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How to compress videos to send them by WhatsApp

Despite being one of the most popular applications in the world, WhatsApp has certain disadvantages or limitations compared to others of the same style. Among these are the weight limit for video sharing in chat, which is only 16 MB. Which is why many people choose to compress their files and thus be able to send large files such as movies.

In this sense, using applications available in the official Android or iOS store seems the best alternative, since they are easy to use and do not take up a lot of space on the phone. However, there are several options on the web that you could use to compress videos to send via WhatsApp, such as Clipchamp. Which are described throughout this post, to learn more continue reading.

On Android devices

Within Google Play, you will find a wide variety of applications that promise to compress your .MP4 files successfully. However, many of them end up lowering the quality of the file or not compressing enough. However, there are still some that are the exception, such as Video Compressor, which will be explained below.

This application is ideal for compressing large videos for free. It considerably reduces the weight of the files to send them by WhatsApp. The process to use it is very simple and, compared to other similar tools,Video Compressor – Video to MP3 Converter is much more efficient. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Install the application on your cell phone and open it.
  2. Press ” Compress.”
  3. Select the video you want to compress.
  4. Choose the output size of the file. The application offers you in detail, saving space for each one of them.
  5. Press ” Save “.
  6. Give the file a name and hit ” Compress.”

Wait while the process finishes. When everything is over, look for the video in your gallery and share it on WhatsApp. Remember to delete the original file on the cell phone to save space on the device.

Video to MP3 Converter

This app is extremely simple to use, with a very intuitive interface. You can compress videos of all kinds and get excellent quality to share with your WhatsApp contacts. So it is an option to consider. You can quickly carry out this task. To download this app, you can doclick here.

In this way, you will be able to considerably reduce the weight of your files to be able to send them to your contact list on WhatsApp, without having to divide them into several parts. Something you should know is that, in this app, you must be premium to be able to compress videos in UHD or 4K quality. In the same way, its free version has several limitations.

On iOS devices

For Apple industry devices there are also applications to compress videos and, although previously most were paid, this changed. So it is possible to find apps likeBulk Video Compressor, which allows you to greatly reduce the weight of .MP4 files stored on your terminal.

Video compressor
Developer: Advantage Inc.
Price: Free +

You can quickly download it from the App Store. Its interface, although it is in English, is very easy to understand. You just have to load the file, select the audio / video quality and wait for the program to do the rest.

Online alternatives

If you prefer to compress files on the Internet and then share them through the web version of WhatsApp or download them to your mobile to send them, it is also possible with the help of online tools. Among the best known isClipchamp, a multiplatform that, in addition to reducing the weight of the videos, incorporates other functions such as trimming and editing. To use it you just have to follow the steps explained below:

  1. Access the online compressor and click ” Start Now “.
  2. Click on ” Convert My Video.”
  3. Select the file and click ” Open “.
  4. Click the drop – down menu ” I want to optimize (I Want to Optimize for)” to select the size of the video and choose “option Mobile “.
    Note : In case you want to modify more advanced aspects such as video resolution, output format or quality, click on ” Customize settings “.
  5. Click on ” Start ” to start compression.

Wait while the tool completes the job. At the end you can download your file or share it from the platform, if you wish.

Video Online Convert

This platform allows you to convert and compress videos online for free. The procedure is simple, you load the file, select the output format and size, and finally, simply wait for the compression to finish. With you can choose between different formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, FLV, AVI, etc.


With this tool you can compress and decompress .MP4 files at no cost, without charges, without registration. In addition, it supports multiple languages, the advantage ofFiles2zip means that it has no weight limit, on the contrary, it supports large videos and even allows you to make collages (gather several in one). So this website is an excellent alternative for what you are looking for.

Using any of these tools you will get the result you are looking for, without losing quality in your files. Remember to select an appropriate output format to share on WhatsApp, also adjust the resolution to the best possible.

It is also important that you take into account that, the larger the size, the more the final result will weigh. However, online applications and platforms will help you get what you want, with the minimum of effort and, best of all, without taking up more space than necessary on the device.



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