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How to create a WhatsApp group on iOS and Android

To create a group in WhatsApp from an Android, you just have to open the app and press the three vertical dots and then select the option ” New group “. In the case of iOS phones , you must open the chats tab and click on ” Create group “. The creation of groups in this app is a quick and immediate way to send and manage the same information to several people belonging to a particular interest, topic or trade.

In view of this, in this post you will see the steps you must follow to create a group on WhatsApp from an Android or iOS phone and on WhatsApp Web. You will automatically be the group administrator and you will be able to select those who will help you maintain order and add other people. In this way, you will have at your disposal a functional tool that you can use in both academic and work projects.

From Android

Creating a new WhatsApp group from an Android is one of the easiest processes you can do in the app. Therefore, the steps you must take to achieve this will be explained below:

  1. Open WhatsApp and press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Select ” New group.”
  3. Choose the group participants by pressing each contact you want to add.
  4. Then, press the arrow with the green circle located in the lower right corner.
  5. Write the name of the group.
  6. If you want to add a photo, press the camera icon.
  7. Search your gallery and select the image of your preference.
  8. Once everything is ready, you just have to press the button with the ” check ” in the green circle.

Note: You can also press theNew chaticon. The ” New Group ” option will appear . You just have to press it and follow all the steps that have been mentioned.

Edit the information

Once you’ve created the group, you can edit the information to tell members about the group’s rules and regulations or what its main objective is. Therefore, the steps to be taken to edit the information in a WhatsApp group from an Android will be explained here :

  1. Open the group that you have created or in which you are an administrator.
  2. Click on the name at the top of the screen.
  3. Press ” Add a description of the group.”
  4. Once you have finished the description, press “ OK ”.

Note: If you want to change the name of the group, click on the pencil icon to write a new name.

Send invitation link

You can add more people to the group if they are registered in your contacts, if you have designated other people as administrators, or if you send a direct invite link. To perform this last action on an Android device, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the group that you have created or in which you have been added as an administrator and click on its name.
  2. Swipe and find ” Group Invitation Link.”
  3. Decide what action you want to do with the link. You can send it by WhatsApp, share it or copy it to paste it on other platforms.

Assign other administrators

If you want to designate other people as administrators of the WhatsApp group that you have created so that they can help you maintain control and can add more members, you have to carry out the process that will be mentioned below:

  1. Enter the group that you created or have been assigned as administrator and press the name to enter the group information.
  2. Swipe and locate the contact whom you want to designate as administrator. Then press and hold their name until a drop-down menu appears. Select “ Designate as admin. of the group ”.

Note: If you want to remove the benefit from some members that you have chosen as administrators, you just have to follow the same steps, but in the last step you must choose the option ” Dismiss as admin “.

From iOS

The process to create a WhatsApp group from an iOS device is a bit different because the application has a different interface for these phones. In view of this, the steps you must follow to perform this action will be explained:

  1. Enter WhatsApp and open the ” Chats ” tab .
  2. Click on ” New chat “. If you already have conversations open, skip this step and automatically move on to the next one.
  3. Select ” Create group.”
  4. Add to the contacts you want and press ” Next.”
  5. Defines the name of the group (no more than 25 characters).
  6. Incorporate an image if you want.
  7. When finished, click ” Create “.

Edit the information

To edit the information of a WhatsApp group from an iOS device, you will only have to follow the steps that will be demonstrated below:

  1. Enter the ” Chats ” tab and click on the group name.
  2. Press the group name again.
  3. Enter a new name and press ” OK.”

Send invitation link

Sending the invitation link of a WhatsApp group through an iOS cell phone is extremely simple. It has a similar process to that of Android phones, but due to its different design, the steps usually change a bit. Therefore, it will be detailed below:

  1. Enter the WhatsApp group chat and click on the group’s name.
  2. Click on ” Group invitation link “.
  3. Choose between ” Share link “, ” Copy link ” or ” QR Code “. Then send it to the people of your choice.

Assign other administrators

As WhatsApp has a different interface on iOS devices, the process for assigning other administrators to a WhatsApp group changes a bit compared to Android phones. In view of this, the process will be explained in the following steps:

  1. In WhatsApp, go to ” Chats ” and press the name of the group chat.
  2. Swipe and choose “Group Settings.”
  3. Select “ Designate admin. of the group ”.

Note: It is important to mention that when creating a new WhatsApp group, an automatic list of all the members will be made and you will appear first as ” Administrator “. If for some reason you decide to leave the group and have not assigned other managers, the new manager will be the person after you on the list.

From WhatsApp Web

You can also create a group from WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Web desktop version. To do this, you just have to follow the steps that will be described below:

  1. Open ” WhatsApp Web ” through thislink.
  2. Enter WhatsApp on your phone and press the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose ” WhatsApp Web “.
  4. With your phone, scan the QR code that will appear on the WhatsApp website.
  5. Now, being in ” WhatsApp Web “, click on the three vertical dots and choose ” New group “.
  6. Select the members or participants of the group and press the green arrow to continue.
  7. Choose a name for the group and, if you wish, add an image. When everything is ready, press thecheckicon.

In this post you have seen how to create a WhatsApp group on Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web. As you can see, the procedure is not difficult. You only have to have registered and saved the number of some participants to start adding them. In case you don’t have them, you can name multiple administrators to add the remaining people without having to register them in your directory.

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