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How to change the font or typography in WhatsApp

With the constant changes in the WhatsApp platform, changing the font in conversations has become very popular. And, in addition to modifying the appearance of the typeface to make it bold, italic, strikethrough or monospaced, there is also the possibility of transforming the font to another style. Now, what are the ways to do this on the cell phone?

Very simple, there are several applications that you can use to change the font on WhatsApp, quickly and effectively. In this sense, the most popular of them isStylish Text, a free app, available on Google Play, but there are also other free alternatives that you can use from your mobile browser. Learn how to use each of these options below.

Using Stylish Text

You should know that, to modify the typography of WhatsApp using Stylish Text, you have three different alternatives. The first is from the application itself, while the second is used from WhatsApp and the last, using the floating bubble of the app. However, to be able to use any of these, the first thing you will have to do is go to the official application store ofGoogle oriOS and download the app to your cell phone.

From the application itself

To change the WhatsApp font from the Stylish Text application, you must open the app and follow the steps described below:

  1. Write the message you will send in the blank field located at the top.
  2. Find the style you want to use in the list .
  3. Click on the WhatsApp icon located next to the text format.
  4. This will automatically take you to WhatsApp, select the contact you want to send the message to.
  5. The style you selected will automatically appear in the text window.

In this simple way you can change the style of the text in WhatsApp from the Stylish Text interface. Now, to use any of the other options, keep reading.

From WhatsApp or another application

You can change the font of WhatsApp or another application using Stylish Text, accessing the chat in question and following the procedure that you will see below:

  1. Write the text you want.
  2. Select the text in question and click on the icon with the three horizontal bars or the three vertical dots, depending on how it appears on your mobile.
  3. Select ” Stylish Text “.
  4. Choose the style that you like the most.
  5. You will be able to see the new type of letters in the message window.

Finally, send your message. As you can see, it is a more practical and faster option to modify the text in your WhatsApp messages using the aforementioned application.

Using the Stylish Text bubble

You should know that this application incorporates a function that allows you to activate a pop-up bubble that will appear every time you are writing a message in an app, such as WhatsApp. By clicking on it you will be able to change the text format in a few seconds, without having to go to the Stylish Text interface.

Now, to activate this function you will have to open Stylish Text and click on the app icon, located at the bottom. Once you do, activate the ” Floating Bubble ” toggle and everything is good to go.

Using WhatsApp options

As is known, WhatsApp includes among its functions the change of format or font in the messages, thereby allowing the use of bold, italic, strikethrough or monospaced. Now, in order to use it, you must use special codes or commands that include writing between symbols. In the same way, you have the option to select the text in question and open the drop-down menu to choose the style you want.

To have a clearer idea, below is how to write each of the text formats in WhatsApp. Keep in mind that you can combine 2 or more styles, respecting the way of writing:

Using other alternatives

In addition to Stylish Text, there are also other alternatives on Google Play or App Store that you can use to change WhatsApp’s typography quickly, such as Fancy Text (available forAndroid oriOS ) or Fonts (which can be found iniOS orAndroid ). Similarly, some sites on the Internet, such asfsymbols, allow you to modify or generate different text formats to use in different instant messaging applications or social networks.

Developer: Fonts ApS
Price: Free +

In conclusion, changing the style or font in WhatsApp is very simple with the help of the correct tools. Whether you want to use the format preset by the app or something more fun and attractive, following the advice described in this text, you can achieve it quickly without much effort.


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