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How to backup WhatsApp

Making Backup of WhatsApp is quite simple, although the procedure varies depending on the Operating System of your mobile device. Next, you will find a post on how to create a backup on Android or iOS to protect your conversations, voice messages, multimedia files and other data from your WhatsApp account. By doing so, you will be able to recover all the information even if you uninstall the application and reinstall or even if you change your mobile.

In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize that the destination location for Android backup and the one used by an iPhone is different. Therefore, recovering the data when changing devices becomes complicated if it is also from a different Operating System. This topic will be expanded in detail in this article and you will know the alternatives that you can use to keep your WhatsApp data if for any reason you change from Android or iOS or vice versa.

On Android

The WhatsApp Backup on Android is saved in the Google Drive storage. This is used to preserve the information of chats, photos, and other multimedia files when changing devices. To achieve this, you simply have to meet the requirements and perform the following procedure.

Previous requirements

To make a backup of WhatsApp through Google Drive, it is necessary to meet certain basic requirements, which are the following:

  • Have a Google account set up on the phone. This is achieved through the device Settings, you just have to go to ” Accounts “> ” Add account “> ” Google ” and enter the data required to synchronize. However, most users do this syncing when they turn on the device for the first time.
  • Have Google Play Services installed on your mobile device: some Asian-brand Android phones have been disconnected from Google services and therefore are not pre-installed. The user’s option in these cases is to download the .APK file and install it manually.
  • Have free storage space for backup.
  • Have a stable and quality Internet connection, otherwise an error could occur during the copy and the process becomes complicated.

Procedure to follow

In the event that you meet all the aforementioned requirements, you can make a Backup of your WhatsApp data and conversations on Android. Just open the app on your device and perform the steps shown below:

  1. Enter the options menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select ” Settings.”
  3. Click on ” Chats “.
  4. Click on ” Backup “.
  5. Next, you must make the settings for the backup: * Press the ” Save to Google ” button. You will need to select a frequency with which you want to backup. It can be any of the available ones excluding the one that says never.

    * In the ” Google Account ” section , select the account you want to use for backup. If you have not linked one, you must do so, since the same application will request it. Simply enter the necessary data.

    * You will see an option that says ” Save using ” and you will have to choose the type of network with which you will make the backup. Selecting “ Wi-Fi only ” is recommended .

    * At the end of everything you will see a button that with turning it on or off, you can indicate whether or not you want to include the videos. In this sense, it is important to consider that making a backup of the videos will increase data consumption and the required storage space.

  6. To finish, press the green ” Save ” button.

This process will only be necessary the first time, as the data remains recorded on the device. Later you will only have to press ” Save ” if you need to make a Backup outside of the predetermined periods.

On iOS

The backup on iOS WhatsApp stored in your iCloud account. By uninstalling and reinstalling or changing devices, you will be able to recover shared conversations and multimedia files, including videos depending on the configuration you choose. Here are the steps you must follow to do this:

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application and press the settings icon located in the lower right corner.
  2. Once in the configuration menu, press ” Chats “.
  3. Click on ” Backup “.
  4. In this section you will see the different options to configure, the button to include videos in the backup and the option to schedule a periodic Backup. You will simply have to configure this part depending on your preferences.
  5. Finally press the option ” Make a copy now “.

These are the only steps necessary to backup your iOS mobile device. The only precaution to consider is: turn off mobile data to prevent the process from being carried out with them, as they could run out. If you want, you can see the steps in the following YouTube tutorial:

Change from one Operating System to another

The steps to make WhatsApp Backup mentioned above are only used to protect and transfer the data only when you want to change to another mobile of the same Operating System. This occurs because Android saves the backup to Google Drive, while iOS uses iCloud.

For this reason, if you want to recover your data and transfer it to a mobile device with a different Operating System, it will be necessary to use a third-party program. However, the downside is that most of the alternatives are paid. Among the software most recommended by users are the following:

Dr. Fone

This is one of the few free options that exist to extract the WhatsApp Backup from your mobile device and transfer it to a new one in which you want to manage your account. The process is simple as it consists of copying the data on the computer and later moving it to the other, through a USB connection.

To download this program you must follow the followinglink to the official page and click on the corresponding button depending on whether you use a Windows computer or a Mac. Below is a video tutorial on using Dr. Fone to transfer WhatsApp Backup between devices:


One of the best paid options for transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone and vice versa. To acquire the user license follow thislink to the official website, where you can see the price for 1 month of license, 1 year of license and for the permanent license. Below you will find a short video tutorial about its use:

As you can see, the process to make a backup of WhatsApp is simple. However, it is necessary to use third-party programs when you need to change from an Android device to an iOS one or vice versa. With the help of this article you will be able to Backup your WhatsApp conversations without any problem.

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