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How to add friends on Discord

On Discord you can connect with millions of people who also play online or share similar likes through different servers. Communications are given through an online chat in which you can send audios, videos and texts. If you play or share with people in a particular community on a daily basis, it is normal that you want to send them a message directly or a friend request.

For this reason, in this tutorial you will learn how to add friends on Discord quickly and easily. You will find 3 totally practical ways to add people to your contact list, and you will also see the process to eliminate or block those who bother on the servers. Likewise, it will teach you how to block and cancel friend requests sent to the wrong people in the application.

Add friends

Online games allow you to meet many people with whom you can keep in touch, not just to share video games. By adding them directly to your friends list you can communicate privately, or talk simultaneously while playing. Discord offers the ability to add a particular person as a friend or send them a direct message to start the conversation.

If a close friend has also downloaded the application, it will only be necessary to ask for their username, go to their profile or right click to add and start sharing content in online chat. In light of that, here are the 3 ways to add friends on Discord :

Using username and DiscordTag number

The username is the one you create when you register with Discord, and the DiscordTag number is a unique identification code consisting of 4 digits which is assigned by the application itself. By having this data it is possible to locate the person in Discord and for this, you only have to observe these steps:

  1. Click on ” Friends “.
  2. Click on ” Add friend “.
  3. You will see a window that asks you to write the user name followed by the symbol pound (#) and the digits corresponding to the DiscordTag. An example would be Party # 2154.
  4. When you have written the user click on ” Send friend request “.
  5. You will see a message in green indicating that the friend request has been sent to the user you searched for.
  6. In case the request has not been sent, a new window will appear titled “ Friendship request failed ” in which you will be prompted to check the spelling, upper and lower case letters, numbers, etc.

The user information and DiscordTag can watch for revising the profile of a person in the application. If you memorize this information, you can send him a friend request using these steps, but there are also 2 other ways to do it directly.

Right clicking on the profile

It is a direct method in which you will only have to right click on the image of the user that you want to add to your friends list. If the option does not appear, it may be due to the configuration that the other user has about who can send friend requests. Anyway, see how you can add friends using these steps:

  1. Locate the user you want to add.
  2. Right click to display the options menu.
  3. Click on ” Add friend “.
  4. To check that the request has been submitted, go to ” Start “.
  5. Click on ” Friends “.
  6. Select the ” Pending ” section.
  7. You will see all the people you have added and you will find the “ Outgoing Friend Request ” message .

From the user profile

It is a simple way to be able to send the friend request directly and without any problem through any application server. You just have to go directly to the person’s profile and locate the button to add as a friend. If you want to use this method, take a look at these steps:

  1. Left click on the profile you want to add.
  2. Go to the user’s photo and click on ” View profile “.
  3. Click on ” Send friend request “.
  4. If it has been sent successfully, “ Friend request sent ” will appear.

Cancel friend request

A lower case, upper case, space, or a different number in the search can return a totally different user in the results. In case you have the wrong user and you have sent a friend request to the wrong person, you can cancel it in a few steps:

  1. Go to ” Start “.
  2. Click on ” Friends “.
  3. Locate the option ” Pending.”
  4. Find the wrong friend request and press the ” X ” in the far right of the screen.

At the press on the X (which means cancel) automatically the friend request sent will remove the person. Similarly, if the person sends you a direct message, you can tell them that it was a search confusion.

Block users

If a particular contact is spamming chat or is found sending offensive content that is not of interest to you, you can block them from your friends list, which Discord will translate as removing the person from your friends list. If you need to do this, take note of these steps to follow:

  1. Left click on the username you want to block.
  2. SelectView Profile.”
  3. Click on the three vertical dots located next to the friend request.
  4. Press ” Block.”
  5. To confirm that it was done correctly, go to ” Start “.
  6. Locate ” Friends.”
  7. Look under ” Blocked.”
  8. You will observe all the people you have blocked.

On each server you can find different people with whom you can share your taste for games, novels, music, etc. In case you have frequently met a user, you can go through the process to add friends in Discord, cancel the friend request or block the person from the platform.

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