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How to be online on WhatsApp and send messages without being seen connected

Being able to read WhatsApp messages or be online without being seen connected is very simple, however, some users do not know how to do it. Therefore, in the following post, the methods you can use to achieve it are explained. Now, it is important that you bear in mind that some of the techniques to use also apply to prevent you from seeing the information of others.

In this sense, the options to be online without being seen connected or read messages without them noticing, is by modifying the privacy settings of the app. In the same way, using airplane mode, the WhatsApp widget or reading and replying to messages from the notification panel, will allow you to prevent others from noticing your presence. To know everything about the subject, continue reading the next post.

Changing privacy settings

You should know that WhatsApp has privacy settings that allow you to prevent others from seeing your last connection time or the confirmation of reading messages. Through these options you will ensure that everyone, your contacts or no one, can access the information in question. However, it is important to clarify that this will also affect you.

That is, when activating any of the aforementioned settings, the modifications will prevent you from seeing the same data in other people. To do this you must follow the path WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy. There you can select who can see your last connection time, your profile picture, your profile information, your status and even the confirmation of reading the messages.

Activating airplane mode

This method is quite useful for reading messages and replying to those that you consider important, without other contacts on your list noticing that you are online. Carrying out it is very simple, when you receive a notification, activate the airplane mode and proceed to review your chats. Don’t worry, no one will notice your connection, as your mobile data will be disabled.

Once you’re done, deactivate airplane mode again to continue receiving messages and continue with your activities on your cell phone. You can do this as many times as you want, now make sure to reply to your contacts while the offline profile is activated. With this method you will have a momentary “invisibility” that will help you to go unnoticed on WhatsApp.

Reading from the notification panel

Another alternative that you can try so that no one notices that you are online, is to read and respond to messages from the notifications panel of your cell phone or use the pop-up notifications. Which allow you to reply to your contacts without others noticing your connection. In this sense, for the first of these options you must lower the mobile alert bar and press the ” Reply ” option .

While, to activate WhatsApp notifications or pop-ups, you must follow the path WhatsApp> Settings> Notifications> Pop-up notification. Then, select the option that best suits your needs and exit the application.

Using the WhatsApp Widget

As a last option to be online and read messages without them noticing, there is the WhatsApp Widget. This is a quick shortcut that is placed on the mobile screen and allows you to view the unread chats of the application. Now, it is important to mention that it will only show you a fragment of the text, so, in the case of long texts, you will not be able to read them in full.

In the same way, you cannot reply from this window, because when you click on any of the messages, it will automatically open in WhatsApp and you will appear connected or “online” for all your contacts. To add it you will have to hold down the mobile screen for a few seconds, then press ” Widgets ” and slide until you find ” WhatsApp 4×2 “. Finally, click on it and drag it to the place where you want to leave it.

Using third party apps

In the Marketplace there are many applications that allow you to hide your connection on WhatsApp and view messages without anyone noticing your presence. Among the most popular in this category isUnseen, with which you can open your chats and read them without being marked as “seen” in the original conversation window.

Installing it is very simple, because you only have to grant some permissions and establish the applications in which you want to go unnoticed. Once this is done, every time you receive a new message, you can read it from Unseen without the sender noticing that you did. Now, it is important to clarify that it does not allow you to view photographs and neither respond from your platform. But, it will be useful to know what the text is about without having to go to WhatsApp.

In addition to this, there are also others available on Google Play that are designed with the same purpose, among which we can mention:Ghosted eInvisible. Both with features and functions similar to Unseen, free and compatible with most Android devices.

Invisibles: message not seen
Developer: GreatStuffApps
Price: Free

As you can see, the options to read messages or be online on WhatsApp without realizing it are very varied. You only have to take into account the limitations or observations in each of the methods, to avoid errors.


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