to the manual way of elaboration if you have skills to handle programs such as Paint, Pixlr, PicPick, etc. You can start by adding a totally personalized design or resort to the traditional form of emojis (yellow circle). In this case, Paint will be used to make the figure and then it will be edited with Pixlr to remove the white background. To use this method, observe the following steps:

  1. Open Paint (or your favorite image editing program).
  2. Spread the sheet in a dimension of 470×400.
  3. Choose a shape in ” Shapes.”
  4. Choose a color. Color 1 is for the outline of the figure and color 2 is for the fill.
  5. Click on ” Fill ” and select ” Solid Color “.
  6. Make shapes the size of the sheet and combine them to shape the emoji.
  7. When you’re done with emoji, press on ” File “. Then choose the ” Save as ” section.
  8. In this you will have the possibility to choose the format, we recommend saving it as ” PNG Image “.
  9. Choose a name for the emojis and press ” Save.”

Emojis with custom images

Both for emojis made in Paint and for custom images, it is necessary to remove the white background from them. The steps that will be explained below work in the same way to create a transparent background for both figures. Regarding the images, you only have to choose one of your preference and save it on your computer, to later edit it in a program of your choice. In this case, Pixlr will be used to perform the procedure:

  1. Opens Pixlr E.
  2. Click on ” Open the image “.
  3. Choose ” Small Web “.
  4. Select ” Create.”
  5. Find the image on your computer and click on ” Open “. Then double click on the padlock shape.
  6. Go to ” Selection Rod “.
  7. Click on the blank space in the image.
  8. Press the ” Delete ” key. You will see that the background of the image has now disappeared.
  9. Press “File” and select “Save.”
  10. Choose a name, PNG format and click ” Download .

Upload emojis to Discord

When you have created all the emojis you can quickly upload them to Discord to start using them in your conversations. Remember that emojis will be used only on the server where you choose to upload them. Once this is clarified, we will proceed to detail the process to upload the emojis to Discord :

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Choose the server where you are an administrator.
  3. Press the arrow on the right side of the server name.
  4. Select ” Server Settings.”
  5. Click on ” Emojis “.
  6. Click on ” Upload emoji “.
  7. Find the emojis you have created and click on ” Open “.
  8. Choose a name for the emojis and press ” Esc.”
  9. Go to chat and type a colon (:) followed by the name you chose for the emoji. A list of names will appear.
  10. Select it and pressEnter.”

Delete emojis

If you have created new figures and you want to eliminate emojis that are already obsolete or out of fashion, you only have to resort to certain steps that have been explained previously. In that sense, follow this route that you will see below:

  1. Select the server where you uploaded the emojis.
  2. Press the arrow next to their name.
  3. Choose ” Server Settings.”
  4. Press ” Emojis “.
  5. Place your cursor over the emoji you’ve uploaded and press the ” X ” that is the end in the upper right corner.

As you can see, now you can delete, upload and create emojis in Discord with two totally easy and simple ways. It takes a little time but with practice you can do them quickly. Remember to take into account the weight of the images and the dimensions of the same so that they have an adequate size within the chat.

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