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How to activate dark mode in WhatsApp

Popular instant messaging has finally pleased us with something we’ve been asking for for a long time: dark mode. And rather they had been slow to activate it, since Telegram already allowed to install a similar theme and naturally it could not be won by the competition.

WhatsApp has always stood out for being at the forefront, although from time to time it decides to incorporate certain popular functions from other platforms, such as stickers and statuses. For now, we explain how to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp from any device.

What is dark mode? It is a theme enabled by the applications, which turns the interface of its APIs into one with darker colors. Usually the white background is replaced by a black, gray or dark blue one, and the additional colors are changed for others that go with this theme.

In fact, in WhatsApp it is known as a dark theme and its main function is to protect your sight when you use it at night or in places with poor lighting. The popular messenger is usually very used throughout the day, so you can already protect your health or simply make your Wha look more beautiful.

Enable dark mode on Android

Because some Smartphones already come with the option to activate the dark design in the system and in the installed applications; WhatsApp offers us the opportunity to enable the option by default, so that the theme is activated when this feature is in operation or simply manually.

  1. Enter WhatsApp and click on the menu button, which is located in the upper left corner.
  2. Options will be displayed and select “Settings”.
  3. Click on the “Chats” section.
  4. The new update will have the option of ” Themes”, select it.
  5. A window will appear with 2 options, selectDark “.
  6. Just choose the dark option click “Ok”. Clever! your WhatsApp will already have night mode enabled .

The three options

As you may have noticed, the menu displays three theme options to select them when trying to change it within the WhatsApp settings menu. This is what they mean:

  • System Default: Used for WhatsApp to automatically recognize when your Android device has switched between the light and dark theme of its own system. This will be adjusted at the time you make the changes on the device and not with WhatsApp.
  • Of course: it is the basic and traditional theme of the application, where the background color will be white, the black and green letters and the contextual menus will have greenish tones according to the visual aspect of the app itself.
  • Dark: here the background is replaced by a blue one, typographic fonts become white, and the menu bars switch between green and gray. Also, the default chat background will be the same, but with a more opaque color.

Update your WhatsApp Android application:

Enable dark mode on iOS

Unlike Android, WhatsApp has not activated a menu within the iOS application to be able to change the default theme to a dark one, but this style starts depending on the settings you have established in the settings of your smartphone.

However, it is not complicated at all to do the manual installation, but the only thing you will need to do is update the WhatsApp version to the most recent one, because if you have an old one, it will probably not be compatible with the steps.

  1. Enter the “Settings” of the cell phone
  2. Click on the option [Screen and Brightness]. This is located in third place.
  3. You will see that there are two alternatives [Light] and [Dark] . Choose the “Dark” and it will completely change the theme of your smartphone, in addition to activating the dark mode in WhatsApp as well.

Update your WhatsApp iOS application:

What if I don’t want to have dark mode all day?

Well, iOS enabled within the same section, an option to choose a range of times in which you want the dark theme to be activated. You just have to click on [Automatic] so that it activates at nightfall or when you choose it.

Enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp tends to marginalize the web version of its platform, so there is still no official option to enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web. However, you can always use third-party tools, such as add-ons for your browser, with which you can finally activate it from your computer.

In Google Chrome (and browsers with Chromium)

For these browsers, an incredible dark theme has been created for web pages and platforms such as WhatsApp called Stylus, which is compatible with both Google Chrome, as well as with those browsers such as Brave that are based on the same code. The steps are the following:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and get Stylus in the search bar.
  2. The menu with the instructions will appear and you must click on “ Install Style ”. It will start downloading it and you will notice that the browser theme changes completely.
  3. Enter WhatsApp Web and voila, you will already have Dark Mode activated .

Download the Stulus extension for Chrome:

Note: when installing a dark theme for the browser, all the pages you enter will also have it enabled by default, so take it into consideration because it will not work exclusively for WhatsApp.

What the dark mode of WhatsApp looks like

WhatsApp is the number 1 application in the world of instant messaging. Users spend several hours a day using this service, which causes visible wear, especially if it is used at night. That is why its developers have decided to apply a dark layer to provide greater comfort when reading texts before going to sleep, although it is not a good habit, we all do it.

The new appearance leaves the WhatsApp application with a very comfortable interface. The dark background with the gray letters minimizes the brightness of the screen, while also saving on the device’s battery.


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